Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3607

Chapter 681 – Responding in Kind

Soul Lake, Resurrection Camp:

Following the middle-aged Mage God’s words, a powerful Divine Might swept across the resurrection camp, and everyone in the camp felt like a mountain had just fallen on their shoulders. The pressure from the Divine Might was so intense that all of the Tier 5 players in the camp had difficulty breathing, and even those capable of matching Tier 6 experts found themselves immobilized.

A Divine Domain?! Disbelief filled Garut’s eyes as he looked at the middle-aged Mage God.

In God’s Domain, players could typically only radiate Divine Might after reaching Tier 6. Meanwhile, once players developed their Concentration to the extremes of the Tier 6 standard, they could mentally manipulate their Divine Might to form a domain, which was also known as a Divine Domain.

Meanwhile, once a Divine Domain was unleashed, it could suppress players below Tier 6 effortlessly and subject Tier 6 experts to a powerful mental suppression, rendering them incapable of executing their Combat Techniques and Mana Techniques normally. And even if they managed to execute their techniques, it would put a huge toll on their Concentration.

Who is this person? What kind of status does he have in the Seven Luminaries Alliance? Frey was similarly shocked as she looked at the middle-aged Mage God.

According to the Red Dragon Nation’s intelligence, there were no more than twenty Divine Domain experts across the Greater God’s Domain. However, the middle-aged Mage God was never mentioned in the Red Dragon Nation’s intelligence.

“I am!”

A moment after the middle-aged Mage God unleashed his Divine Domain, a deep voice echoed throughout the resurrection camp. Immediately afterward, Shi Feng stepped out of the crowd and approached the middle-aged Mage God in a steady stride. He also gave off the feeling of a primordial giant, and those he walked past felt their hearts instinctively shudder.

When Shi Feng arrived before the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s members, the terrifying aura he radiated caused even the Alliance’s Tier 6 experts to lower their heads and avoid his gaze, all of them afraid to catch his attention.

“Incredible, as expected! No wonder Little Rainbow has praised you so highly,” the middle-aged Mage God said, smiling as he looked at Shi Feng. “I am Aimless Bloodshed, a Core Elder of the Seven Luminaries Alliance. I am here this time to talk to you about the Sun Dynasty’s matter, Guild Leader Black Flame.”

Aimless Bloodshed?

Shi Feng briefly fell into a daze when he heard the middle-aged Mage God’s introduction.

Experts whose Concentration had reached the extremes of Tier 6 were exceedingly rare in the Greater God’s Domain. In the current timeline, the existence of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Aimless Bloodshed was indeed unknown to the Greater God’s Domain.

However, in Shi Feng’s previous life, Aimless Bloodshed was incredibly famous during the war between the two races. He made his debut on the public stage in a major battle during the war, and he revealed himself as a Divine Domain expert as soon as he appeared. Meanwhile, with the help of his Divine Staff Divine Spirit, he could rank among the Greater God’s Domain’s top three when it came to mental attacks.

Though, for some reason, the first time Aimless Bloodshed made a public appearance was also his last. He never participated in any subsequent battles, and nobody was able to uncover much information about him.

“May I know what the Seven Luminaries Alliance has decided, Elder Bloodshed?” Shi Feng asked.

“The Sun Dynasty has reacted intensely this time, but the Seven Luminaries Alliance is no pushover, either.” Chuckling, Aimless Bloodshed said, “Based on our negotiations with the Sun Dynasty, we can offer Zero Wing two options.”

“Two, is it?” When Shi Feng heard Aimless Bloodshed’s words, he could more or less guess what the other party would say next.

“The first option is for Zero Wing to hand over the Sunlight Blade and withdraw from the World Ark. In return, the Sun Dynasty will give Zero Wing three pieces of universal Legendary Equipment and let this matter slide,” Aimless Bloodshed said. “Should the Sun Dynasty dare renege on its promise, the Seven Luminaries Alliance will respond in kind.

“As for the second option, Zero Wing will similarly have to hand over the Sunlight Blade, but the Sun Dynasty won’t offer any compensation. Instead, Zero Wing may continue competing in the World Ark.”

Upon hearing Aimless Bloodshed’s words, many of the players present couldn’t help but be surprised. They didn’t think the Seven Luminaries Alliance would ultimately offer Zero Wing such lenient choices.

The second option was especially lenient. Although Zero Wing would lose its spoils of war, it could still retain its advantages in the World Ark. This was undoubtedly the best outcome for Zero Wing.

“These are already the best conditions the Seven Luminaries Alliance can fight for Zero Wing, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Aimless Bloodshed said in a somewhat embarrassed tone. “The Sun Dynasty’s combat power in the World Ark is slightly superior to the Seven Luminaries Alliance. If the Sun Dynasty tries to attack us with zero regard to cost, we will have difficulty defending our current resurrection camps.”

“I understand.” Shi Feng nodded. He knew the Seven Luminaries Alliance had already taken out its greatest sincerity. The fact that the Seven Luminaries Alliance had even sent a big shot like Aimless Bloodshed to persuade Zero Wing showed how much the Alliance valued Zero Wing. “May I ask you a question?”

“Feel free to ask anything, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Aimless Bloodshed answered, smiling.

“If Zero Wing goes to war with the Sun Dynasty, can the Seven Luminaries Alliance remain neutral?” Shi Feng calmly asked.

“Go to war with the Sun Dynasty?” Aimless Bloodshed froze momentarily, his mind failing to process Shi Feng’s words.

“Yes. Zero Wing will go to war with the Sun Dynasty!” Shi Feng stated resolutely.

The Sunlight Blade was one of the Sun Dynasty’s Seven Arcanas. Its value was extraordinary, and it could easily be traded with the Holy Race for two universal Divine Artifacts. The Sun Dynasty’s compensation of three pieces of Legendary Equipment was nothing but a joke.

In his previous life, he never got the opportunity to own even one Divine Artifact. Now that he had a chance to own two, he naturally wouldn’t abandon it easily. It was especially so now that he had upgraded the Winter of Eternal Night to the Legendary rank. In the World Ark, he had no need to fear the Sun Dynasty.

“This…” After hearing that Shi Feng was serious, Aimless Bloodshed couldn’t help but say, “Are you really going to provoke the Sun Dynasty, Guild Leader Black Flame? That’s one of the Holy Race’s ten royal powers we are talking about. It is a tough opponent, even for the Seven Luminaries Alliance.”

At this moment, Aimless Bloodshed felt that Shi Feng must have lost his mind. After all, an upstart power in the Eternal Realm was trying to pick a fight with an opponent that even the Seven Luminaries Alliance dreaded. This was no different than having a death wish.

“While Zero Wing might not be a royal power, we won’t capitulate just because of a few words.” In a resolute tone, Shi Feng said, “Since the Sun Dynasty insists on using force, we will simply respond in kind.”

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