Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3611

Chapter 685 – God Slayer’s Treasury

“Escort people?”

A hint of surprise flashed across Shi Feng’s eyes as he looked at the petite girl before him.

He wasn’t hiding his basic information right now, so any player could inspect him and learn that he was a Sword God.

The petite girl similarly did not hide her information. The girl was named Fiery Heart, and she looked no older than 18. Yet, she was already a Level 194, Tier 5 Grand Wizard and had multiple pieces of Fragmented Legendary Equipped. The fiery staff she wielded was even a top-tier Fragmented Legendary Weapon. Though, what caught Shi Feng’s attention the most was Fiery Heart’s Guild Emblem.

It was a Guild Emblem with the image of a dragon and a phoenix, and the Guild it belonged to was none other than the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, a super-first-rate Guild in this God’s Domain.

Normally, Guilds of such caliber would have teams accompanying their young experts into dangerous places. They wouldn’t let their young talents team up with strangers, much less allow them to visit the Ruined Mountain Range’s central area. After all, that was a place where even Tier 5 players had less than a 10% chance of surviving. Moreover, should they die in the central area, there was a small chance they could suffer a permanent death.

Not to mention, judging by Fiery Heart’s age and tier, she was no doubt one of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s core members.

There only existed a small number of Tier 6 experts in this God’s Domain. A superpower would be fortunate to have four or five Tier 6 experts. So, Tier 5 experts remained the main combat power of the various powers, and the loss of even one Tier 5 expert would be significant. This was something Fiery Heart should understand.

Yet, Fiery Heart had not only appeared in the Ruined Mountain Range, but she was even asking Shi Feng, a stranger, to escort her to the central area. This situation confused Shi Feng greatly.

While the monsters in the Ruined Mountain Range’s central area might have good loot, the dangers that came with exploring the central area simply weren’t worth it for Tier 5 experts. Rather than take such a risk, it would be better if Fiery Heart explored the inner and outer areas.

“If you are willing to escort me and my team, we will compensate you adequately, Big Brother,” Fiery Heart hurriedly said when she saw that Shi Feng didn’t seem willing to entertain her offer. “Our team has 45 members, and we’ll pay 25 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal for each member. Even if some of us accidentally die midway, we will still pay 15 units per person.”

“That is quite a generous offer.” Shi Feng nodded. Then, out of curiosity, he asked, “But can you tell me why you want to head to the central area, young lady?”

Seven Luminaries Crystals were regarded as a hard currency everywhere. Many transactions involving Fragmented Legendary items and above were usually conducted using Seven Luminaries Crystals. It was especially so in this God’s Domain, where Seven Luminaries Crystals remained the biggest hurdle for most Tier 5 players in advancing to Tier 6.

Meanwhile, Fiery Heart’s offer to pay 1,125 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal just to escort 45 players to the Ruined Mountain Range’s central area was a lucrative offer even Tier 6 players would find hard to resist. Not to mention, she was even offering to pay 15 units for those who died midway.

However, rather than the payment, Shi Feng was more interested in finding out why so many players were trying to get to the central area.

“Do you not know?” Fiery Heart couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in shock. She didn’t think there would be someone who still didn’t know about the matter regarding the Ruined Mountain Range’s central area.

“Don’t be surprised.” Regarding Fiery Heart’s question, Shi Feng had long come up with an excuse, so he calmly said, “I fell into a miniature world some time ago, and it took me a while to come back.”

“So that’s why you didn’t seem interested… For a second there, I thought you only planned to escort friends and allies…” Realization dawned on Fiery Heart. Then, she explained, “Well, the matter regarding the central area isn’t much of a secret. A few days ago, an ancient ruin called the Ruined Temple appeared in the central area, so many people are going there to explore it, hoping to reap a big harvest.”

Fiery Heart did not doubt Shi Feng’s reasoning. After all, many players would abruptly disappear from time to time in God’s Domain, and most of these disappearances were due to players entering various miniature worlds. It was also very common for players to be trapped in these miniature worlds for months and even years.

The Ruined Temple? Shi Feng fell into a daze when he heard this name.

In his previous life, the Ruined Temple had caused a huge wave in both his home God’s Domain and the Greater God’s Domain. This was because the Ruined Temple wasn’t just your average ancient ruin. Instead, it was a treasury left behind by the God Slayer.

To the players of his home God’s Domain, the God Slayer was inconspicuous. This was because the God Slayer only created a few achievements in this God’s Domain. The Ancient Gods slain by the God Slayer were also rather average.

However, it was a different story in the Greater God’s Domain.

According to the Greater God’s Domain’s historical records, the God Slayer was responsible for the death of the last Ancient Demon God, an existence rivaling Primordial Gods!

Meanwhile, it goes without saying that the treasury left behind by such a frightening existence would be a great temptation to the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers.

However, the timing of the Ruined Temple’s appearance in this timeline was different. In his previous life, the Ruined Temple only appeared one year after the World Gate fully opened. Of course, following its appearance, many players flooded the Ruined Mountain Range’s central area, all of them hoping to obtain the God Slayer’s Legacy and become an existence capable of rivaling Primordial Gods.

“There are many treasures in the Ruined Temple, Big Brother,” Fiery Heart continued when she noticed the look of interest on Shi Feng’s face. “From what I heard, several temporary teams have already found loose pieces of Fragmented Legendary Equipment Sets there. With Big Brother’s tier, as long as you go there, the various powers’ main forces will definitely try to recruit you. Even if you gain nothing from the Ruined Temple, the pay you can get from those powers should still be worth your time.”

“Alright, I’ll take you all there,” Shi Feng answered after giving the matter some thought. “Have your team get ready. We’ll set out right away.”

The Ruined Temple was an opportunity he could not miss. It was especially so since its exploration reward could only be claimed once. In his previous life, because he was stuck dealing with enemies in the Greater God’s Domain, he never got the opportunity to explore the Ruined Temple himself. Now that the Ruined Temple had appeared, he naturally wouldn’t miss it.

Moreover, going by Fiery Heart’s words, this God’s Domain’s various powers had gathered in the Ruined Mountain Range’s central area because of the Ruined Temple’s appearance. With Hundred Flower Palace and the others being first-rate Guilds, they had most likely sent their main forces to explore the ancient ruin. This would make it much easier for him to gather them all together.

Meanwhile, after hearing Shi Feng’s reply, Fiery Heart quickly left to inform her resting teammates.

“Are you sure that uncle is reliable, Heart?” a young man named Crying Blade asked. He was a Level 200, Tier 5 Berserker, and he couldn’t help but grow a little worried as he looked at the person Fiery Heart had found to escort them. “Setting aside the fact that I’ve never even heard of him, his level is just 178. At such a low level, I highly doubt he can escort all of us safely to the Ruined Temple. Why don’t we wait a little longer and find a higher-leveled Tier 6 expert?”

The other members of the team nodded in agreement.

A player’s level was just as important as their tier. The Ruined Mountain Range’s central area was filled with Level 200 monsters. A Level 178, Tier 6 player would have their strength greatly restricted there.

A moment after Crying Blade finished speaking, several players entered the cavern from the outer area. Walking in the lead was a woman with shoulder-length crimson hair, and she was a Level 202, Tier 6 Sword God carrying two longswords on her back.

“Oh my god! Look! It’s Crimson Mist, the Eternal Glory adventurer team’s newly promoted Sword God!”

TL Notes:
[1]Eternal Glory adventurer team:
Fyi, this is the adventurer team that Ji Luorong, Phoenix Rain’s little sister, belongs to in this timeline.

[However, the timing of the Ruined Temple’s appearance in this timeline was different. In his previous life, the Ruined Temple only appeared one year after the World Gate fully opened.]

Going by these two sentences, my theory is that Shi Feng’s God’s Domain fully connected with the Greater God’s Domain at the same time as it did in this timeline. In other words, it should have only become fully connected roughly 10~11 years after launch.

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