Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3610

Chapter 684 – The Current God’s Domain
Amidst tall mountains covered by thundering skies…

I’m finally back.

While quietly taking in his surrounding environment, Shi Feng couldn’t help but find both familiar and foreign.

In his previous life, he had spent the majority of his time fighting in this God’s Domain. He had even formed a Guild and made it into the strongest Guild in this God’s Domain. However, none of that had happened in this life, and the God’s Domain he was currently standing in was very different from the one in his previous life.

System: Ruined Mountain Range detected.

System: Communication with players outside the Ruined Mountain Range has temporarily been disabled.
The Ruined Mountain Range? Upon receiving the system notifications, Shi Feng couldn’t help but look up at the thundering gray skies, feeling a little stressed.

The Ruined Mountain Range was labeled as a forbidden land in his home God’s Domain. It was a place where even Tier 6 players were not free from danger.

The Ruined Mountain Range was split into four areas: outer, inner, central, and core. The deeper one traveled, the greater the danger one would face. Even in his previous life, Shi Feng had never set foot into the Ruined Mountain Range’s core area, and he could just barely operate in the central area.

Currently, although he was only standing in the Ruined Mountain Range’s inner area, there was still a real chance of him dying if he wasn’t careful.

Immediately, Shi Feng searched for a path that led to the outer area and hastily left the inner area.

There were three major threats in the Ruined Mountain Range.

The first major threat was the lightning strikes that grew stronger as one traveled deeper into the mountain range. In the inner area, any random lightning strike could easily kill the average Tier 6 player. If struck by multiple lightning strikes simultaneously, even Ancient Gods could be killed. This made it so that even Tier 6 players would not dare to fly and could only walk on the ground.

The second major threat was the powerful mysterious energy that corrodes players’ bodies. Likewise, this energy grew stronger the deeper one traveled. Meanwhile, once a player was fully corroded, they would be forcibly logged out of the game, and their in-game character would die on the spot.

The third major threat was the Ruined Mountain Range’s monsters. Unlike most monsters in God’s Domain, the Ruined Mountain Range’s monsters could grow as they fought against players. However, their growth wasn’t just limited to levels and intelligence. As they fought against players, they would also learn the various techniques and tactics applied by players. On top of that, they also knew how to flee when outmatched.

Due to these traits, the Ruined Mountain Range’s monsters would continuously grow stronger over time. As a result, when exploring the Ruined Mountain Range, many Tier 5 players would find themselves incapable of soloing even Tier 4 Mythic monsters of the same level, while Tier 6 players could just barely suppress a Tier 5 Legendary monster by themselves.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, many experts kept exploring the Ruined Mountain Range in large teams, and their actions led to the monsters inside growing to a frightening degree. At that time, if a Tier 6 expert entered the Ruined Mountain Range without a team and encountered a Tier 6 Divine monster, their death would be practically guaranteed. Multiple Tier 6 experts needed to move together to stand a chance at surviving. So, one could simply imagine how frightening those monsters were.

Although Shi Feng didn’t know to what extent the various powers’ experts had trained the Ruined Mountain Range’s monsters in this life, based on his experience, those monsters should have already grasped Bronze Combat Techniques and Mana Techniques at the very least. They should have also grasped many Combination Techniques.

With his current strength, Shi Feng was confident he could kill lone Divine monsters by himself. However, if he got caught up in a fight against multiple Divine monsters or one Divine monster and numerous Legendary monsters, they could easily occupy him until he died from mysterious energy corrosion.

As his primary goal in returning to his home God’s Domain was to absorb the various first-rate Guilds’ experts into Zero Wing and send them to the Eternal Realm, he naturally couldn’t afford to waste time in the Ruined Mountain Range.

Ruined Mountain Range, inner area:

After sprinting for three hours, Shi Feng arrived at a canyon shrouded in thorny vines. Then, he entered a cave connecting the Ruined Mountain Range’s inner and outer areas.

“This is…”

When Shi Feng entered the cave and arrived at the cavern inside, he couldn’t help but be surprised by the scene he saw.

Currently, inside the spacious cave the size of a sports stadium, tens of thousands of players were gathered. The weakest among these players were at Level 190, Tier 4, while the stronger ones were Level 190-plus, Tier 5 experts. Most of these players stood in groups of several dozen, while the rest were players hawking wares in the cavern.

“Selling Level 200 Epic Weapons and Equipment for cheap! Whisper me if you’re interested!”

“Selling Tier 5 Random Teleportation Scrolls! They can save your life at critical moments! Only three left! First come, first served!”

“Buying Grandmaster-rank food in bulk! Can pay with Seven Luminaries Crystals!”

Over a hundred players were hawking wares at the cavern’s entrance. The cavern looked so lively that Shi Feng felt he was standing in a town’s marketplace rather than an incredibly dangerous forbidden land. In addition, all of the items being traded here were normally very hard to come by in God’s Domain.

What is going on here? Shi Feng couldn’t help but doubt his eyes as he looked at the crowded and lively cavern.

The Ruined Mountain Range was a forbidden land for humans. Many expert players might come here to explore, but due to the Ruined Mountain Range’s hostile environment, players could not truly rest here. Hence, there should not exist any gathering place for players in the Ruined Mountain Range. Instead, teams that explored the Ruined Mountain Range would usually find a safe location to use as a temporary shelter.

However, the cavern before him was akin to a market. The liveliness here was comparable to the average NPC Town in the outside world. This was a situation he had never heard of in his previous life.

While Shi Feng was feeling confused, some players started to loudly recruit members for teams in the middle of the cavern.

“Recruiting ten Level 200-plus, Tier 4 experts and above for a direct trip to the central area! We have three Level 200-plus, Tier 5 Professional League experts leading the team!”

“Recruiting for a temporary team to the central area! We have a Tier 6 expert leading! Accepting only Level 190, Tier 4 players and above! Those interested only need to pay 20 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal per person! We have 35 spots remaining!”

The dozen or so recruiters were all recruiting for teams headed toward the Ruined Mountain Range’s central area. Some players were recruiting members to make money, while some were recruiting for capable allies. Their actions made it seem like the Ruined Mountain Range’s inner area was a Team Dungeon. The team with the Tier 6 player, in particular, had over a hundred players applying to join almost instantly…

This scene dumbfounded Shi Feng. He never thought the Ruined Mountain Range’s central area would be so popular, so much so that even Tier 4 players would pay Seven Luminaries Crystals to go there.

Amidst Shi Feng’s daze, a Level 194, Tier 5 Grand Wizard wielding a fiery staff suddenly approached him. The other party was a petite girl, and a hint of anxiety and expectation colored her widened eyes as she looked at Shi Feng.

“Big Brother, are you looking to escort people?”

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