Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3606

Chapter 680 – Sun Dynasty’s Ultimatum

What an incredible improvement!

Shi Feng couldn’t help but be astonished when he saw the Legendary Winter of Eternal Night’s stats.

In his previous life, apart from having a Superior Divine Body, another one of the key reasons he could thrive shortly after entering the Greater God’s Domain was due to Solomon’s Sword, a Legendary Weapon he had gone through great lengths to obtain. The weapon was also regarded as one of the Ten Great Legendary Weapons of his home God’s Domain.

Meanwhile, after ascending to the Legendary rank, the Winter of Eternal Night’s Basic Attributes could already rival Solomon’s Sword. Moreover, unlike Solomon’s Sword, the Winter of Eternal Night still had room for growth.

When Shi Feng grabbed the dark blue sword hovering before him, silver patterns lit up across the blade, and the temperature of the surrounding environment plummeted. Shi Feng could also feel the flow of time in his surroundings slowing down.

Is this the Winter of Eternal Night’s hidden ability? Excitement filled Shi Feng when he sensed the changes in the surrounding space.

After equipping the Winter of Eternal Night, he could feel that the flow of time around him had become slower than normal. Although it was only a minor decrease of about 25%, it would still help him significantly in battle. It would be especially so in battles against other Tier 6 players.

Combat at Tier 6 was much more unforgiving than combat at lower tiers. This was due to Tier 6 players having extraordinary Attack Power. Unless one possessed items such as the Sunlight Blade, under the same equipment standard, even a single mistake could lead to players going from full HP to becoming a corpse in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, the Winter of Eternal Night’s hidden ability to affect time would not only grant its wielder more time to react to enemy attacks, but it would also improve the wielder’s reaction speed, Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Spellcasting Speed. It was an all-rounded buff that was much superior to a buff that merely increased reaction speed.

Paired with the Winter of Eternal Night’s Basic Attributes, Shi Feng felt he could fight against even Ancient Gods of the same level.

While Shi Feng was taking his time experiencing the Winter of Eternal Night’s changes, Hidden Soul and Gentle Snow suddenly entered his tent.

“Guild Leader! Something big happened!” Hidden Soul solemnly said. “Just a while ago, the Holy Race’s Sun Dynasty issued an ultimatum to the Seven Luminaries Alliance. They demand the Alliance to hand over Chalk Splendor’s killer and the Sunlight Blade. Otherwise, they will destroy all of the Alliance’s resurrection camps at any cost, making it impossible for the Alliance to establish a foothold in the World Ark!”

“They’re threatening the Seven Luminaries Alliance directly?” Shi Feng’s expression also grew serious when he heard this.

Although Shi Feng had long guessed that the Sun Dynasty wouldn’t remain silent over Chalk Splendor’s death and the loss of the Sunlight Blade, he never thought the Sun Dynasty would be so ruthless as to threaten the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

“Should we return to the Crystal City immediately, Guild Leader?” Gentle Snow asked.

What the Sun Dynasty just did was incredibly ruthless. Rather than find trouble with Zero Wing, the Sun Dynasty had chosen to target the Seven Luminaries Alliance, forcing the Alliance to take action against Zero Wing.

As the Sun Dynasty was a Holy Race power, it would normally need to go through the apex powers fighting at the forefront if it wished to target Zero Wing. This would make it very difficult for the Sun Dynasty to do anything to Zero Wing. However, it was a different story for the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

The Seven Luminaries Alliance was one of the human race’s apex powers. Setting aside the Alliance’s influence over the human race’s Greater God’s Domain, simply the strength it possessed in the Eternal Realm could let it easily suppress Zero Wing. To make matters worse, the Seven Luminaries Alliance was planning to develop in the World Ark, so it did have a reason to fear the Sun Dynasty’s all-out targeting.

Meanwhile, so long as the Seven Luminaries Alliance decided to take action against Zero Wing, it would be nigh-impossible for Zero Wing to survive.

“It’s too soon to make any conclusions,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. “Also, it’s unlikely the Seven Luminaries Alliance will leave us out to dry. A more likely scenario is that the Alliance will have us hand over the Sunlight Blade. After all, the Alliance still needs to maintain its reputation. So, we should wait and see what the Alliance decides to do first before jumping to conclusions.”

Now that Zero Wing had secured a resurrection camp in the World Ark’s inner area, it could finally start making large amounts of money in the Eternal Realm. Not to mention, Zero Wing would also have an advantage over other powers when it came to entering the Holy Ring City. If Zero Wing were to abandon its development in the World Ark now, its losses would be massive.

Not to mention, Zero Wing played a vital role in helping the Seven Luminaries Alliance resist the Sun Dynasty. Even if the Sun Dynasty planned to go all out, it was highly unlikely the Seven Luminaries Alliance would choose to hand over Shi Feng, Chalk Splendor’s killer. Otherwise, the Alliance’s reputation would be ruined, and its influence over the Greater God’s Domain would wane.

So, what Zero Wing needed to do now was wait for the Seven Luminaries Alliance to finish negotiating the Sun Dynasty and see to what extent the Alliance was willing to compromise.

When Hidden Soul and Gentle Snow heard Shi Feng’s reasoning, they decided to go with Shi Feng’s arrangement and wait for the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s response.

Apart from the Soul Lake’s resurrection camp, a commotion also occurred across the World Ark’s various resurrection camps following the Sun Dynasty’s ultimatum.

“Hahaha! I knew the Sun Dynasty wouldn’t let Zero Wing get away so easily!” Nineteenth Sword happily said after reading the report he just received. “So what if Black Flame is one of the Eternal Realm’s top five experts? In the end, he still has to withdraw from the World Ark!”

“Zero Wing is indeed quite pitiful,” Milia said, feeling a hint of sympathy for Zero Wing. “When it comes to military strength, the Sun Dynasty is evidently superior to the Seven Luminaries Alliance. If the Alliance wishes to avoid tragic losses in the Eternal Realm and appease the Sun Dynasty, the least it will need to do is to have Zero Wing permanently withdraw from the World Ark. As for Zero Wing, the best it could hope for is some compensation from the Seven Luminaries Alliance.”

The World Ark was a World Mode Regional Dungeon, and it was one of the key regions for powers to establish a foothold in the Eternal Realm. If Zero Wing could not extend its development into the World Ark, even with a mighty expert like Black Flame leading it, it would ultimately still be reduced to a second-rate power in the Eternal Realm.

Subsequently, time passed quickly. While the various powers and players were discussing what decision the Seven Luminaries Alliance would ultimately make, the Soul Lake’s resurrection camp welcomed a group of Seven Luminaries Alliance members.

“So they’ve still come in the end…” Unrestrained Lionheart muttered with a wry smile when he saw the Seven Luminaries Alliance members riding atop the approaching Tier 5 Flying Mount. Then, he turned to Frey and asked with a complicated heart, “Are we really going to continue standing on the same front as Zero Wing?”

“We have no choice but to take the gamble,” Frey replied resolutely as she looked at the approaching Flying Mount.

With the World Ark’s current state, it was simply impossible for just two or three pseudo-apex powers to adequately defend a resurrection camp in the inner area.

Without Zero Wing’s help, the Red Dragon Nation would lose the ability to secure an early advantage in the World Ark’s inner area.

Meanwhile, even if the Seven Luminaries Alliance chose to compromise with the Sun Dynasty and Zero Wing refused to comply, the most the Alliance would do was let the Sun Dynasty fight Zero Wing without interfering. So, Frey planned to continue standing on the same front as Zero Wing. Although this would put the Red Dragon Nation directly in the Sun Dynasty’s line of sight, the Red Dragon Nation would at least still have a chance at securing an early advantage in the World Ark’s inner area.

A short moment later, a 60-meter-tall Two-Headed Blaze Eagle landed in the middle of the resurrection camp. Then, more than fifty Tier 6 experts wearing the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Guild Emblem alighted from the Blaze Eagle, and walking in the lead was a middle-aged man who was a Level 173, Tier 6 Mage God.

“Who among you is Black Flame?” the middle-aged Mage God asked as he scanned the crowd in the resurrection camp.

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