Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3605

Chapter 679 – Legendary Winter of Eternal Night

World Ark, Soul Lake:

Time passed, and roughly ten hours after Shi Feng locked in his desired items, a group of dark figures appeared a short distance outside the resurrection camp. These dark figures radiated a mighty aura, and their presence unnerved many of the players in the camp.

“Is it an enemy attack?” Unrestrained Lionheart muttered, a hint of astonishment flashing in his eyes as he looked at the dark figures.

The approaching dark figures might only number twenty, but every one of them was a bona fide Tier 6 player. Among them, the cloaked and masked person moving in the lead even wielded a Divine Weapon and radiated an aura comparable to Verdant Rainbow.

“It shouldn’t be.” Frey shook her head after observing the dark figures for a moment. “They might be powerful, but they’re not radiating Holy Power. Mana is even continuously gathering around them, so they should be human experts. And if that’s the case, they shouldn’t have a reason to fight for our resurrection camp since there are still plenty of unoccupied camps in the inner area.”

As soon as Frey finished speaking, the 20-man team arrived at the edge of the magic barrier erected around the Soul Lake’s resurrection camp.

“We are from the Eternal Chamber of Commerce. We are here to distribute the items you have exchanged from the Seven Luminaries Alliance,” the cloaked man standing in the lead said as he revealed the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s Guild Emblem to everyone in the camp.

“The Eternal Chamber of Commerce?”

Following the masked man’s words, the players in the resurrection camp sighed in relief and quickly welcomed the 20-man team inside the magic barrier. Nobody doubted the validity of these dark figures’ identities, either.

It was impossible to falsify Guild Emblems in God’s Domain. Every Guild Emblem was unique, and the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s golden scales emblem was widely known across the Greater God’s Domain.

As expected of an apex power… When Garut saw that the Eternal Chamber of Commerce had mobilized twenty Tier 6 experts and one Divine Artifact just to run errands, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

In the current Eternal Realm, even the pseudo-apex powers would not have more than one or two Tier 6 experts under their command. Yet, the Eternal Chamber of Commerce could afford to have twenty Tier 6 experts run errands for the Seven Luminaries Alliance. This was something no pseudo-apex power could think of accomplishing.

Of everyone in the resurrection camp, only Shi Feng remained unfazed by the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s show of strength.

The Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s existence might be a mystery to many, but Shi Feng knew that Eternal’s foundations were only slightly inferior to the Seven Luminaries Alliance. When it came to facilitating transactions across the Greater God’s Domain, Eternal was even vastly superior to the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

After entering the resurrection camp, the leader of Eternal’s delivery team approached Shi Feng and handed him two crimson metal cubes, saying, “Here are the items you have requested, Guild Leader Black Flame.”

Shi Feng accepted the metal cubes, satisfaction filling his heart.

These two metal cubes were none other than the two units of Refined Void Blood he had requested. With the Refined Void Blood, he should have no trouble upgrading the Winter of Eternal Night to the Legendary rank.

“Please accept this Gold VIP Token as well, Guild Leader Black Flame,” the masked man from Eternal said as he handed Shi Feng a golden token with the word “Eternal” engraved on it. “With this token, you can participate in any of the auctions taking place on the Dark Star Auction House’s 300th floor or above.”

Frey and Garut grew even more surprised when they saw the gold token the masked man handed to Shi Feng. They never thought the Eternal Chamber of Commerce would give Shi Feng one of its Gold VIP Tokens. After all, anyone who possessed one of these tokens would be treated as one of the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s Core Elders.

Normally, even Guild Leaders of pseudo-apex powers wouldn’t necessarily be able to get their hands on a Gold VIP Token. As for the auctions taking place on the Dark Star Auction House’s 300th floor and above, those were auctions that all executives of the various pseudo-apex powers wished to participate in. This was because every item sold there was enough to make the various pseudo-apex powers lose their calm.

“Thank you.”

Shi Feng accepted the Gold VIP Token without hesitation. Although he did not know why the Eternal Chamber of Commerce was willing to give him such a privilege, the Gold VIP Token would help him out significantly in the future. The ability to participate in the auctions hosted on the Dark Star Auction House’s 300th floor and above was especially valuable as all items sold there were extraordinary. Even materials at the Inferior Divine Artifact rank could be found there.

Meanwhile, after seeing off the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s members, Shi Feng entered one of Zero Wing’s temporary camps and carefully took out the Winter of Eternal Night and the two units of Refined Void Blood.

System: Two World Sources detected. Do you wish to have the Winter of Eternal Night absorb them all?

“Absorb them all!” Shi Feng agreed to the prompt without hesitation.

Immediately, as if it had just sensed the most delectable delicacy in the world, the Winter of Eternal Night released two clouds of dark-blue mist and used them to envelope the two units of Refined Void Blood.

Roughly fifteen minutes later, several streams of crimson mist appeared around the Winter of Eternal Night’s dark blue blade. At the same time, the weapon also started to radiate a powerful Divine Might.

[Winter of Eternal Night] (One-handed Sword, Legendary Rank)
Equipment Requirement: Strength 45,000, Agility 30,000, Tier 4
Attack Power (500% of Strength)
Attack Speed (3% of Strength + Agility)
All Attributes (Increases according to the user’s level)

When equipped:
Attacks gain the Extreme Frost effect, inflicting the Spatial Freezing effect within a 10*50 yard area of the attack;
Attacks have a 60% chance to deal 400% damage;
Attacks have a 20% chance to deal 1,000% damage and weaken the effectiveness of all Mana and Holy defenses by 70%;
Increases Strength by 280%, Agility by 200%, Intelligence by 140%, Endurance by 100%, and Attack Speed by 80%;
Ignore Levels +80;
Effect of all Sword-type Skills improved by 100%;
All Sword-type Skills will be strengthened by Holy Power;
Effect of Mana increased by 100%.

Additional Passive Skill 1: Winter’s Body. Winter of Eternal Night will absorb its user’s Mana to strengthen its user’s physique. The higher the Mana’s quality, the greater the improvements. Improvement limited at 200%.

Additional Passive Skill 2: Holy Power Destruction. Achieve a destructive effect against all forms of Holy Power.

Additional Active Skill 1: Radiant Night (Tier 6). Adds the power of erosion to all of the user’s attacks and forcibly increases the user’s attack by one tier.
Duration: 30 seconds
Cooldown: 10 minutes

Additional Active Skill 2: World of Frost (Tier 6). Casts the shadow of a world around the user, enveloping an area of a 5,000-yard radius. The user may summon up to 100 frost swords within the enveloped area. Each frost sword will carry 300% of the user’s Strength.
Duration: 5 minutes
Cooldown: 30 minutes

Additional Active Skill 3: Holy Mana’s Shadow (Tier 6). Use a combination of Holy Power and Mana to reconstruct the user’s body.
Duration: 10 minutes
Cooldown: 1 natural day

Additional Active Skill 4: Void Barrier (Tier 6). Use the void as a defensive barrier, rendering a 100-yard radius immune to all damage.
Duration: 30 seconds
Cooldown: 1 hour

Additional Profound Inheritance 1: Formless Sword. Converts any object into a temporary sword. The quality of the sword created depends on the object used and the magic array constructed by the user.
Duration: 1 hour
Cooldown: 1 natural day

Additional Profound Inheritance 2: World Sword. Devour World Sources to evolve.

The Primordial God of Thunder’s final creation that has absorbed a main branch from the Holy Tree and Refined Void Blood. The Winter of Eternal Night holds the power source of a Primordial God, and it is capable of freezing all things.

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