Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3623

Chapter 697 – Outside of God’s Domain

How is this possible?!

After Phoenix Rain and Ji Luorong instinctively retreated a hundred yards away, fear and disbelief filled them as they looked at Shadow Flower and Purple Eye.

Previously, they were already very surprised when they saw Shi Feng handing Shadow Flower and Purple Eye a pile of marble-like crystals. They didn’t think that Shi Feng was referring to something other than Legendary Weapons and Equipment when he mentioned the strengthening items.

Based on their understanding of God’s Domain, the easiest way for players to improve their Basic Attributes by a qualitative margin was through upgrading their weapons and equipment. In the case of Shadow Flower and Purple Eye, only Legendary Weapons and Equipment would enable them to achieve a qualitative leap. As for tools, it shouldn’t be possible for any to improve Shadow Flower and Purple Eye’s Basic Attributes by any substantial amount.

Yet, the crystal marbles Shi Feng took out had accomplished it. This had completely exceeded their knowledge of God’s Domain.

Moreover, it wasn’t just Shadow Flower and Purple Eye’s Basic Attributes that had received a massive improvement. Another thing that improved was their mana, and it was to an extent where even Phoenix Rain and Ji Luorong felt suffocated by it.

Such mana could no longer be defined in human terms. Rather than two human players, Phoenix Rain and Ji Luorong felt like they were standing before two Tier 6 Dragons.

The Shadow Flower and Purple Eye’s mana was no longer something the average Tier 6 player could resist!

However, compared to Phoenix Rain and Ji Luorong, Shadow Flower and Purple Eye were even more surprised by their transformation.

These Secret Treasures are unbelievable! Purple Eye couldn’t help but be dumbfounded when she felt the changes the Dragon’s Fury Set had brought to her.

From an outsider’s perspective, they could only tell that she and Shadow Flower’s Basic Attributes and Mana had achieved a qualitative improvement. It also wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say they had already reached the Ten Saints’ level.

However, as those who had equipped the Dragon’s Fury Set, they knew that the Extraordinary Secret Treasure Set didn’t just improve their Basic Attributes and Mana. At the same time, it also granted them an Additional Talent.

Dragon Metamorphosis!

This Additional Talent granted them the Racial Talent of the dragon race. Not only did it improve their five senses to closely rival that of dragons, but it also elevated their control over mana to a whole new level.

On the surface, Dragon Metamorphosis might not improve players statistically. However, this Additional Talent was vital in determining how much a player could utilize their statistical Attributes. In other words, besides providing qualitative improvements to their Basic Attributes and Mana, the Dragon’s Fury Set had also raised their combat standards to a new level.

“No wonder you are so confident, Guild Leader Black Flame. The value of these crystals indeed exceeds Legendary Weapons and Equipment,” Phoenix Rain commented in admiration when she sensed danger coming from Shadow Flower and Purple Eye. “Even Ten Saints-level experts will go crazy for these crystals, let alone weaker Tier 6 experts.”

The various superpowers of God’s Domain all had their own ways of obtaining Legendary Weapons and Equipment. It was only a matter of time. However, the Secret Treasures Shi Feng took out were items Phoenix Rain had never heard about.

If these Secret Treasures were given to Ten Saints-level experts such as herself, they could absolutely raise their strength by another standard, completely surpassing all Tier 6 experts in God’s Domain.

Meanwhile, such experts could probably go up against any of the Five Great Super Guilds by themselves.

“The World Gate will soon open. I’m sure you know this well, Guild Leader Phoenix,” Shi Feng said as he looked at Phoenix Rain. “There are countless experts and powers outside of our God’s Domain. Even existences as strong as the Five Great Super Guilds would be nothing more than an insignificant Guild outside, and the same is true for Ten Saints-level experts.”

“I do know a little about the world outside our God’s Domain,” Phoenix Rain stated honestly. “Their Legendary Weapons and Equipment far outnumber ours, let alone their experts. I heard that they even have heaven-defying items, such as Divine Artifacts.

“As for our Ten Saints-level experts, they seem to only be regarded as fourth-floor experts, and there are countless such experts outside. Only the rumored fifth-floor experts can be considered powerhouses and strike fear into the various hegemonic powers.

“Unfortunately, our God’s Domain is lacking a comprehensive training system, so it is beyond the means of most players to become fifth-floor experts.”

Phoenix Rain couldn’t help but feel a little disheartened when speaking of the world outside their God’s Domain. She fully understood how weak their God’s Domain was, especially regarding combat standards. Their God’s Domain’s powers only had ten years to develop their training systems, whereas the Greater God’s Domain’s powers had already been perfecting theirs for decades and centuries. Not only could the Greater God’s Domain’s powers develop fourth-floor titled experts, but some could even develop fifth-floor experts.

“That is correct. It is also why I say it is beneficial for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion to merge into Zero Wing,” Shi Feng said, nodding. “No matter how much the Pavilion develops in our God’s Domain, the best it could hope to achieve in the future is to rival the Five Great Super Guilds. Once the World Gate opens, our God’s Domain’s powers will be fortunate if they can keep their existing territories, let alone develop outside.

“However, so long as the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion becomes a part of Zero Wing, both the Pavilion can develop outside of our God’s Domain, achieving a height that the current Pavilion can never achieve. As for yourself, you might even get to stand shoulder to shoulder with the outside world’s apex experts, becoming an existence that the various powers would fear.”

“I doubt that can ever happen. I know my limits,” Phoenix Rain said, wryly smiling. “Even if you give me a Legendary Equipment Set, I will, at most, become a second-rate expert in the outside world with my combat standards.”

Shi Feng did not respond to Phoenix Rain’s words. Instead, he turned to look at the Hero guarding the library’s entrance and asked Phoenix Rain, “What do you think of the current Shadow Flower and Purple Eye, Guild Leader Phoenix? What rating can they receive if they challenge Minos’s trial?”

Hearing this, Phoenix Rain glanced at Shadow Flower and Purple Eye before definitively saying, “A-rank.”

Before Shi Feng’s arrival, the 100-man library dungeon’s test had been activated for a few days already, and many teams had challenged it. Phoenix Rain also knew the strength of some of the teams that challenged the trial and the ratings they received, so she could make accurate estimates of how a team would perform in the trial.

For 100-man teams looking to gain the privilege to enter the library dungeon, they would need to score at least a B-rank rating. But even for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s main force, achieving such a rating was difficult, which was why she had chosen to partner with Zero Wing.

Now that Shadow Flower and Purple Eye’s Basic Attributes could already rival the Ten Saints, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s team had essentially gained two Ten Saints-level experts. With such a significant improvement, the team would have a very good chance of securing an A-rank rating.

“In that case, why don’t we give it a try?” Shi Feng asked, chuckling when he heard Phoenix Rain’s confident reply.

“We will gladly accept your help if you are willing to offer it,” Phoenix Rain answered. Originally, she thought she could no longer expect Zero Wing’s help since Zero Wing’s team was already strong enough to enter the library dungeon by itself. So, although she did not know what Shi Feng was trying to do, she still gladly accepted his suggestion.

Immediately, Shi Feng had Shadow Flower and Purple Eye follow Phoenix Rain’s original plan and enter the magic barrier with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s team.

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