Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3598

Chapter 672 – Frightened Chalk Splendor

World Ark, Outer Area, Rune Hills:

A 100-man team of Tier 5 players was currently clashing against several hundred hazy Specters. On the players’ side, they were all above Level 170 and fully equipped with Fragmented Legendary items and Common Secret Treasures. As for the Specters’ side, they were all at the Tier 5 Legendary rank. The Specter Lord leading them was even a Level 175 Regional Boss whose Basic Attributes were on par with Tier 5 Dragons, and it had a body that measured over a dozen meters tall.

Normally, even a 1,000-man team of Tier 5 experts would find fighting against such a powerful group of monsters impossible. Yet, the 100-man team had no trouble dealing with these monsters. Meanwhile, leading this team of players was a female Shield Warrior, and she was none other than Ink Qilin, one of the Scarecrow Fox adventurer team’s vice commanders.

With the use of Frost Protection, Ink Qilin effortlessly deflected the Specter Lord’s attacks while accurately piercing the Regional Boss’s weak points with her spear one time after another. This one-sided exchange infuriated the Specter Lord, and it relentlessly targeted Ink Qilin, completely ignoring the other players nearby.

“Everyone, increase your output against the Boss!” Ink Qilin shouted in the team chat when she saw the Specter Lord’s remaining HP.

Hearing this, the Scarecrow Fox members responsible for damaging the Regional Boss promptly upped the intensity of their attacks.

Finally, several minutes later, the Specter Lord fell and dropped dozens of items that radiated astonishing mana. Among them, several were Combat Secret Treasures, and everyone couldn’t help but grow joyful when they noticed this. However, before everyone could celebrate, Ink Qilin promptly issued a command to retreat. Then, she swiftly collected the Regional Boss’s loot before running away from the several hundred Tier 5 Specters with her team.

“Snatching Regional Bosses here truly is a pain,” River Light complained as he looked at the group of Holy Race players that had just appeared in the distance. “Thankfully, we managed to kill this one quick enough.”

As a World Mode Regional Dungeon, the World Ark’s monsters had astonishing loot. Loot here was at least twice as good as loot in the Underground Crystal Palace. Moreover, there was no time limit, and players could grind here for as long as they wanted. For a top-tier team like theirs, the World Ark was akin to heaven.

However, because of this, competition in the World Ark was also unlike anywhere else in the Eternal Realm. Not only did they have to be wary of the various powers’ teams, but they also needed to be cautious of the Holy Race’s players. In such a situation, securing Regional Bosses was no different than trying to win the lottery.

“It’s a pity the Seven Luminaries Alliance has locked down the inner area. Otherwise, with our team’s strength, we could have explored the inner area instead of competing with all these teams out here,” Ink Qilin said, sighing.

“Even if the Seven Luminaries Alliance opens up the inner area, I doubt we can afford to explore the inner area for the foreseeable future,” River Light said, shaking his head. “Each camp can only resurrect a limited number of players at a time. The powers occupying those camps will definitely prioritize their own members, so it’s unlikely they’ll let us register at their camps.”

“That’s true.” Ink Qilin nodded. However, when she thought about how the various pseudo-apex powers’ members could freely explore the World Ark’s inner area, she still couldn’t help but grow a little envious.

“The Great Commander is close to Nineteenth Sword. Once the fight over the inner area’s resurrection camps concludes, maybe we can ask the Great Commander to persuade Elder Sword. If the Skylight Association lets us register at their resurrection camp, we’ll be able to explore the inner area and solidify our position among the Eternal Realm’s first-rate adventurer teams. At that time, we can definitely be of significant help to the Great Commander,” River Light said with a hint of hopefulness.

While Ink Qilin and the others were fleeing from the pursuing Holy Race players, an explosion suddenly came from a distance. Then, when they turned toward the explosion’s origin, they couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

This was because they saw a gigantic lightning arc sundering the distant sky and revealing a patch of darkness decorated by stars.

“That’s…where the inner area is…right?” River Light muttered as he looked at the shattered World Barrier in the distance.

“Mhm… That is where the inner area is at…” Ink Qilin nodded, similarly shocked by this situation.

The World Ark’s Rune Hills were located hundreds of miles from the inner area. It was also obvious that the terrifying lightning arc originated from the depths of the inner area, so the lightning arc’s origin should be at least a thousand miles away from their current location. They simply couldn’t imagine what kind of battle was taking place in the inner area’s depths to generate a commotion so frightening that they could see and hear it from where they stood.

If players in the World Ark’s outer area could experience the commotion taking place in the inner area’s depths, it goes without saying players fighting in the inner area could experience it as well.

“Crap! What is going on over there?!”

“Even a battle between Tier 6 Gods shouldn’t cause such a huge commotion. Who is fighting over there?”

An uproar quickly occurred among the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s various resurrection camps as everyone looked in the direction of the terrifying lightning in curiosity and confusion. They simply couldn’t fathom what was taking place there.

Meanwhile, over at the Deadzone Forest’s resurrection camp…

Chalk Splendor coughed out large mouthfuls of blood as he held onto the gaping hole in his chest, his complexion looking incredibly anemic. His HP had also fallen by a massive 20%.

“His Highness is injured?”

“The Sunlight Body actually got damaged?”

The Holy Race experts on the battlefield fell into a daze as they looked at the 50-meter-wide hole in Chalk Splendor’s chest. The Sun Dynasty’s Tier 6 Elders found this situation especially unbelievable.

As Elders of the Sun Dynasty, they had a much better understanding of the Sunlight Blade’s capabilities. Some of them had even grown up listening to the achievements crafted by the Sunlight Blade.

Once the Sunlight Blade’s wielder activated Sunlight Body, they should theoretically become immortal. So long as the Skill remained active, even Ancient Saints of the same level could only deal several hundred thousand damage to the Sunlight Blade’s wielder. Yet, now…

What is that combat technique? Verdant Rainbow’s eyes widened in shock as she looked at the fading silhouette of the divine goddess.

Originally, she thought the War Goddesses’ all-out attack could, at best, injure Chalk Splendor slightly. After all, the Sunlight Blade was one of the Sun Dynasty’s Seven Arcanas. There was no way it could be dealt with easily. Yet, contrary to her expectations, the War Goddesses’ combat technique had pierced Chalk Splendor’s body completely and shattered even the World Chains she had used to restrain Chalk Splendor. The combat technique’s destructive power was simply unprecedented.

At this time, even Shi Feng was greatly shocked by this outcome. He never imagined Goddess’s Shadow would be so frightening as to pierce the Sunlight Body completely. It was as if the Goddess of Space herself had descended onto the battlefield.

However, Shi Feng quickly understood why the combat technique could achieve what it did.

If the six War Goddesses had relied on the Goddess’s Shadow technique alone, there was zero chance they could have heavily injured the Sunlight Body. It was only due to the World Chains’ suppression that the technique achieved such a mind-blowing result.

Only, the heavily-injured Chalk Splendor didn’t have the leeway to consider such matters. At this time, only fear existed in his heart as he looked at the six War Goddesses.


Run away!

Almost out of instinct, Chalk Splendor turned his gigantic body around and fled.

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