Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3619

Chapter 693 – Ten Saints

“Your Guild Leader?”

Phoenix Rain’s eyes widened in shock when she heard Shadow Flower’s response.

Zero Wing!

This was a Guild that had been established only recently in God’s Domain, and it experienced a meteoric rise that confused many players and powers.

Whether it was the Star Alliance or the Hundred Flower Palace, both were large Guilds with strong potential to become superpowers in the future. They also had many talented rookies who had made a name for themselves in God’s Domain’s A-League, and it wouldn’t be strange for them to advance to Tier 6 in the future.

Yet, despite having such excellent circumstances, the Star Alliance and the Hundred Flower Palace had both chosen to disband and merge into Zero Wing. Apart from them, Mysterious Moon, another first-rate Guild, had similarly chosen to merge into Zero Wing…

Zero Wing’s appearance had shaken the entire God’s Domain. After all, this was a merger of three first-rate Guilds they were talking about. Among them, there were even pseudo-superpowers like the Star Alliance and the Hundred Flower Palace. The combined strength of these three Guilds could strike fear into even veteran superpowers like the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

In fact, in terms of Tier 6 experts, Zero Wing already had more than what some veteran Super Guilds possessed. This was also why Phoenix Rain had chosen to partner with Zero Wing to explore the Ruined Temple this time.

Meanwhile, seeing as Zero Wing could convince three first-rate Guilds to merge into one Guild, many people, including Phoenix Rain, felt that whoever was helming the Guild must possess unbelievable strength and connections.

So, what was up with this Level 178, Tier 6 Swordsman?

“You are Zero Wing’s Guild Leader?” Ji Luorong couldn’t help but turn to look at Shi Feng in surprise.

Ji Luorong had a much better understanding of Shadow Flower than Phoenix Rain. The woman was incredibly ambitious, so much so that she dreamed of one day having the Hundred Flower Palace stand shoulder to shoulder with the Five Great Super Guilds.

It was because of this that Ji Luorong found it unbelievable when she initially heard Shadow Flower had disbanded the Hundred Flower Palace and had all of its members join Zero Wing. For a time, she even suspected that Zero Wing was a product of the Green God Corporation. Otherwise, there was no explanation for why an ambitious person like Shadow Flower would disband the Hundred Flower Palace.

After all, the Hundred Flower Palace’s growth potential was superior to even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, let alone the Star Alliance. It was just that this matter was something only Ji Luorong knew.

As for how the Hundred Flower Palace could have such potential, it was because of two factors. Firstly, it was because Shadow Flower herself was an SSS-rank expert. Secondly, it was because Crimson Heart and Cleansed Rue, two of the Hundred Flower Palace’s Vice Guild Leaders, had the potential to become SSS-rank experts. While SSS-rank experts might be exceedingly rare to most superpowers, that was not the case for the Hundred Flower Palace.

“That’s right. I am Zero Wing’s Guild Leader,” Shi Feng said, smiling as he looked at the shocked look on Ji Luorong. “Surprised?”

“Of course! How can I not be surprised?!” Ji Luorong retorted as she looked at Shi Feng’s smiling face. “We are talking about Zero Wing’s Guild Leader here! Until now, everyone has been guessing that Zero Wing’s Guild Leader is actually an old monster from the Green God Corporation. How can you be so young?”

“Am I not allowed to be Zero Wing’s Guild Leader simply because I am young?” Shi Feng chuckled.

“That’s not what I meant.” After reorganizing her thoughts, Ji Luorong said, “What I’m saying is that Zero Wing’s Guild Leader should be an expert capable of ranking among the Ten Saints. Otherwise, there’s no way someone like Shadow Flower would willingly submit to Zero Wing.”

“The Ten Saints? That’s not a hard standard to achieve,” Shi Feng said. “If you join Zero Wing, I promise you can reach it in a day.”

“A day? Keep on boasting!” Ji Luorong rolled her eyes at Shi Feng. She did not believe his words in the slightest.

The Ten Saints represented the apex of combat power in their God’s Domain. Although there were still some hidden old monsters who had chosen not to compete for a position among the Ten Saints, the Ten Saints were still part of the strongest group of experts in their God’s Domain.

Meanwhile, the condition to become one of the Ten Saints was incredibly stringent. Not only did players need to have sufficiently high combat standards, but they would also need to have sufficiently good weapons and equipment. Simply having one Legendary Weapon wouldn’t suffice. Players would need at least several pieces of Legendary Equipment paired with a Legendary Weapon.

However, Legendary Weapons and Equipment were incredibly rare in God’s Domain. Even for the Five Great Super Guilds, it was incredibly difficult for them to equip a player with so many Legendary items. Naturally, it would be even more difficult for other Guilds to accomplish it.

As for independent players or members of adventurer teams, it would take nothing short of a miracle for them to accomplish such a feat.

Throughout their God’s Domain’s history, only one player had managed to join the ranks of the Ten Saints without being backed by a Guild. That person was a legendary individual, and they were also ranked as the number one expert on the God’s Domain Experts List at the time. Only, that person had disappeared all of a sudden, and rarely would anybody talk about them nowadays.

Although Ji Luorong was confident in her strength, she knew she still had a long way to go to match the Ten Saints. She would need at least several more years of accumulation before she could truly try to challenge those individuals.

Yet, Shi Feng was saying that so long as she joined Zero Wing, he would need only a day to give her the strength of the Ten Saints. No matter how she looked at it, Shi Feng must be joking with her.

“What if I can do it?” Shi Feng chuckled when he saw how Ji Luorong was doubting him, his words filled with provocation and temptation.

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