Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3620

Chapter 694 – One Move to Slay the Seven Sins

When Phoenix Rain saw Shi Feng leisurely conversing with Ji Luorong, confusion colored her pale golden eyes. She had met and clashed with many people in her time leading the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, and this wealth of experience had given her the ability to discern a person’s inner emotions. Whether a person was secretly feeling anger, fear, or hesitation, she could tell with just a glance.

Because of this ability, she could often gain the upper hand over her opponent, whether in battle or negotiations. This, in turn, allowed the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion to achieve much greater heights under her leadership.

Logically, now that Shi Feng had provoked the Flower of Seven Sins, an organization feared by all in God’s Domain, he should be feeling fearful, if not worried, at the very least. After all, even the Five Great Super Guilds’ Guild Leaders would feel a hint of anxiety if they ended up provoking the Flower of Seven Sins.

However, the only emotion Phoenix Rain could see in Shi Feng was calmness. It was as if what he just did was insignificant, and the Flower of Seven Sins’ seven Tier 6 experts were of no threat to him.

In the meantime, Shadow Flower and Purple Eye looked like they were going up against a mighty foe as they faced Hyena’s group of six. They focused all their five senses on the group, not daring to relax in the slightest. After all, while they might be apex experts in God’s Domain, their chances of victory were still slim if they had to go up against six of the Flower of Seven Sins’ Tier 6 experts simultaneously. They would be walking a tightrope, and a single mistake could spell their doom.

“Are you sure there’s nothing wrong with our Guild Leader, Palace Master Flower,” Purple Eye asked Shadow Flower, exasperated by Shi Feng’s behavior.

The Star Alliance’s merger into Zero Wing was handled fully by Galaxy Past, the Star Alliance’s former Guild Leader. Although Purple Eye was a Grand Elder of the Star Alliance, she did not know the details surrounding the merger, and she only agreed to it because she trusted in Galaxy Past’s judgment of the future. As a result, she did not know anything else about Black Flame besides him being Zero Wing’s Guild Leader and the number one player in the Miniature Ancient World.

Purple Eye couldn’t be faulted for her ignorance. Most players developing on the main continent did not pay attention to the Miniature Ancient World’s affairs. This was because most of those who had entered the Miniature Ancient World were either new players or players looking for a new beginning after failing to succeed on the main continent.

In the real world, most people still placed all of their attention on the main continent, wanting to make a name for themselves amidst countless famous experts. After all, the main continent’s resources were far more abundant than the Miniature Ancient World.

Although the main continent’s various powers had indeed sent some members to develop in the Miniature Ancient World, most had done so with a mentality of testing the waters. Few had mobilized noteworthy amounts of manpower and strength.

However, it was a different story for the Hundred Flower Palace. The Hundred Flower Palace had invested heavily into the Miniature Ancient World, going as far as to send two of its Vice Guild Leaders, who had the potential to advance to Tier 6, to the Miniature Ancient World.

In addition, with how ambitious of a person Shadow Flower was, the fact that she would choose to merge the Hundred Flower Palace into Zero Wing proved that she understood Zero Wing well. Otherwise, she would never take such a crazy action.

“If we are speaking solely about combat standards, our Guild Leader should rank within the top three of our God’s Domain,” Shadow Flower said after giving Purple Eye’s question some thought. Then, she hesitantly continued, “Although he is currently rather low-leveled, he should be able to handle one of the Flower of Seven Sins’ Black Players.”

Based on Crimson Heart and Cleansed Rue’s accounts, Shi Feng was undoubtedly a fifth-floor expert. Moreover, he had mastered at least one Gold Combat Technique. If not for the Five Great Super Guilds having two unreasonably strong old monsters, Shadow Flower would dare say that Shi Feng could rank number one in their God’s Domain.

However, combat standards did not represent all of a player’s strength in God’s Domain. Levels also played a vital role. If the level difference between two players got too large, it might create a gap in Basic Attributes and Physique so large that it could not be bridged by technique alone. Not to mention, Level 200 was a major turning point for players.

In Shadow Flower’s opinion, Shi Feng would not stand a chance if he were to fight against a fourth-floor expert like Hyena. But if it was the Flower of Seven Sins’ Black Players, who were only at the Domain Realm standard, he should be able to hold his ground.

“Only one Black Player?” Purple Eye’s expression grew solemn when she heard Shadow Flower’s answer. “If that’s the case, our only choice is to escape. Otherwise, once Blood Sand takes action, none of us can leave this place alive.”

Previously, they could only hold their ground against the Flower of Seven Sins’ seven Tier 6 experts because they were working together with Phoenix Rain.

Now that Phoenix Rain’s stance remained unclear, they could only hope for her presence to keep Blood Sand in check. This would leave them having to deal with six of the Flower of Seven Sins’ Tier 6 experts. And with Shi Feng being able to deal with only one Black Player, nothing would change. But they would be doomed once Blood Sand deemed it safe to take action.

As soon as Hyena finished speaking, he suddenly vanished into thin air. At the same time, three Black Players attacked Shadow Flower, while the remaining two attacked Purple Eye, giving them no opportunities to run to Shi Feng’s aid.

When Shadow Flower saw Hyena disappearing, she immediately activated her Tier 6 Legacy Skill Dark Phantom and split into five copies of herself. Each of these doppelgangers had 100% of her Basic Attributes. They could also use all of her Skills and Spells. However, they could only last a minute, and the Skill had a one-hour cooldown.

After activating Dark Phantom, Shadow Flower had her doppelgangers intercept Hyena. However, even after focusing all their senses on scanning the surrounding area, they failed to locate Hyena’s presence. Hyena’s stealth capabilities were unbelievable, and it was as if he did not exist in this space.

Meanwhile, Hyena’s disappearance also interrupted Ji Luorong, who had been deep in thought. Then, she turned to Shi Feng and asked, “Do you need my help?”

Ji Luorong was very interested in Shi Feng’s offer. Although she still didn’t fully trust his words, she wouldn’t simply stand by and watch Hyena kill Shi Feng.

“No need. It’s only a fourth-floor expert,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. Then, he unsheathed the Winter of Eternal Night and brandished it.

Sword’s Orbit!

Suddenly, numerous sword lights intersected, and a galaxy of stars covering a 1,000-yard radius appeared with Shi Feng at its center. Hundreds of stars circled around Shi Feng, each carrying the Strength of a Level 200, Tier 6 God. Even Level 200 Divine monsters would be sent flying if these stars struck them.

After the Winter of Eternal Night was upgraded to the Legendary rank, Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes skyrocketed. Even at Level 178, his Basic Attributes could already closely rival Level 200, Tier 6 Gods. Even in his home God’s Domain, his Basic Attributes could already rank at the top. This was also why he dared to return to his home God’s Domain. Not to mention, he also had a Superior Divine Body to enhance his mana and reactions.

A moment later, Shi Feng sheathed his weapon, and the galaxy of stars faded out of existence. At the same time, a short figure fell out of the void and collapsed on the ground, the person’s equipment in tatters and body covered in bone-deep cuts. The person’s HP bar was also empty, indicating that they had become a corpse.

Meanwhile, this short figure was none other than Hyena, the person who had vanished just a moment ago…

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