Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3614

Chapter 688 – Difference Between Sword Gods

“Why don’t we stop for a moment, Vice Commander? That way, the gathered monsters will most certainly go for that group of people, and we can use the chance to overtake them,” a middle-aged man who was a Level 203, Tier 5 Guardian Knight from Eternal Glory suggested to Crimson Mist when he noticed that Shi Feng’s team showed no signs of slowing down.

Everything was as Fiery Heart assumed. They had indeed noticed Shi Feng’s team leaving, but they did not care about dealing with more monsters, so they boldly departed without waiting in the hopes that Shi Feng’s team would wisely step aside and let them go first.

However, it was now obvious that Shi Feng’s team was not sensible and had no intentions of stepping aside. In that case, all they could do was stop their advance temporarily to have the pursuing monsters start attacking Shi Feng’s team. Then, they would use the chance to overtake Shi Feng’s team.

“No need. They’ll stop when the time comes,” Crimson Mist indifferently said as she continued advancing in the Ruined Temple’s direction. She didn’t even glance at Shi Feng’s team, showing no interest in them and regarding them as no more than pebbles on the roadside.

“Understood!” The middle-aged Guardian Knight retreated to the side and stopped speaking.

Crimson Mist might have chosen the most troublesome method to advance, which would ultimately cause them to be attacked by a portion of the pursuing monsters, but it still wasn’t a problem for them. Shi Feng’s team would be the only ones who would be in trouble. If Shi Feng’s team still didn’t know to repent over their decision, once the monsters amassed enough numbers to start attacking, there was a high chance they would get annihilated.

Lunatic! That guy must be a lunatic! Why is he trying to challenge Crimson Mist?!

Running at the back of Crimson Mist’s team, Crying Blade couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw that Shi Feng was still advancing steadily in front.

Ever since Crimson Mist got promoted into a Sword God and obtained a Legendary Weapon, the various powers had already regarded her as one of the Four Great Sword Gods, and her strength could rival Tier 6 Gods of the same level.

Even the Five Great Super Guilds’ old monsters had nothing but praise for her, and they all felt that current Eternal Glory could already rival the Midnight Tea Party of old. So, it could be seen just how highly the Five Great Super Guilds’ old monsters evaluated Crimson Mist. She simply wasn’t an existence the average Tier 6 expert could hope to match.

Currently, the number of monsters pursuing Shi Feng’s team had already exceeded 100, and the number of Legendary monsters had even reached six. It should be known that the Ruined Mountain Range’s Legendary monsters normally required a party of Tier 5 experts to deal with, and even Tier 6 experts could only suppress them in one-on-one situations. When facing three or four Legendary monsters, a Tier 6 expert might not lose, but they would still be kept busy for a long time.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s team only had 18 members. With so few members, they were already at risk of annihilation if they were to go up against a monster horde of such size and quality. Yet, Shi Feng still insisted on competing against Crimson Mist. He simply had a death wish.

As the distance between the two teams continued to shrink, the number of pursuing monsters also increased.

One hundred and fifty… Two hundred… Two hundred and fifty…

Six Legendary monsters… Ten Legendary monsters… Fifteen Legendary monsters.

When Crimson Mist’s team moved within 30 yards of Shi Feng’s team, the monster count had already exceeded 300, and the number of Legendary monsters reached 20. This situation caused every Tier 5 expert present to panic.

At this time, even the previously calm Eternal Glory members were wearing heavy expressions. After all, the monsters had already outnumbered them by three-to-one. There were also twenty Level 195-plus Legendary monsters. If these Legendary monsters attacked together, they could kill even a Tier 6 player of the same level.

“Dammit! Is that Sword God crazy?! Is he aiming for mutual destruction?” the middle-aged Guardian Knight from Eternal Glory fumed when he saw that Shi Feng still had no intentions of stopping.

It was understandable for Shi Feng to want to compete against Crimson Mist. Even so, there was no need for him to risk his life. In fact, he had even put their lives on the line now.

Shortly after the middle-aged Guardian Knight finished cursing, the pursuing monsters suddenly halted their stalking activities and started to attack both Shi Feng’s and Crimson Mist’s teams. These monsters were Lizardmen wielding skillfully crafted weapons, and they attacked in groups of three or five using Combination Techniques. With the help of these Combination Techniques, even those at the Tier 4 Mythic could exhibit power at the Tier 5 Peak standard. Moreover, their attack rate was comparable to that of Tier 5 players.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

After the initial clash, the Tier 4 Lizardman Slaughterers charging at the forefront had not only broken apart the formations of both teams, but they had also inflicted light injuries to all Tier 5 players present.

“Everyone, return to formation! Do not let them mess up our coordination!” Fiery Heart promptly commanded after the initial clash.

“Activate the battle array!” The middle-aged Guardian Knight from Eternal Glory gnashed his teeth as he commanded Eternal Glory’s members to activate their trump card. Then, he continued, “All ranged DPS and healers gather together! All melee players form a circle! Do not get caught out alone!”

Immediately, both teams entered defensive formations in an orderly manner, neither getting distracted by the Lizardmen’s first wave of attack.

Although the Ruined Mountain Range’s monsters were highly intelligent, players were similarly intelligent. Not to mention, most players had engaged in group combat since their first day in God’s Domain, so compared to monsters, players were much more adept at working with each other.

Most importantly, players had distinct class specializations. Tank classes were responsible for attracting enemy attacks, DPS classes for dealing damage, and healer classes for providing support. In contrast, monsters had no specializations, and those of the same race generally possessed the same Skills and Spells. There was no variation to speak of.

Due to these points, so long as players kept calm, they could easily stabilize the situation and gradually occupy an advantageous position in group battles against monsters.

While the Tier 5 players were engaging the Tier 4 Lizardman Slaughterers in battle, the Legendary-ranked Lizardman Heroes started their attack on Crimson Mist and Shi Feng.

The Lizardman Heroes similarly moved in coordination, the twenty of them splitting into two groups of ten to deal with the two Tier 6 players. They intended to distract the human teams’ two strongest combatants to give the other Lizardmen time to kill the other players.

“Get lost!”

After looking at the Lizardman Heroes targeting her, Crimson Mist unsheathed the two longswords she carried on her back and brandished them. Like two dragons executing a tail swipe, the two weapons instantly sent the ten Lizardman Heroes flying, the sight exciting Crimson Mist’s teammates.

“How strong! I can’t believe she neutralized the ten monsters’ Combination Technique and sent them flying!”

“As expected of Crimson Mist! Those Legendary monsters are no match for her whatsoever!”

Crimson Mist’s teammates all cast looks of admiration at her. After seeing her attack, they all felt that the battle before them was no longer a problem, and they couldn’t help but grow excited.

While Crimson Mist’s teammates were immersed in excitement, Shi Feng stood still and calmly looked at the ten Lizardman Heroes attacking him. Then, just as everyone thought that Shi Feng had been scared silly, he took a step forward.

Suddenly, a Divine Might rivaling that of Primordial Gods spread from Shi Feng. Then, the ten Lizardman Heroes suddenly froze mid-air as if they were petrified.

A Divine Domain?!

Fiery Heart gaped in shock at this scene, and her eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

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