Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3618

Chapter 692 – Zero Wing’s Guild Leader
As soon as the members of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and the Flower of Seven Sins noticed Shi Feng’s group, as if they had premeditated it, they promptly ceased fighting and separated into two groups.

Why is that madwoman back? Phoenix Rain frowned as she looked at Ji Luorong.

Ji Luorong was famous for being a battle maniac in God’s Domain. Even when she was still at Tier 5, she had participated in many wars involving the various superpowers, and the Tier 6 experts she had killed to date numbered as many as eight. Now that Ji Luorong had successfully advanced to Tier 6, even Phoenix Rain dared not underestimate her.

If Ji Luorong was looking to get herself involved in the battle between the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and the Flower of Seven Sins, she could absolutely affect the entire state of the battle. Her participation might even lead to one side suffering a tragic defeat.

“Ji Luorong! What is the meaning of this?! Are you thinking of starting a war with us?!” Blood Sand coldly looked at Ji Luorong. “Has Eternal Glory been prospering so much lately that you want it erased from God’s Domain?!”

Admittedly, the Eternal Glory adventurer team had grown much stronger now that Ji Luorong and Crimson Mist had successfully advanced to Tier 6. The current Eternal Glory was so strong that even superpowers like the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion would need to be wary of it.

However, it was a different story for the Flower of Seven Sins. The Flower of Seven Sins was a transcendental power in God’s Domain, and it stood on a completely different level than the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. In the eyes of the Flower of Seven Sins, even the Five Great Super Guilds were not worthy of its fear.

It should be known that the Five Great Super Guilds were publicly acknowledged as the five strongest Guilds in God’s Domain, and each of them had existed for more than a century. The foundations they had built up for themselves far exceeded any other Guild. So, if the Flower of Seven Sins didn’t even fear the Five Great Super Guilds, even less needed to be said about the Eternal Glory adventurer team.

“Don’t get so riled up. I’m not here to pick a fight,” Ji Luorong said and smiled in response to Blood Sand’s questioning. “I only brought someone here to take a look.”

“Take a look?” Blood Sand grew even more agitated after hearing Ji Luorong’s answer. Coldly, he said, “Who’s the bastard with the death wish?”

Hearing Blood Sand’s words, Fiery Heart, who stood next to Shi Feng, couldn’t help but grow worried.

The Flower of Seven Sins had always operated fearlessly in God’s Domain, and any individual or power who dared to provoke the organization would never have a good end.

This time, Blood Sand and his team were targeting the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s team because of a personal grudge between Phoenix Rain and a big shot from the Flower of Seven Sins. It wasn’t actually the Flower of Seven Sins’ grudge.

However, it would be a completely different story if someone tried to spectate the Flower of Seven Sins’ activities. Anyone who did so would be offending the entire Flower of Seven Sins!

The last superpower that had provoked the Flower of Seven Sins had long been erased from God’s Domain. This was also why Blood Sand dared to threaten to eliminate the Eternal Glory adventurer team.

If even superpowers were not safe from the Flower of Seven Sins, it goes without saying the organization could easily eliminate any individual player who had provoked it. In fact, if the Flower of Seven Sins was serious, it could permanently erase even existences as strong as the Ten Saints.

Meanwhile, when Phoenix Rain heard Ji Luorong’s answer, she couldn’t help but look at Ji Luorong in surprise.

Could it be an old monster from one of the Five Great Super Guilds? Phoenix Rain instinctively deemed that whoever had come to spectate must be someone from the Five Great Super Guilds. Moreover, it should be someone of great status, such as the Five Great Super Guilds’ old monsters. After all, only individuals with such strength and status would dare to provoke the Flower of Seven Sins.

However, even after looking through Ji Luorong’s group several times, Phoenix Rain failed to find anyone who could be this “old monster.” Aside from Shi Feng, who was a Level 178, Tier 6 Swordsman, everyone else in Ji Luorong’s group was a member of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

Before Phoenix Rain could come to further conclusions, Shi Feng calmly looked at Blood Sand and said, “So what if I’m here to watch your fight? What do you take the Flower of Seven Sins as? An apex power?”

Following Shi Feng’s words, silence briefly enveloped the entire battlefield.

Who is he?

Is this guy crazy?

Whether it was the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members or Ji Luorong, they all looked at Shi Feng in shock.

This was already beyond having a death wish!

Not even the Five Great Super Guilds’ Guild Leaders would dare say such words to the Flower of Seven Sins!

“Good! Very good!” Glaring at Shi Feng, Blood Sand coldly said, “Although I don’t know who you are, since you dare to poke your nose into the Flower of Seven Sins’ business, it doesn’t matter even if you have the Five Great Super Guilds backing you! Nobody can save you today!”

As soon as Blood Sand finished speaking, Hyena and the five Black Players from the Flower of Seven Sins suddenly charged at Shi Feng at lightning speeds. Their actions were so fast and sudden that even Phoenix Rain and Ji Luorong failed to react to them immediately.

However, just as Hyena and the five Black Players were about to reach Shi Feng, two figures suddenly intercepted them.

“Shadow Flower! Purple Eye! What are you two trying to do?!” Hyena glared at the two women before him in anger and confusion. “Does Zero Wing intend to protect that person?!”

Now that a third party had appeared, the personal grudge between the Flower of Seven Sins and the Dragon Phoenix Pavilion should logically be set aside temporarily. Yet, Shadow Flower and Purple Eye had intercepted their group, essentially declaring that they wished to make an enemy out of the entire Flower of Seven Sins. Such behavior was incredibly confusing.

“Shadow Flower, Purple Eye, have you two lost your minds?!” Phoenix Rain was similarly surprised by the two women’s actions. She couldn’t understand why they would try to protect that Swordsman.

“Although it is not our wish to do so, he is our Guild Leader!” Shadow Flower, the former Guild Leader of the Hundred Flower Palace, said with a wry smile as she looked at Phoenix Rain.

TL Notes:
[1]Shadow Flower and Purple Eye:
Shadow Flower – Hundred Flower Palace’s Guild Leader
Purple Eye – an expert from the Star Alliance/Galaxy Past’s assistant

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