Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3599

Chapter 673 – Astonishing Battle

“Not good! He’s trying to escape!”

The instant Verdant Rainbow saw Chalk Splendor turning his body, she immediately knew what was going through his mind, so she hurriedly shouted a reminder to Shi Feng.

However, by the time Verdant Rainbow finished her words, Chalk Splendor had already vanished from where he stood. Then, by the time everyone had reacted to the situation, he had already appeared several thousand yards away. His speed was so fast that Tier 5 players couldn’t react to it, and even Tier 6 players could barely catch his figure.

Run! I must run away! I cannot die in this place! Chalk Splendor kept reciting these words in his mind as he frantically gathered all his Holy Aura toward his feet. At this time, the only thought in his mind was how he could flee this battlefield with his life.

He was one of the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Children. He had a boundless future ahead of him. He was an existence standing atop tens of millions of people. If he failed to capture the resurrection camp, he would, at worst, have a lower chance of becoming Guild Leader in the future. However, if he were to die to those War Goddesses, it would mean eternal ruin for him.

The Sunlight Blade, as a Divine Artifact, might be able to reduce his chances of getting Soul Annihilated by even Holy Ancestors and Primordial Gods significantly, but he dared not take the risk.

During the earlier years of the Holy Race’s Greater God’s Domain, items that could resurrect players who had suffered Soul Annihilation had indeed existed in relatively large quantities. However, fewer and fewer of these items spawned over time, so their supply quickly dwindled with use.

In the current generation, even a royal power like the Sun Dynasty only owned several dozen such items. Meanwhile, when considering the Guild’s future development, there was no way the Sun Dynasty would use one of these priceless treasures on a twelfth-ranked Holy Child like himself.

In other words, if he were to suffer Soul Annihilation here, he shouldn’t think of setting foot into God’s Domain for the rest of his life. Moreover, as the Holy Race’s real world was much crueler than the human’s Greater World, he would be fortunate if he was only reduced to a servant. If unlucky, he would be banished to the distant and terrifying interstellar borders.

Hence, Chalk Splendor dared not gamble with his life. Even if he still had nearly 80% of his HP remaining and could easily shrug off the attacks of Ancient Gods, he still chose to run away.

“Don’t even think of escaping!”

When Shi Feng saw Chalk Splendor’s heavily injured state, he realized this was a massive opportunity and promptly executed Flowing Space to chase after the other party.

Normally, Shi Feng would have no chance of killing Chalk Splendor if Sunlight Body was active. After all, there was a reason the Holy Race had regarded the Sunlight Body as the Immortal Body.

However, now that the Sunlight Body was heavily damaged, Chalk Splendor had lost his battle recovery effect on top of 30% of his Basic Attributes and 50% of his Defense. In such a situation, Chalk Splendor was no more than a Mini-Boss that couldn’t recover any HP.

Meanwhile, it should be known that Chalk Splendor was one of the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Children. In terms of potential loot, killing him would be no different than killing a Tier 6 God. Most importantly, killing him would be a great achievement.

The Seven Luminaries Alliance might have merely recruited the various powers to help it defend against the Sun Dynasty’s siege, but if someone could kill one of the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Children, it would be a massive contribution to the human race.

Meanwhile, going by Shi Feng’s understanding of the Seven Luminaries Alliance, even if the Alliance didn’t award him with a Fragmented Divine Artifact, he should be able to secure several pieces of Legendary Equipment compatible with his Sword Law Saint class. At that time, even if he were to face wielders of Divine Weapons, he could put up a good fight. He wouldn’t need to rely solely on Dark Moon and could fight with his Skills and Spells.

Hence, for a better future, Shi Feng did not hesitate to swing his sword after catching up to Chalk Splendor.

Tier 6 Super Spell, Sword Law World!

Tier 6 Super Spell, Divine Shadow!

Goddess-ranked Mana Technique, Dark Moon!

Immediately, Sword Law World reduced Chalk Splendor’s Basic Attributes by an additional 30%, while Divine Shadow transformed Shi Feng into 100 Judgment Swords that attacked Chalk Splendor with 200% of Shi Feng’s Attack Speed and 300% of Shi Feng’s Strength. In addition, one of these Judgment Swords even executed Dark Moon.

Under normal circumstances, even if Shi Feng could reduce Chalk Splendor’s Basic Attributes by 30% with Sword Law World, it would do little to help him as the Sunlight Body’s Defense was simply too powerful to overcome. He would have difficulty damaging Chalk Splendor, even with Dark Moon.

However, Chalk Splendor was currently heavily injured. After Sword Law World further weakened him by 30%, Shi Feng’s Judgment Swords became incredibly effective against him. The one he used to execute Dark Moon even managed to deal over a million damage.

For Tier 6 Divine monsters with trillions of HP, they wouldn’t even bat an eye if they lost a million HP to an attack. However, for the current Chalk Splendor, who didn’t even have one billion HP, this was a terrifying amount of HP to lose. Not to mention, each of the other Judgment Swords could also cause over 100,000 damage to Chalk Splendor.

As a result, even though Chalk Splendor desperately tried to defend himself, his HP still depleted rapidly. From time to time, the six War Goddesses would also intercept and attack him, causing his HP to plummet even quicker.

Meanwhile, when one of the Sun Dynasty’s Elders saw this situation, he quickly snapped out of his daze and shouted, “Not good! Quickly protect His Highness!”

Hearing this, the Holy Race’s many experts also snapped out of their daze. Only, nobody dared to step forward to help Chalk Splendor. It wasn’t because they were cowardly or held any negative opinions about Chalk Splendor. It was simply because Shi Feng was a Taboo-level existence; nobody dared to brave the risk of having their soul annihilated.

Because of this, a strange scene was created on the battlefield.

Despite Chalk Splendor, the Holy Race army’s commander-in-chief and a Holy Child of the Sun Dynasty, getting hunted down by Shi Feng alone, the rest of the Holy Race army merely stood by and watched.

“Dammit! Dammit! You forced me to do this!” Chalk Splendor cursed Shi Feng in a begrudging tone when he saw he had less than 10% of his HP remaining.

If Chalk Splendor wished to escape to safety, his only option now would be to retreat to one of the Sun Dynasty’s resurrection camps. Powerful barriers and tactical weapons heavily protected these camps. Even if Shi Feng was a Taboo-level existence, he shouldn’t think of breaking through the defenses of these camps. It might even be possible to kill Shi Feng if he wasn’t careful.

However, in the current situation, Chalk Splendor knew there was no way he could reach any of these resurrection camps alive. So, his only option now would be to swallow a bitter pill and use a desperate move.

Hence, as soon as Chalk Splendor finished speaking, he raised the Sunlight Blade and activated Sun’s Brilliance, summoning golden flames that engulfed his body.

Sun’s Brilliance was the Sunlight Blade’s third Profound Skill. It could also be considered a Desperation Skill. When activated, Sun’s Brilliance would destroy all matter within a 10,000-yard radius. But in return, Chalk Splendor would lose five levels and one hundred points in all Basic Attributes. He would also enter a weakened state for ten natural days.

“Do you think you’re the only one with a Desperation Skill?”

When Shi Feng saw the golden flames that engulfed Chalk Splendor and his surroundings, he knew that the other party must have chosen to self-destruct and activate Sun’s Brilliance. Immediately, he canceled Divine Shadow and reverted to his human form. Then, he unsheathed the Shadow Incinerator and slashed at the oncoming flames.

Profound Skill, The End!

Goddess-ranked Mana Technique, Dark Moon!

Suddenly, a crimson lotus flower bloomed from the Shadow Incinerator and transformed into a blazing crescent moon that lashed out at the oncoming golden flames, the two sources of flames generating powerful heat waves when they collided. Then, just when it seemed like both attacks would enter a stalemate, the blazing crescent moon cut through the golden flames and Chalk Splendor’s neck. Immediately afterward, the crescent moon exploded into a gigantic lotus flower of flames that consumed a 10,000-yard radius.

When the flames subsided, Shi Feng could be seen standing proudly in mid-air, whereas Chalk Splendor had lost all of his HP, and his gigantic body fell into the massive void that had appeared in place of the lotus flower.

In the clash of desperation…

Shi Feng emerged victorious!

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