Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3600

Chapter 674 – War Harvest

World Ark, Deadzone Forest, Resurrection Camp:

When Chalk Splendor started to flee from the battlefield, the Holy Race army quickly fell into disarray as everyone realized the battle was lost.

Immediately, while relying on the Voyage Train’s cover provided, the Sun Dynasty’s executives began to tactically retreat from the battlefield. As for the other Holy Race experts, they became walking ATMs for the various human experts as they failed to put up adequate resistance.

“Target the Tier 6 experts! Do not let any of them get away!” Verdant Rainbow commanded when she saw the Sun Dynasty’s executives withdrawing from the battlefield.

Although the outcome of the battle was already decided, Verdant Rainbow knew this was only the beginning of the competition in the World Ark’s inner area. If the Seven Luminaries Alliance wished to secure an advantageous position in the inner area, it must eliminate as many of the Holy Race’s Tier 6 experts as possible. After all, even when operating solo, these Tier 6 experts could effortlessly eliminate a 100-man Tier 5 team.

While the Seven Luminaries Alliance might not bat an eye at its Tier 5 members losing a couple of levels, it was a different story for the loss of weapons and equipment. Even with its capabilities, the Seven Luminaries Alliance would have trouble replacing its members’ weapons and equipment if too many were lost in a short period. This, in turn, would affect the Alliance’s development in the World Ark’s inner area.

Hence, it was imperative that they eliminated as many Tier 6 Holy Race experts as possible so that more of the Alliance’s Tier 5 experts could survive in the upcoming struggle.

The executives of the various human powers also understood this point. Thus, they promptly gave up on chasing after the fleeing Tier 5 Holy Race experts and led teams to target the Holy Race’s Tier 6 and pseudo-Tier 6 experts.

In only a moment, one-third of the Holy Race’s Tier 6 and pseudo-Tier 6 experts had fallen. Among them, nearly half were killed by Verdant Rainbow.

Dammit! Our losses are too severe! While clashing against Gentle Snow and tactically retreating, Heavenly Ape Saint’s complexion turned incredibly ugly when he saw the Sun Dynasty’s Tier 6 experts falling one after another.

If they had only suffered defeat in this battle and lost a bunch of Tier 5 experts, executives like himself would, at worst, receive a scolding and have some of their Guild Contribution Points deducted. However, it was a different story if they lost a large number of Tier 6 and pseudo-Tier 6 experts. The experts killed by Verdant Rainbow were especially concerning.

As Verdant Rainbow was a Taboo-level existence, even the Tier 6 players she killed would have a high chance of suffering Soul Annihilation, while the Tier 5 players with Tier 6 Holy Bodies had a 100% chance of suffering Soul Annihilation. If too many of these players suffered a permanent death, it would deal a heavy blow to the Sun Dynasty’s operations in the Eternal Realm.

Currently, even Earthen Fist Saint, who hadn’t shown much expression thus far, couldn’t help but grow livid over this situation.

For the Sun Dynasty, fallen Tier 5 experts were easy to replenish. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the Sun Dynasty could have as many Tier 5 experts as it wanted in the Eternal Realm. However, it was a different story when it came to replenishing Tier 6 and pseudo-Tier 6 experts. After all, it wasn’t an easy task to get promoted to Tier 6. Not only did the promotion require a significant amount of resources, but the success rate was also very low. Almost 99% of Tier 5 experts would be stumped by it.

The conditions to have a Tier 6 Holy Body while still being at Tier 5 were also stringent. In fact, the process was even more challenging than getting promoted to Tier 6 directly. It was just that these pseudo-Tier 6 experts were looking to have a better future and chose not to rush to complete their Tier 6 promotion.

Now that one-third of these experts had fallen, their superiors in the Sun Dynasty definitely wouldn’t let them off the hook easily.

However, before Earthen Fist Saint and the Sun Dynasty’s other executives had time to mourn their inevitable punishment, a gigantic lotus flower of flames suddenly appeared in the distant sky and reduced a 10,000-yard radius into nothingness.

“His Highness…died?”

“His Highness got killed?!”

Everyone from the Holy Race army couldn’t help but doubt their eyes when they saw Chalk Splendor’s gigantic body disappearing into the void. The Sun Dynasty’s Elders were especially dumbfounded. They never imagined Chalk Splendor could be killed with Sunlight Body active.

Chalk Splendor died?!

Verdant Rainbow was similarly stunned when she saw that only Shi Feng remained proudly standing amidst the dark void.

Originally, even after seeing Chalk Splendor becoming heavily injured, Verdant Rainbow still didn’t think Shi Feng could kill Chalk Splendor. At best, Shi Feng could chase Chalk Splendor all the way back to the Holy Race’s resurrection camps.

After all, Chalk Splendor was a Holy Child of the Sun Dynasty. When dealing with others outside, he would be regarded as the Sun Dynasty’s face. Unless the Sun Dynasty did not care for its reputation, it wouldn’t let Chalk Splendor be killed easily and would provide him with plenty of lifesaving measures.

Yet, Chalk Splendor still died. It was also possible to see the items he dropped after dying, so Verdant Rainbow couldn’t even dispute this matter even if she wanted.

Meanwhile, when Garut saw this scene, he was similarly at a loss for words.

Taboo-level experts were terrifying existences. Yet, Shi Feng had managed to slay one. With such strength, even outside of the Eternal Realm, Shi Feng would be regarded by the various pseudo-apex powers as an existence to be feared.

While everyone was in a daze, Zero Wing’s Tier 6 members used the opportunity to attack the Three Fist Saints with their strongest moves.

With a swing of the Chaos Windblade, Gentle Snow sent Heavenly Ape Saint flying. Then, she activated Chaos World to suppress the Three Fist Saints and executed her strongest attack against Heavenly Ape Saint.

Absolute Technique, Five Extreme Flashes!

Five sword lights merged into one, combining to form an attack that neared the Ancient God standard.

At the same time, Crimson Heart, who had originally been clashing against Earthen Fist Saint, abruptly cast her spear at Heavenly Ape Saint.

Tier 6 Legacy Skill, Boundary Breaker!

Absolute Technique, Blazing Sky!

Immediately, a blazing spear pierced through space, forming a pincer attack on Heavenly Ape Saint with Gentle Snow’s sword light. Although Heavenly Ape Saint managed to block Gentle Snow’s attack, the impact of the collision paralyzed him briefly, and he ended up letting the blazing spear pierce through the back of his heart. Then, before he could recover his posture, Gentle Snow suddenly appeared before him and dissected him into pieces, ending his life on the spot.

Concurrently, Hidden Soul and Fire Dance ambushed Tailless Scorpion, who had already lost most of his HP from the battle thus far, instantly plundering what little HP he had remaining.

In the blink of an eye, out of the Three Fist Saints, only Earthen Fist Saint remained standing against Zero Wing’s nine Tier 6 members.

Earthen Fist Saint was greatly frightened by this sudden development. Hurriedly, he took out a gray crystal ball and activated it, his body instantly transforming into several dozen streaks of light that dispersed in all directions, the speed of his withdrawal making it impossible for anyone to chase after him.

Meanwhile, the unforeseen fate of the Three Fist Saints caused the battle to become even more one-sided in the humans’ favor.

On the other side of the battlefield, Shi Feng breathed a deep sigh of relief when he saw Chalk Splendor’s body disappearing.

Thank goodness I acquired the Sacred Phantom Ring a while ago. Otherwise, this fight really would have ended with mutual destruction today, Shi Feng thought as he picked up the Sacred Phantom Ring from the ground before him. Then, when he looked at the place where Chalk Splendor died, a look of shock and joy immediately surfaced on his face.

“The Sunlight Blade?”

Two items could be seen floating at where Chalk Splendor died. Among them, one was none other than the Sunlight Blade, Divine Artifact wielded by Chalk Splendor.

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