Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3617

Chapter 691 – Ancient Human

Fiery Heart’s complexion turned pale when she heard Ji Luorong’s words. Anxiously, she asked, “Is my Guild Leader alright, Commander Ji?”

The Flower of Seven Sins was a transcendental assassin organization specializing in killing players for money in God’s Domain.

Apart from the Flower of Seven Sins’ internally nurtured experts, other experts could also take on commissions from the Flower of Seven Sins to earn money and resources. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that 99% of assassinations in God’s Domain were related to the Flower of Seven Sins, and even the Five Great Super Guilds had suffered at the hands of the organization.

Now that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was butting heads with the Flower of Seven Sins, it would absolutely spell disaster for the Pavilion. If the Guild Leader got killed by the Flower of Seven Sins, not only would she lose some of her top-tier equipment, but the Phoenix Pavilion might also start to have difficulty keeping the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion under check.

“They haven’t started to fight yet, last I saw them,” Ji Luorong said. Then, in a slightly disappointed tone, she continued, “If not for that Team Dungeon that has recently popped up, I really would have wanted to trade a few blows with that Guild Leader of yours. The Sin of Wrath’s newly promoted commander should also make for a good opponent.”

Whether it was Phoenix Rain, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s current Guild Leader, or Blood Sand, the newly promoted commander of the Flower of Seven Sins’ Sin of Wrath, both were legendary individuals in God’s Domain and rumored to be as strong as the Ten Saints. So, they were the perfect sparring partners for Ji Luorong now that she had finally advanced to Tier 6.

Meanwhile, Fiery Heart sighed in relief when she heard Ji Luorong’s answer.

If a fight were to break out between the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and the Flower of Seven Sins in the Ruined Temple, it would most likely be a life-or-death situation. But there should still be room for reconciliation if a fight hadn’t started between the two.

“Can you bring me there to take a look, Commander Ji?” Shi Feng asked.

Shi Feng’s words surprised Ji Luorong. With a hint of confusion in her eyes, she asked, “There’s a good chance a fight will break out. Are you sure you want to go?”

The conflict between the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s team and the Flower of Seven Sins’ team wasn’t just a simple clash between two player teams. Instead, it was a clash between two powers. If a third party dared to get close to the battlefield, the two parties would immediately deem them as an enemy trying to take advantage of the situation, and both of them would prioritize eliminating this third party above all else. This was also why Ji Luorong had chosen not to involve herself in the conflict and came out to meet Shi Feng instead.

Naturally, Ji Luorong did not think that an expert of Shi Feng’s caliber would be ignorant of such matters.

“I’m sure.” Shi Feng nodded affirmatively.

His goal in returning to his home God’s Domain was to gather Zero Wing’s new recruits. Now that he knew some of Zero Wing’s members were in the Ruined Temple’s Library Area and were about to come to blows with the Flower of Seven Sins, he naturally had to go and take a look at the situation.

“Are you going as well, Big Brother?” Fiery Heart’s complexion brightened when she heard Shi Feng’s intentions.

Assuming that the two sides had yet to start fighting, if the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion were to gain an SSS-rank expert in such a situation, the Flower of Seven Sins would definitely reconsider taking action.

“Of course. It’s not that often I get to watch such a huge fight,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he looked at Fiery Heart’s expectant look.

“Alright, then. If you want to take a look, I will accompany you,” Ji Luorong said, accepting Shi Feng’s request without hesitation. At the same time, a look of interest appeared on her face.

Anyone looking to poke their noses into a clash between two powers must pay for their actions.

If Ji Luorong was by herself, she definitely wouldn’t try to involve herself with the affairs of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and the Flower of Seven Sins. After all, even if she had successfully gotten promoted to Tier 6, she still wasn’t confident in going up against all the apex experts of the two powers. But it was a different story if she had Shi Feng by her side.

Shi Feng was an SSS-rank expert highly praised by even Crimson Mist. Ji Luorong wouldn’t mind sinking her feet into these muddy waters with such an expert by her side.

Subsequently, Ji Luorong led Shi Feng and the others into the Ruined Temple.

The inside of the Ruined Temple was many times bigger than it looked from the outside. As soon as players stepped through the temple’s entrance, it would be as if they had just entered a miniature world. Meanwhile, the inside of the temple was split into four primary areas: the Chapel Area, the Graveyard Area, the Library Area, and the Living Area.

The Chapel Area was the safest of the four areas as it was only a Level 190 to Level 200 map. All Team Dungeons that randomly appeared in it were also at Level 200 and below. It was a considerably safe area, even for Tier 5 players.

The Graveyard and Library Areas were Level 200-plus maps. They were much more dangerous than the Chapel Area, and even Tier 6 players had a considerable chance of dying. They were also the main activity areas for the main forces of first-rate powers and above.

The Living Area was the most dangerous of the four areas. It was a Level 225-plus map, and Tier 6 players would have an extremely high chance of dying in it if they were below Level 220.

Meanwhile, under Ji Luorong’s lead, Shi Feng and the others quickly traveled across the Ruined Temple. Then, after advancing for about two hours, they arrived at an ancient-looking library that measured three hundred meters in height.

Currently, standing in front of the library’s entrance was a three-meter-tall man. The giant of a man wore a white holy robe and carried a greatsword that was as long as he was tall on his back. Although the man was only standing still with his eyes closed and his arms crossed in front of his chest, he exuded an aura rivaling primordial beasts.

[Minos] (Hero, Ancient Human, Tier 6)
Level 205
HP ? ? ? ? ? ?

Behind Minos was a pitch-black portal that served as a Team Dungeon’s teleportation gate. At this time, though, a magic barrier covering a 500-yard radius was erected around Minos. It was obvious that players must complete some kind of test before they could enter the Team Dungeon.

Apart from the Team Dungeon, Shi Feng and the others also saw a heated battle taking place outside the barrier.

The battle was between two teams of players. One team consisted of less than 100 members, and two different Guild Emblems could be spotted in this team. The other team had more than 200 members, but none wore a Guild Emblem. In addition, all of these players’ names were bright red, with a few even being colored black. They also exuded bloodlust visible to the naked eye, something that couldn’t be seen on the average Red Player.

We were still too late… Fiery Heart’s complexion turned ugly when she saw that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and the Flower of Seven Sins had started fighting already.

Currently, a Level 212, Tier 6 female Elementalist from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion could be seen fighting against a Level 211, Tier 6 male Berserker and a Level 210, Tier 6 male Assassin. Although the female Elementalist vaguely held the upper hand in their fight, the same could not be said for the two other Tier 6 experts on the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s side.

Of these two other Tier 6 experts, both wore a six-winged Guild Emblem. Among them, one was a Level 211, Tier 6 female Assassin, and her opponents were three Level 210, Tier 6 Black Players. Although the female Assassin did her best to defend herself, her HP steadily fell over time. As for the other, she was a Level 210, Tier 6 female Elementalist, and her opponents were two Tier 6 Black Players. Although she wasn’t losing much of her HP, she could barely hold her ground against her opponents.

At a glance, it was obvious that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was at a disadvantage.

“As expected of the Demon Queen. She’s actually holding her ground against Blood Sand and his vice commander Hyena,” Ji Luorong said in a tone of admiration as she watched Phoenix Rain manipulate a sea of flames against her two opponents.

While Blood Sand might have been promoted into the Sin of Wrath’s commander only recently, nobody in God’s Domain would dare to underestimate him. This was because he had successfully assassinated an old monster from Mythology, one of the Five Great Super Guilds.

Yet, despite simultaneously going up against Blood Sand and his vice commander Hyena, Phoenix Rain did not show the slightest hint of weakness. Phoenix Rain’s strength far exceeded Ji Luorong’s understanding of her.

While Ji Luorong, Shi Feng, and the others were observing the clash between the two powers, the two powers’ experts also noticed their arrival.

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