Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3609

Chapter 683 – Returning to God’s Domain

“Has it appeared already?” Shi Feng was pleasantly surprised by the news Gentle Snow brought him.

Any God’s Domain that wished to connect with the Greater God’s Domain would need to do so through a World Gate. However, before a God’s Domain was linked with the Greater God’s Domain, its World Gate could not be seen in the Greater God’s Domain. Only when a God’s Domain was close to being fully connected would its World Gate appear in the Greater God’s Domain.

Meanwhile, once the World Gate revealed itself, it would open at varying times. Depending on the rank of the God’s Domain in question, it could take as soon as several days to as late as several months for the World Gate to open.

In addition, unlike the World Gate of miniature worlds, the World Gate of a God’s Domain did not have any restrictions. As soon as it opened, Tier 6 players could pass through it immediately. There was no gradual process to speak of. The situation would be completely different from the Miniature Ancient World, where, even now, its World Gate only allowed Tier 5 players to pass through.

For most players, whether living in the Greater God’s Domain or the God’s Domain that was opening up, the appearance of a World Gate could only be considered a pleasant surprise. At best, they would have access to more resources and business opportunities.

However, for the current Zero Wing, it was an opportunity to achieve a qualitative transformation.

“According to the Green God Corporation, our God’s Domain’s World Gate appeared in the Starlight Realm roughly five hours ago, and it is situated in the Northern Wasteland that’s close to the Ancient River Kingdom,” Gentle Snow said. “The Green God Corporation also states that the World Gate will open in ten days at the latest and that the powers of two Realm Empires and six Realm Kingdoms have already mobilized their armies to surround the gate. At that time, I’m afraid it is going to be difficult to enter or exit the gate.”

“Aside from the lofty apex and pseudo-apex powers, I doubt anybody can resist the resources and experts of an entire God’s Domain,” Shi Feng said, unsurprised by Gentle Snow’s report. “I need to make a trip back to our God’s Domain immediately. I will leave the Feather of Oath with you in the meantime. With it, you should be able to defend the resurrection camp from the Holy Race’s various powers without trouble. But if defeat is inevitable, make sure to retreat without hesitation. No need to make meaningless sacrifices.”

Normally, it should be impossible for players to cross a World Gate before it opens. However, Shi Feng was an exception.

Previously, he had acquired a gray key in the Miniature Ancient World that allowed him to freely travel between God’s Domains. However, there was a precondition for using the gray key: he needed to know the exact location of the God’s Domain he wished to visit.

Originally, he had thought of finding a sealed passage in the Miniature Ancient World that was connected with his home God’s Domain. That way, he could use the gray key to travel to the God’s Domain he had lived in for many years and obtain the God Slayer’s Legacy.

However, his development speed and the opportunities he had encountered far exceeded his imagination. Not only did he get his hands on the Primordial Abyssal God’s Legacy, but he had even obtained a Primordial Chaos Body and constructed a Superior Divine Body with it. These opportunities completely eliminated the need for him to acquire the God Slayer’s Legacy. Hence, he had postponed returning to his home God’s Domain.

But now that the World Gate had appeared, it was imperative that he returned before they opened.

Zero Wing had annexed many Guilds in the Miniature Ancient World. A few examples were the Star Alliance, Hundred Flower Palace, and Mysterious Moon. These first-rate Guilds all possessed many Tier 5 and Tier 6 players in their home God’s Domain. So long as Zero Wing could absorb these experts and bring them to the Eternal Realm, Zero Wing could increase its strength without having to worry about exposing the Medium World Fragment’s existence.

Not to mention, these Tier 5 and Tier 6 experts had been operating on their home God’s Domain for as long as ten years now. Even a Tier 3 player could reach Level 200 when given such a long time, let alone players of higher tiers.

Meanwhile, Level 200 was a massive turning point in God’s Domain. The benefits players could receive from reaching Level 200 would be no different than achieving a one-tier promotion.

Under the same tier, a Level 200 player fully equipped with Epic Weapons and Equipment could match a Level 190 player fully equipped with Legendary Equipment. And if the opponent was a Level 180 player, they would be beaten black and blue, even if they had a Legendary Weapon.

If such a group of high-level Tier 6 players were to appear in the current Eternal Realm, it would absolutely tilt the Realm’s balance!

“Leave it to us, Guild Leader! We’ll make sure the resurrection camp stands strong before you return!” Gentle Snow assured as she accepted the Feather of Oath.

Unless the Holy Race attacked the resurrection camp with two or more Taboo-level experts, six Level 180-plus, Tier 6 War Goddesses should be enough to keep most opponents at bay.

Not to mention, she, Hidden Soul, Fire Dance, and Crimson Heart had already exchanged a Gold Combat Technique suited for themselves from the Seven Luminaries Alliance. With the assistance of Eternal God Crystals, they should have no trouble mastering their respective Gold Combat Techniques.

Most importantly, Shi Feng had already summoned Azure Shadow’s group to the resurrection camp a few hours ago. In certain aspects, the defenses of the Soul Lake’s resurrection camp were superior to even the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s resurrection camps.

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you all!”

After saying so, Shi Feng activated World-Breaking Teleportation and left the Eternal Realm without hesitation.

Starlight Realm, Northern Wasteland:

The Northern Wasteland was a Level 180 neutral map. Because it lacked high-level resources, apart from when the occasional World Boss respawns, it was rare to see players roaming the map.

Currently, though, the Northern Wasteland had become very lively due to the appearance of a new World Gate here. Many Tier 5 and Tier 6 players at Level 180 and above were gathered around the new World Gate, and they were all from the various powers based in the neighboring kingdoms and empires. These powers prohibited any independent players from coming close to the World Gate, fully intending to be the first ones to harvest the God’s Domain tied to the World Gate.

Sure enough, it is the same as before.

Shi Feng grew a little reminiscent when he saw the million or so players gathered around the World Gate.

When his home God’s Domain’s World Gate opened in his previous life, the various native players thought it would spell a massive fortuitous opportunity for them. However, what ended up welcoming them after they stepped out of the World Passage was a siege from the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers. Many players died, and even Shi Feng had only managed to escape after exhausting his trump cards.

After a moment of observation, Shi Feng made his way to a deserted canyon nearby and retrieved the gray key, which he hadn’t used all this time, from his bag.

System: A closed God’s Domain has been detected. Coordinates confirmed. Do you wish to open a portal and enter the closed God’s Domain?

“Open it!” Shi Feng nodded and chose to open the portal.

Immediately, dark gray runes lit up across the gray key. Thirty seconds later, a space-time passage opened up. Then, without hesitation, Shi Feng stepped into the portal and disappeared from the canyon.

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