Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3621

Chapter 695 – Saint Production

“How did he die?”

“What did that Swordsman do?!”

Everyone present, whether it was the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s or the Flower of Seven Sins’ members, couldn’t help but doubt their eyes when they saw the scene before them.

Hyena was the Sin of Wrath’s vice commander and second strongest member after Blood Sand. He was only slightly weaker than Shadow Flower and Purple Eye in overall strength, and he had incredible stealth capabilities. With sufficient preparations, he could successfully assassinate even Shadow Flower and Purple Eye.

Isn’t he a little too strong?! Purple Eye couldn’t help but gasp as she looked at Hyena’s corpse. At the same time, she couldn’t help but suspect Shadow Flower of messing with her before.

He should be able to handle one of the Flower of Seven Sins’ Black Players? What kind of nonsense was that?

It should be known that Shadow Flower was very skilled at detecting signs of life. Yet, even she had failed to detect Hyena when he was under stealth. In contrast, despite being only a Level 178 Sword God, Shi Feng managed to kill Hyena in one move and accomplished it before Hyena revealed himself. His strength was already beyond Purple Eye’s comprehension.

He’s comparable to a Level 200, Tier 6 God?! Shadow Flower was equally shocked by this turn of events, and she couldn’t help but scrutinize Shi Feng’s calm figure. Shi Feng’s strength was miles apart from what she heard from Crimson Heart and Cleansed Rue.

“How did you do it?” Ji Luorong asked in confusion as she watched Shi Feng sheath his sword.

Hyena had already developed his stealth capabilities to a level where even the current Ten Saints could not detect him. If it were up to the Ten Saints, they would have to wait until Hyena attacked them before executing a targeted response. Not to mention, Shi Feng had even killed Hyena in one move.

Admittedly, Shi Feng’s attack that had reached the standard of a Level 200, Tier 6 God was very powerful. However, it definitely wasn’t enough to kill Hyena. After all, Hyena was a Level 210, Tier 6 Assassin equipped with a Legendary Dagger. The rest of his equipment was also at the Fragmented Legendary rank. Even if he fought against an actual Level 200, Tier 6 God, he could survive for a long time.

Yet, Hyena failed to survive even one move against Shi Feng. This situation confused Ji Luorong greatly, and she couldn’t understand how Shi Feng had accomplished this feat, no matter how she thought about it.

“It’s nothing special.” Seeing the confusion on Ji Luorong’s face, Shi Feng nonchalantly said, “He might have concealed himself well, but his concealment is pointless in front of my sixth sense. His reaction speed also can’t keep up with my attack rate, so it’s only natural for him to die.”

Under the same Basic Attributes, fifth-floor experts had an insurmountable advantage over fourth-floor experts. No matter what a fourth-floor expert tried to do, all of their actions would be laid bare in front of a fifth-floor expert. Meanwhile, with this knowledge, a fifth-floor expert could effortlessly misdirect a fourth-floor expert’s movements and attack trajectories, creating many opportunities to bypass the fourth-floor expert’s defenses.

Not to mention, although Shi Feng was only at Level 178, he was vastly superior to Hyena in both Basic Attributes and Physique. So, it was only natural for him to kill Hyena in one exchange.

However, despite how casually Shi Feng described his actions, Ji Luorong still couldn’t help but be shocked.

It’s only natural for him to die? Ji Luorong didn’t know how Shi Feng could speak such words so nonchalantly.

After all was said and done, Hyena was a Tier 6 fourth-floor expert. He was an existence whom even the Ten Saints could not kill in one move. In fact, Ji Luorong doubted she was any stronger than Hyena. Yet, Shi Feng spoke as if experts of her caliber were nothing but a bunch of noobs.

Meanwhile, after this sudden turn of events, Blood Sand, who had been warily watching Phoenix Rain’s movements, couldn’t help but turn to look at Shi Feng with a grim expression. Currently, his gaze no longer contained the calmness and anger it had before. Instead, deep-seated fear had replaced it. He never thought Shi Feng could be this strong.

Everyone was stunned once again.

Yet, they had disappeared in the blink of an eye…

Previously, everyone still found Shi Feng’s achievement of killing Hyena in one move a little unrealistic. After all, Hyena was already dead when they saw him. This time, though, they saw very clearly how Shi Feng dealt with the five Black Players.

A crushing defeat!

It was an absolutely crushing defeat!

Moreover, Shi Feng had single-handedly killed six of the Sin of Wrath’s Tier 6 experts. What he just did was essentially strike the Sin of Wrath to the bottom of the Flower of Seven Sins’ Seven Sins. If the Sin of Wrath couldn’t quickly help these six experts replenish their lost weapons and equipment, it would be a long time before the Sin of Wrath could hold its head high in the Flower of Seven Sins.

“Black Flame! You bastard!” Blood Sand glared at Shi Feng with a manic look. “How dare you kill six of the Flower of Seven Sins’ Tier 6 experts?! I will never spare you or Zero Wing! Just you wait! The Flower of Seven Sins’ retribution will come for you!”

The death of these six Tier 6 experts was a significant loss to the Flower of Seven Sins and Blood Sand himself. After all, he only had a few Tier 6 experts under his command, and three of the Black Players killed this time were even the subordinates of other commanders.

“Is that so? I look forward to it.” While watching Blood Sand lose his mind, Shi Feng slashed downward with the Winter of Eternal Night.

Third Sword, Holy Annihilation!

Immediately, a pillar of flames devoured Blood Sand and the space around him. Even though Blood Sand had tried to defend himself with his two-handed saber, the impact still plundered all of his HP, and he dropped multiple pieces of equipment when he died. Aside from Blood Sand, all of the Tier 5 experts from the Flower of Seven Sins standing behind him were also reduced to ashes, their deaths contributing a bunch of weapons and equipment to Shi Feng.

All of the Sin of Wrath’s Tier 6 experts were annihilated? Phoenix Rain couldn’t help but look at the situation before her with widened eyes. She never thought Shi Feng would dare to provoke the Flower of Seven Sins so thoroughly.

Since its fight with the Five Great Super Guilds, the Flower of Seven Sins had never suffered as much damage as it did today. Not only did all of the Sin of Wrath’s Tier 6 experts get annihilated, but even Blood Sand, the Sin of Wrath’s commander, was killed. This was absolutely the greatest humiliation the Flower of Seven Sins had suffered since its inception.

“Guild Leader, once news of the Sin of Wrath’s Tier 6 experts getting annihilated reaches the Flower of Seven Sins’ executives, I’m afraid all of Zero Wing’s Guild Residences will be in big trouble,” Shadow Flower said with a wry smile.

The Flower of Seven Sins was known for exacting revenge on all who offended them. Now that Shi Feng had caused the Flower of Seven Sins to suffer such a huge loss, there was no doubt the organization would use its full strength to deal with Zero Wing.

It should be known that the Flower of Seven Sins’ experts far outnumbered Zero Wing’s experts. If the Flower of Seven Sins attacked Zero Wing’s Guild Residences, it would cause devastating damage to Zero Wing.

“That might have been true in the past, but the era of this God’s Domain has already changed now that I am here,” Shi Feng said nonchalantly. “I can produce even experts on the Ten Saints’ level in batches. How many of such experts can the Flower of Seven Sins resist? Ten? Twenty?”

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