Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3615

Chapter 689 – SSS-Rank Expert
A Divine Domain?! How is this possible?!

Crying Blade couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the ten Lizardman Heroes standing frozen around Shi Feng.

The Level 197 Lizardman Heroes might only be Tier 5 Legendary monsters, but each was strong enough to give the average Tier 6 expert of the same level a headache. If ten of them worked together, they could even cause substantial damage to the Tier 6 expert in question. Only experts of Crimson Mist’s caliber could send ten Lizardman Heroes flying with a single attack.

Shi Feng was only a Level 178 player, so it was evident he had only gotten promoted to Tier 6 recently. Yet, he managed to immobilize the ten Lizardman Heroes attacking him simply by unleashing his Divine Might. This meant that his control over his Divine Might had already reached a level where he could already form the rumored Divine Domain.

Divine Domain!

Even among the Five Great Super Guilds, the ability to form a Divine Domain was a divine technique that only two old monsters had successfully grasped. Meanwhile, so long as these two old monsters unleashed their Divine Domain, they would be invincible to existences below Tier 6. Be it monsters or players, everything below Tier 6 would be incapable of resisting them.

While everyone was dazedly staring at the ten immobilized Lizardman Heroes, Shi Feng unsheathed one of the longswords he carried around his waist and brandished it, instantly creating a galaxy of stars across the battlefield. Subsequently, the ten Lizardman Heroes and all other Lizardman monsters within a 1,000-yard radius of Shi Feng were sent flying and crashing over a thousand yards away, and all of them entered a heavily injured state.

Is he a monster?!

The middle-aged Guardian Knight from Eternal Glory gasped at this scene.

The act of heavily injuring 300-plus Lizardmen was simply unbelievable, even if most of them were only Mythic monsters. If it was up to Crimson Mist, there was zero chance she could replicate such a feat.

This wasn’t to say that Crimson Mist didn’t have the raw power to heavily injure over 300 Mythic-ranked Lizardmen. Instead, it was because she lacked the ability to manipulate over 300 attacks to accurately circle around the players on the battlefield and strike only the Lizardmen. If Crimson Mist truly wished to heavily injure all of the Lizardmen in her vicinity, she would have no choice but to use an indiscriminate AOE attack.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng’s move, no more Lizardmen stood in the way of his team.

“Let’s go,” Shi Feng said as he looked at Fiery Heart and the other dazed members of his team. Then, he promptly continued on his way toward the Ruined Temple, showing no intentions whatsoever to stay and fight alongside Crimson Mist’s team.


Fiery Heart failed to react to Shi Feng’s words immediately. It wasn’t until she closed her mouth with much effort that she had her teammates chase after Shi Feng.

As for Crimson Mist and her teammates, they simply watched as Shi Feng’s team left, unable to come up with any words. It wasn’t until Shi Feng’s team had moved a thousand yards away and the heavily injured Lizardmen had scattered from the battlefield that everyone snapped out of their daze.

How can this be?! Regret filled Crying Blade’s heart as he watched Fiery Heart’s group leave.

Originally, Crying Blade thought the quickest and safest way to reach the Ruined Temple would be to join Crimson Mist’s team. However, after seeing Shi Feng’s display of overwhelming strength, even a fool could tell that the best option to travel to the Ruined Temple would be to follow Shi Feng. Moreover, because he had chosen Crimson Mist’s team over Shi Feng’s team, he must have inadvertently offended Shi Feng already. After this, even if he wanted to establish a connection with Shi Feng, it would be incredibly difficult to do so.

“Who do you think that person is, Vice Commander? Not only does he know how to cast a Divine Domain, but his Strength Attribute is also through the roof. How have I not heard of him until now?” the middle-aged Guardian Knight from Eternal Glory asked, unable to suppress his curiosity. “With his capabilities, it should be impossible for him to stay unknown in God’s Domain.”

“I don’t know who he is, either,” Crimson Mist said, shaking her head. Then, she continued with certainty, “But that person shouldn’t have mastered his Divine Domain yet.”

“He hasn’t mastered it?” The middle-aged Guardian Knight grew confused. “That can’t be. None of those Lizardman Heroes could move just now.”

“He indeed immobilized those Lizardman Heroes just now, but when I checked with my Golden Eyes, none of them were weakened,” Crimson Mist explained. “I once met one of those two old monsters while out roaming with the commander. When that old monster used his Divine Domain, all of the Legendary monsters within range had their Basic Attributes weakened by 30%. But that person’s Divine Might did not, so it should be incomplete and can only be considered a pseudo-Divine Domain.”

It was as Crimson Mist theorized. In reality, Shi Feng did not master the ability to form a Divine Domain. He had only managed to suppress the Lizardman Heroes with his Divine Might because his Concentration had reached the Tier 6 Peak standard, and his Life Rating had improved substantially by virtue of his Superior Divine Body.

“Even if it’s not a complete Divine Domain, that person should still be strong enough to be regarded as an SSS-rank expert,” the middle-aged Guardian Knight said as he looked in the direction of Shi Feng’s departure with expectant eyes. “I truly did not think the Ruined Temple would attract so many SSS-rank experts. After the sixth-ranked Divine Prodigy and the recently promoted Martial Fanatic, there is this hidden expert now. Things are going to get interesting at the Ruined Temple. I wonder what rank the commander can achieve now that she has advanced to Tier 6 as well?”

SSS-rank experts were individuals who had successfully placed within the top five of an S-League season, and they were all qualified to participate in the Ten Saints League. Meanwhile, it had been a very long time since the ranking of God’s Domain’s SSS-rank experts had changed.

But following the Ruined Temple’s appearance, many Tier 6 experts had decided to take action, so conflict between them would be inevitable. Among them, the clash between SSS-rank experts was definitely the most anticipated by all players in God’s Domain.

“Alright, that’s enough. We should quickly notify the commander about this matter,” Crimson Mist said as she rolled her eyes at the middle-aged Guardian Knight.

“What? Now?” Hearing Crimson Mist’s intentions, the middle-aged Guardian Knight worriedly said, “But if we inform the commander of such a powerful hidden expert now, what if she fails to resist her urges and challenge him right away? Wouldn’t we miss the opportunity of a lifetime?”

Apart from searching the Ruined Temple for treasures, their goal in exploring the Ruined Temple this time was to solidify the Eternal Glory adventurer team’s position in God’s Domain. After all, two of Eternal Glory’s members had successfully advanced to Tier 6 recently. The adventurer team’s strength was no longer the same as before.

Meanwhile, under normal circumstances, it was almost impossible to see two SSS-rank experts in the same place, much less see them clashing. Although it still wasn’t certain that a clash would occur between SSS-rank experts at the Ruined Temple, their performances there would make it possible for comparisons to be made. This would, in turn, create a good opportunity for Eternal Glory to make a name for itself in God’s Domain.

“We cannot hide this information. After all, there are only a few such experts in God’s Domain, and every move they make is of great significance,” Crimson Mist said. Then, a hint of expectation appeared in her eyes as she continued, “Also, between that person and the commander, aren’t you curious to find out who is stronger?”

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