Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3608

Chapter 682 – World Gate’s Initial Appearance

“Is he crazy?” Unrestrained Lionheart couldn’t help but doubt his ears when he heard Shi Feng’s resolute words. “Is he not afraid that Zero Wing would be erased from God’s Domain?”

Anyone who had participated in the defense of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s resurrection camps should know how powerful the Holy Race’s royal powers were by now. It simply wasn’t possible for any human power to resist a royal power on its own. Even an existence as mighty as the Seven Luminaries Alliance could just barely resist the Sun Dynasty.

Although Shi Feng was a Taboo-level expert, an existence such as the Sun Dynasty should have quite a few such experts. Even if Shi Feng could ensure his own safety, what about the rest of Zero Wing?

At this time, Frey was similarly surprised by this situation. She didn’t think Shi Feng would refuse both options proposed.

The second option, in particular, could already be considered generous. All Zero Wing needed to do was to surrender the Sunlight Blade to retain its ability to develop in the World Ark. As for negotiating a fair deal with the Sun Dynasty, that was simply out of the question. After all, there was a huge gap in strength between both parties.

“Sure enough.” When Hidden Soul heard Shi Feng’s resolute reply, she couldn’t help but wryly smile. “As expected of our Guild Leader.”


In the early phases of the Miniature Ancient World, Shi Feng had stood strong in the face of overwhelming odds and single-handedly caused the various superpowers to suffer severe losses. Now that Zero Wing had entered the Eternal Realm and achieved metamorphosis, there was no way he would allow Zero Wing to capitulate so easily.

“Indeed! We will simply respond in kind.” Gentle Snow nodded, fighting spirit burning in her eyes.

The Sun Dynasty might be a frightening existence, but Zero Wing wasn’t a pushover, either. It was especially so now that Zero Wing’s Guild Residence had a secret room capable of increasing players’ chances of getting promoted to Tier 6.

As for herself, if she could fight against more experts and perfect her techniques, her strength would also increase with time.

Is Zero Wing made up of lunatics? When Garut saw the enthusiastic look on Gentle Snow and Zero Wing’s other members, he couldn’t help but be astonished.

The Sun Dynasty had already proven itself to be superior to the Seven Luminaries Alliance in combat. Logically, all powers should be doing their best to avoid confrontations with the Sun Dynasty. Yet, even though Zero Wing was clearly presented with an opportunity for reconciliation, Shi Feng chose to take the initiative to provoke the Sun Dynasty. Moreover, aside from Shi Feng, the rest of the Zero Wing members also shared a similar sentiment. It was as if the entire Guild was made up of lunatics.

“Can the Seven Luminaries Alliance remain neutral, Elder Bloodshed?” Shi Feng asked once more as he looked at the dazed middle-aged man before him.

“Although I haven’t consulted with my superiors, I can say with certainty that the Seven Luminaries Alliance is a human power, so we will never side with the Holy Race,” Aimless Bloodshed said confidently. “If anyone dares to assist the Holy Race, I will be the first to object!”

“Thank you very much, Elder Bloodshed,” Shi Feng gratefully said.

Subsequently, Aimless Bloodshed quickly left for one of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s resurrection camps to report Zero Wing’s decision to his superiors and have them prepare for the inevitable.

Time passed quickly. Several hours after Zero Wing made its decision, the World Ark’s various powers also learned of the outcome, and a huge commotion swept across the entire Eternal Realm.

It should be known that not even the various pseudo-apex powers would dare to publicly challenge one of the Holy Race’s royal powers. Yet, Zero Wing, an upstart Guild in the Eternal Realm, had done it. This was undoubtedly the most shocking piece of news to date in the Eternal Realm.

At the same time, because the Seven Luminaries Alliance had finished establishing its defenses in the World Ark’s inner area, it no longer restricted players from entering the inner area. And as Zero Wing managed to safely occupy the Soul Lake’s resurrection camp, many players flocked to the camp.

After much deliberation, Shi Feng ultimately decided to charge each player twenty Eternal Silver for registering at the resurrection camp. This might be a significant sum for Tier 5 players operating in the Eternal Realm, but many players still chose to register at the Soul Lake’s resurrection camp regardless. After only a day, over 50,000 players had registered at the camp already.

After all, so long as players registered at a resurrection camp in the inner area, not only could they be resurrected in the World Ark’s inner area, but the death penalty they suffered could also be reduced. Even if this was only the fee for one registration, it was still a worthwhile trade considering the potential profits they could gain from the World Ark’s inner area.

If not for many players being wary of the Sun Dynasty, many more players would have come to register at the Soul Lake’s resurrection camp.

“What do you think is going on with the Sun Dynasty, Guild Leader? It’s been more than a day since our response, yet they still haven’t shown any signs of taking action,” Hidden Soul said in confusion. More and more players were coming to register at the Soul Lake’s resurrection camp, yet not a single Holy Race player had appeared near the camp thus far. “Could they simply be trying to intimidate us, but in reality, they don’t actually have the strength to deal with us?”

Ever since the Seven Luminaries Alliance forwarded Zero Wing’s rejection, the Sun Dynasty did not make a single response. In fact, according to Zero Wing’s investigation, the Sun Dynasty had even reduced its activities at the inner area’s frontlines.

“They are merely gathering their strength,” Shi Feng said nonchalantly. “They are aware that I have killed Chalk Splendor and can summon six Tier 6 War Goddesses, so they know that if they want to destroy Zero Wing and intimidate the human race, they will need to gather much more strength. Not to mention, the Holy Race has many Tier 5 experts capable of advancing to Tier 6. They simply lack the necessary resources to get promoted.”

“In that case, should we have more of our internal fifth-floor experts enter the secret room and advance to Tier 6, Guild Leader?” Hidden Soul asked worriedly.

The Sun Dynasty undoubtedly had a frightening number of Tier 5 experts capable of advancing to Tier 6. In comparison, although Zero Wing had a Medium World Fragment, for the sake of secrecy, they only dared to let trustworthy members enjoy the Medium World Fragment’s benefits thus far. As a result, Zero Wing didn’t have many experts capable of completing their Tier 6 promotion at a reliable success rate. If this situation persisted, Zero Wing would only become more disadvantaged over time in the World Ark.

“This…” Shi Feng couldn’t help but hesitate.

Admittedly, letting more internal members enjoy the Medium World Fragment’s benefits and advance to Tier 6 would increase Zero Wing’s overall strength. However, it would also increase the risk of exposing the Medium World Fragment’s existence. After all, most of Zero Wing’s internal members in the Crystal City of Secrets weren’t based in Star Lake City in the real world. It was unrealistic to think that everyone could keep this matter a secret.

Meanwhile, once the Medium World Fragment’s existence was exposed, Zero Wing’s opponent would no longer be limited to the Holy Race’s Sun Dynasty. Instead, it would have to go up against the various human powers operating in the Eternal Realm.

While Shi Feng was hesitating, Gentle Snow suddenly barged into the tent in a hurry.

“Guild Leader, I just received an offline message regarding our God’s Domain’s World Gate!” Excitedly, Gentle Snow said, “It has finally appeared in the Starlight Realm!”

TL Notes:
[1]resurrection camp registration:
I believe 100% of the 20 Eternal Silver fee charged goes to Zero Wing, as the Red Dragon Nation and Azure Fang probably want to save their slots for their own members/allies.

Also, judging by the following: “Even if this was only the fee for one registration,” each registration should only allow players to be resurrected one time at the camp. Once players have exhausted their resurrection chance, they’ll probably have to pay the fee and register again for subsequent resurrections.

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