Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3597

Chapter 671 – Might of Gold

Who is he exactly?

When Verdant Rainbow saw all the energy fists getting blocked, she couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in shock.

Originally, she had already found it astonishing that Shi Feng could put up a fight against Chalk Splendor despite not having a Divine Artifact. Now, he had even summoned six War Goddesses capable of contending with Chalk Splendor. It was as if he was a one-man army.

In fact, with the strength Shi Feng had displayed thus far, Verdant Rainbow wouldn’t even be surprised if he could rank within the Divine Glory List’s top 100. Yet, she had never heard of such a powerful expert until today.

However, before Verdant Rainbow could snap out of her daze, Shi Feng suddenly swung his hand forward. Then, the six War Goddesses promptly surrounded Chalk Splendor and began bombarding him with various attacks, thoroughly preventing him from launching further attacks against the human army.

While the War Goddesses were keeping Chalk Splendor occupied, Shi Feng suddenly said to Verdant Rainbow, “I need you to distract Chalk Splendor for a moment, Miss Rainbow. Can you do that for me?”

“You want me to distract him?” Verdant Rainbow was surprised by Shi Feng’s sudden request.

At this time, the six War Goddesses had already thoroughly suppressed Chalk Splendor, the latter unable to even complete a punch before getting counterattacked. So, Verdant Rainbow couldn’t understand why Shi Feng would need her help.

“We won’t outlast the Sunlight Body’s duration. If we want to win this battle, our only option is to heavily injure Chalk Splendor while we still can,” Shi Feng explained. “You don’t need to keep him occupied for too long. Just five or six seconds will do.”

It was evident this was Chalk Splendor’s first time using the Sunlight Blade’s Sunlight Body. Meanwhile, if one wasn’t used to controlling such a large body, one would have difficulty exhibiting the Sunlight Body’s true potential, and one could only rely on the Sunlight Body’s size and incredible raw power to fight.

However, as one of the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Children, Chalk Splendor shouldn’t need much time before he familiarized himself with the Sunlight Body and learned how to control it effectively. At that time, the six War Goddesses could no longer suppress him. After all, if comparing in Strength and reaction speed, the Level 187 War Goddesses were far inferior to Chalk Splendor.

Hence, before Chalk Splendor could adapt to the Sunlight Body, it was necessary to deal a heavy blow to him. Only, the six War Goddesses would need some preparation time to do so.

“Six seconds?” When Verdant Rainbow heard Shi Feng’s words, she immediately nodded and said, “If it’s only that long, I can do it.”

If she was asked to confront Chalk Splendor in her current state, she would lose with 100% certainty. But if she only needed to distract him for five or six seconds, she could accomplish it easily. After all, the World String she wielded was a Divine Artifact. It was just that the World String wasn’t designed with offense as its priority. Hence, her Strength was inferior to Chalk Splendor.

“Good! Then, begin immediately!”

When Shi Feng heard Verdant Rainbow’s confident response, he promptly had the six War Goddesses distance themselves from Chalk Splendor and enter a six-pointed formation. Subsequently, the War Goddesses put away their weapons, closed their eyes, and began linking their mana with each other.

“Do you think I’ll just let you prepare an ultimate move?!”

Anyone could tell that the six War Goddesses were preparing for a powerful attack, and Chalk Splendor was no exception. Immediately, he executed Ancestral Holy Fist, a Gold Holy Art, at the War Goddesses.

Unlike Setting Sun, Ancestral Holy Fist allowed him to throw out a hundred lightning-fast energy fists with a single punch. While each energy fist was not as powerful as Setting Sun’s singular attack, they could overwhelm enemies with speed and numbers.

World Chains!

In response to Chalk Splendor’s attack, Verdant Rainbow immediately activated World Chains, which was another one of the World String’s Profound Skills.

When activated, the Profound Skill would summon eight World Chains to bind and suppress targets within the targeted area. The more chains a target was bound by, the stronger the chains’ suppression. If a target was bound by all eight chains, the target would have their Basic Attributes suppressed by 50% and Defense suppressed by 100% for thirty seconds. World Chains was a powerful Skill for suppressing enemies, and its only flaw was its long one-hour cooldown.

Immediately, eight purple-gold chains appeared within a 3,000-yard radius of Chalk Splendor out of the void and promptly wrapped themselves around Chalk Splendor’s gigantic body.

One chain… Two chains… Three chains…

When all eight World Chains wrapped around Chalk Splendor, they restricted his movements and reduced his Basic Attributes by 50% and Defense by 100%. Moreover, no matter how much Chalk Splendor struggled, all he could do was watch as the six War Goddesses merged their mana.

The World String’s World Chains truly is an unreasonable Skill. Not only do the summoned chains restrain the target’s movements, but each chain is individually strong enough to immobilize an Ancient God. Even a Primordial God would probably have a headache if caught by all eight chains, Shi Feng inwardly exclaimed as he looked at the massive World Chains that covered the sky.

In terms of offensive power, the World String was vastly inferior to the Sunlight Blade. But when it came to crowd control, it ranked at the top among Divine Weapons. If caught, even Ancient Gods would be immobilized for the Skill’s full thirty-second duration, let alone Chalk Splendor.

If the Divine Weapon that Chalk Splendor currently wielded was something other than the Sunlight Blade, Verdant Rainbow could have probably eliminated him long ago.

Meanwhile, Verdant Rainbow quietly observed Chalk Splendor while her consciousness focused on manipulating the World Chains to amplify their suppression effect.

Previously, Verdant Rainbow had not bothered using World Chains against Chalk Splendor simply because there was no point in doing so. She didn’t have any way to heavily injure or kill Chalk Splendor, so all she would accomplish was disable Chalk Splendor for thirty seconds. That wasn’t enough time for her to change the situation of the battle.

But now that Shi Feng had a way to deal with Chalk Splendor, Verdant Rainbow naturally wouldn’t continue saving the World Chains Skill.

Before anyone realized it, five seconds had already passed. Everyone on the battlefield was engaged in a heated battle, and even a moment’s inattention could lead to their fall. So, nobody could afford to let themselves be distracted by their surroundings.

When Shi Feng saw that the War Goddesses had completed their preparations, he couldn’t help but grow excited.

Subsequently, the six War Goddesses vanished, and a 1,000-meter-tall phantom of a divine goddess appeared in their place. The goddess wielded a spear made out of lightning, and as soon as she materialized, she held up her spear, poised herself, and cast the weapon at Chalk Splendor.

Advanced Gold Combination Technique, Goddess’s Shadow!

This was the strongest combination technique that the six Tier 6 War Goddesses could execute after reaching Level 180.


An earth-shattering explosion reverberated throughout the World Ark, and the World Barrier within a several dozen-mile radius of the explosion’s epicenter was thoroughly shattered by a lightning arc that spanned across thousands of yards.

At this moment, everyone on the battlefield stopped what they were doing, utterly stupefied by this scene. Even the Holy Race experts were no exception.

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