Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3624

Chapter 698 – Might of Dragon Metamorphosis

When Phoenix Rain and the others stepped into the barrier, Minos suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were covered with glowing runes, and just a glance from them caused the Tier 5 players present to shudder and feel as if Minos was staring directly at their souls.

In addition, the mana Minos radiated was vastly superior to ordinary Tier 6 NPCs, and everyone couldn’t help but feel as if they were standing before a Level 205, Tier 6 God.

“My kin, according to the ancient agreement, if you want to enter this library and regain the lost power inside, you must first pass my trial,” Minos said in a dignified voice as he scanned the players before him. “For ten minutes, you must try your best to survive my attacks. So long as half of you survive, you will have passed my test. In addition, the more of you who survive after ten minutes, the greater the privilege you will be granted once you enter the library. I hope you do not disappoint me.”

After saying so, Minos removed his greatsword from his back and wielded it with both hands.

“Activate the Threefold Mana Sealing Barrier! All Tier 5s stay 300 yards away from Minos! Tanks, protect those who fall within 300 yards of Minos!” Phoenix Rain promptly issued commands one after another according to her original plan when she saw Minos readying his weapon.

Based on the information they collected, Minos’s Basic Attributes were comparable to Gods of the same level. So, under normal circumstances, any Tier 5 player would almost certainly die if they got hit by any of his attacks.

However, it was possible to rectify this problem by utilizing the Mana Sealing Barrier, the strongest Grandmaster Barrier currently in the various superpowers’ possession that could suppress even Tier 6 Divine monsters. After stacking three Mana Sealing Barriers, Minos would be weakened just enough for Tier 5 tanks to survive a hit.

Immediately, thirty-six Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members each took out a magic scroll made using dragon hide. Then, they split into three groups of twelve to cast three identical barriers on Minos, the barriers creating Law Chains that restrained Minos and weakened his Basic Attributes and Physique by 20%.

“Good!” When Phoenix Rain saw the Threefold Mana Sealing Barrier taking effect on Minos, she promptly said to the Level 210, Tier 5 female Elementalist beside her, “Summon your Personal Guard, Blue!”

With Minos having Basic Attributes that rivaled Tier 6 Gods, even Tier 6 tanks would not dare to receive his attacks directly. Not to mention, there were no Tier 6 tanks in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s team.

Fortunately, her subordinate, Blue Phoenix, had a Tier 6 Epic Personal Guard. Moreover, the Personal Guard in question was a Level 212, Tier 6 Guardian Knight. He had much greater HP and Defense than Tier 6 players of the same level, and he was more than capable of surviving a few attacks from Minos now that the latter was weakened.


Upon hearing Phoenix Rain’s command, Blue Phoenix hurriedly took out a Summon Guard Scroll from her bag.

“Please wait a moment, Guild Leader Phoenix,” Shadow Flower suddenly interrupted.

“Is something the matter, Palace Master Flower?” Phoenix Rain asked in a somewhat hurried tone.

They were standing within 500 yards of Minos. If a Tier 6 God decided to launch an attack at this distance, the attack would connect almost instantly. So, any time wasted now could potentially lead to the team’s annihilation. Meanwhile, having Blue Phoenix’s Personal Guard tank Minos was part of the plan they had previously agreed on.

“Purple Eye and I wish to test our current standards, so can I trouble you to keep watch for the time being?” Shadow Flower said as she turned to look at Minos, a hint of expectation in her eyes. “If we fail to resist Minos and cause the team to incur casualties, we will promptly return to following your original plan. We will also surrender our share of entry slots for the library.”

Following Shadow Flower’s words, Purple Eye nodded in agreement.

“Alright, then. But be careful.” Phoenix Rain did not reject Shadow Flower’s proposal. This was because it was indeed a tempting proposal.

Whenever a team successfully passed Minos’s trial, it would receive an entry pass that could let 100 players into the library dungeon. Based on their previous partnership agreement, Zero Wing would receive 40 entry slots and 40% of the dungeon’s harvest for helping the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion in Minos’s trial.

But going by Shadow Flower’s proposal, should she and Purple Eye fail to deal with Minos by themselves, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion would gain the opportunity to monopolize the library dungeon’s harvest. And even if they did succeed, they would simply follow the previously agreed profit distribution. So, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion could only stand to profit from this proposal.

As for whether Shadow Flower and Purple Eye might come into any life-threatening danger from challenging Minos by themselves, Phoenix Rain was confident she could save their lives if necessary.

When Shadow Flower and Purple Eye received Phoenix Rain’s nod of approval, they immediately went into action.

Transforming into an afterimage, Shadow Flower vanished from where she stood and reappeared beside Minos a second later. Then, she began weaving her way around Minos rapidly, leaving over a dozen afterimages in her wake as she poked at Minos with her daggers one time after another. Her speed was so fast that even Phoenix Rain had trouble keeping track of her.

As for Minos, although he promptly reacted and brandished his greatsword, he failed to do anything about Shadow Flower. Shadow Flower seemed to be able to see through all of his movements, never failing to dodge his attacks.

In the meantime, Purple Eye silently waved her staff and summoned three tornadoes, each shredding the surrounding space and exhibiting power rivaling that of Tier 6 Curses. When all three tornadoes struck, even Minos had to briefly pause his movements to keep his body stable.

Meanwhile, under Shadow Flower’s constant harassment and Purple Eye’s timely attacks, Minos thoroughly got pinned in place. He did not have the leisure to target anyone else.

An Advanced Silver Fusion Technique and triple Tier 6 silent casting?! How are they managing this?! Phoenix Rain gaped in shock when she saw Shadow Flower and Purple Eye’s performance.

Whether it was the Advanced Silver Fusion Technique or the triple Tier 6 silent casting, neither were techniques that Shadow Flower and Purple Eye could execute previously. After all, had they been capable of such techniques, they would have wiped the floor with the Flower of Seven Sins’ Black Players, who had been distracting them just now. In fact, if speaking purely in terms of techniques, they could already rank among the top five of the current Ten Saints.

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