Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3622

Chapter 696 – Birth of Two Monsters


When Shadow Flower and Purple Eye heard Shi Feng claiming he could produce experts on the Ten Saints’ level in batches, they didn’t know what to say.

In addition, as Shi Feng did not bother to speak in a private chat and simply said everything in public, everyone present could hear him clearly. After all, everyone present was a Tier 5 expert or above.

After a moment of silence, Phoenix Rain couldn’t help but ask, “Can you really produce a batch of experts on the level of the Ten Saints, Guild Leader Black Flame?”

Currently, Phoenix Rain could just barely match the Ten Saints in strength and was just slightly stronger than Blood Sand. Even then, the difference was limited, and it was only because of her superior equipment standard.

Meanwhile, if they counted the Five Great Super Guilds’ hidden old monsters, there shouldn’t be more than twenty experts on the level of the Ten Saints.

If Shi Feng could produce ten or twenty such experts, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Zero Wing could go uncontested in God’s Domain. At that time, not to mention the Flower of Seven Sins, even if the Five Great Super Guilds banded together, they would still have to stay clear of Zero Wing.

If she could deepen her partnership with Zero Wing, having Zero Wing help produce several Ten Saints-level experts for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion could quickly become another Super Guild in God’s Domain.

“Naturally.” Seeing Phoenix Rain, an old acquaintance, taking the initiative to ask him, Shi Feng did not bother to withhold any information, plainly saying, “Many Tier 6 experts fail to reach the Ten Saints’ level not because they lack combat standards. Instead, it is often because of their lacking Basic Attributes. Meanwhile, I have a way to increase these experts’ Basic Attributes to match that of the Ten Saints, so I can naturally produce as many Ten Saints-level experts as I want.”

He had brought with him 20 Dragon’s Fury Extraordinary Secret Treasure Sets and 200 Behemoth Combat Secret Treasure Sets this time.

He aimed to establish a solid foundation for the newly integrated Zero Wing and make Zero Wing the undisputed number one Guild in his home God’s Domain. That way, he could mass recruit talented newcomers from his homeworld and nurture Tier 6 players in batches without having to worry about his secrets getting leaked.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, on behalf of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, I hope to establish a strategic partnership with Zero Wing,” Phoenix Rain said. After hearing Shi Feng’s answer, she understood that Shi Feng must have a way to get his hands on a large number of Legendary Weapons and Equipment.

“If Zero Wing is willing to help the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion to produce some Ten Saints-level experts, the Pavilion will provide Zero Wing access to all its shops and trade connections. The Pavilion will also use Seven Luminaries Crystals to cover the full cost of producing these experts. In addition, the Pavilion will form a permanent strategic alliance with Zero Wing to resist the Flower of Seven Sins.”

Phoenix Rain’s proposal caught Shadow Flower and Purple Eye off guard. They never thought Phoenix Rain would put so much faith in their Guild Leader. At the same time, they couldn’t help but be in awe of Phoenix Rain’s wealth and courage.

It should be known that Zero Wing currently had very few Tier 6 experts. Even if they included Shi Feng and Red Feather, a former Elder of the Star Alliance and the person tasked with keeping the security of Zero Wing’s main headquarters, Zero Wing would only have four Tier 6 experts. If they were comparing purely in terms of numbers, the Flower of Seven Sins had a massive lead over Zero Wing.

So, even if Shi Feng had the means to produce Ten Saints-level experts, Zero Wing still couldn’t trade blows evenly with the Flower of Seven Sins for the foreseeable future.

As for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, it had even fewer Tier 6 experts, totaling three only. Although all three were top-tier and could most likely become Ten Saints-level experts if adequately equipped, it wasn’t exactly a wise decision to provoke the Flower of Seven Sins just to obtain two or three Ten Saints-level experts within a short time. Without a certain degree of courage, any sane leader would never take such a risk.

“Your proposal is very sincere, Guild Leader Phoenix,” Shi Feng said, nodding. But he quickly followed it up with a rejection, saying, “However, Zero Wing’s means cannot be provided to non-Zero Wing members. If you wish to achieve greater heights with your subordinates, you will have to merge the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion into Zero Wing. Forgive me for rejecting all other proposals.”

The Dragon’s Fury Set was a priceless treasure, even in the Greater God’s Domain. It wasn’t something that could be valued using Seven Luminaries Crystals, real estate, or trade connections. Even one set could attract many upper-ranking hegemonic powers and pseudo-apex powers to fight over it. So, there was no way he would trade any away.

Not to mention, his goal in returning this time was to make Zero Wing the number one Guild in his home God’s Domain. He naturally wouldn’t try to nurture other powers.

“Is there really no room for negotiations, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Phoenix Rain couldn’t help but be surprised by Shi Feng’s decisive refusal.

If she were to make the same proposal to any other power in God’s Domain, said power would accept it without hesitation. After all, Zero Wing merely needed to sell its strengthening items to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. In exchange, not only would Zero Wing receive a large sum of Seven Luminaries Crystals, but it would also receive the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s full support in resisting the Flower of Seven Sins.

Meanwhile, so long as Zero Wing could survive the Flower of Seven Sins’ initial onslaught, it could slowly amass Tier 6 players and develop more Ten Saints-level experts, ultimately becoming the supreme ruler of God’s Domain. No matter how one looked at it, this partnership could only benefit Zero Wing. So, she found it hard to believe Shi Feng would turn down her offer so decisively.

“You shouldn’t turn down the idea of merging the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion into Zero Wing so quickly, either, Guild Leader Phoenix,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “Once you see the improvements my items can provide, you will understand that joining Zero Wing will be no harm to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. On the contrary, it might even be a good thing for you all.”

A good thing? Ji Luorong couldn’t help but be exasperated by Shi Feng’s words. She never thought Shi Feng could be so shameless.

It should be known that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was an overlord in God’s Domain, whereas Zero Wing was only an upstart Guild. Yet, Shi Feng was saying that it would benefit the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion to become a part of Zero Wing, and he was even saying it to Phoenix Rain, a Ten Saints-level expert.

Phoenix Rain’s equipment standard was already top-tier among Tier 6 experts. Not only did she wield a Legendary Staff, but she was also equipped with six pieces of Legendary Equipment. Even if her equipment standard could still be improved, there wouldn’t be much room for improvement. At most, she could switch out her Fragmented Legendary Equipment for a few more pieces of Legendary Equipment.

Meanwhile, Phoenix Rain could easily accomplish something like this in the future, even without joining Zero Wing. If that were the case, why should she join Zero Wing and reduce herself to becoming a Vice Guild Leader of Zero Wing?

However, Shi Feng did not wait for Phoenix Rain to make a response this time. Instead, he took out two Dragon’s Fury Sets and handed them to Shadow Flower and Purple Eye. Meanwhile, looking at the spherical crystals in their hands, Shadow Flower and Purple Eye couldn’t help but grow confused.

“Bind these items to your equipment. If you don’t have enough Seven Luminaries Crystals, you can get them from me,” Shi Feng said, not bothering to offer any explanations. He merely had Shadow Flower and Purple Eye follow his instructions to bind the Dragon’s Fury Sets.

Shadow Flower and Purple Eye both had a Fragmented Legendary Equipment Set equipped. Although not as ideal as Legendary Equipment, they still wouldn’t be wasting the Dragon’s Fury Set’s potential.

After looking at the Secret Treasures in each other’s hands, Shadow Flower and Purple Eye couldn’t help but be astonished by the binding cost of these Secret Treasures. Each crystal sphere cost 3,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to bind, with the full set totaling 18,000 units. The cost was absurdly expensive.

However, the two still followed Shi Feng’s instructions and quickly bound the Secret Treasures with their equipment.

Suddenly, whether it was Shadow Flower or Purple Eye, both had seemingly become dragons that had just awoken from a slumber. Immediately, the auras they exuded caused Phoenix Rain and Ji Luorong to instinctively retreat a hundred yards away…

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