Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3625

Chapter 699 – Double Improvement?

Have their five senses been improved?!

Ji Luorong’s eyes sparkled when she saw Shadow Flower and Purple Eye fight Minos.

Many powers had already challenged Minos multiple times, so his information was widely known among the various powers.

As a Tier 6 Hero, Minos not only possessed Basic Attributes close to matching Tier 6 Gods, but he also possessed incredible intellect. In battle, he would almost always prioritize eliminating Tier 5 players instead of wasting time on Tier 6 players. Even if Tier 6 players tried to intercept him, Minos would simply knock them out of the way before he continued slaughtering Tier 5 players.

Hence, when the various powers’ teams challenged Minos’s trial, they would usually be met with annihilation. In fact, some teams couldn’t even last a minute, let alone secure a B-rank rating.

Ji Luorong also knew a little about Shadow Flower and Purple Eye’s standards. Even if the two now possessed Basic Attributes rivaling the Ten Saints, it would still be impossible for them to block Minos’s great sword.

Ji Luorong had personally clashed with Minos previously. While Minos’s swordsmanship might seem simple and predictable, his Attack Speed was incredibly high. Even fourth-floor experts wouldn’t necessarily be able to react to his attacks, let alone make preemptive judgments to dodge or deflect his attacks.

Yet, through their coordination, Shadow Flower and Purple Eye had successfully distracted Minos for eight whole minutes already. The two never failed to evade Minos’s greatsword throughout these eight minutes. Moreover, as if they had predicted all of his attacks, they could always launch a counterattack targeted toward his defensive blindspots after evading his attacks. They thoroughly rendered Minos incapable of targeting anyone else on the team.

In Ji Luorong’s opinion, the only way Shadow Flower and Purple Eye could accomplish such a feat was if they had received a huge improvement in their five senses. There was no way their combat performance could have improved to such an extent if they only received an improvement in their Basic Attributes.

Meanwhile, an improvement to the five senses was undoubtedly something all expert players in God’s Domain dreamed of obtaining.

An improvement to the five senses could not only allow players to learn combat techniques more easily, but it would also let them discover their own imperfections, which would, in turn, give them a clearer idea of how they could improve themselves. This was also why talented players in God’s Domain could improve so quickly.

After advancing to Tier 6, Ji Luorong knew she had already reached the limit she could achieve with her current circumstances. Unless she received the outside world’s superior training system, it was almost impossible for her to further improve her combat standard.

But now, the Secret Treasures Shi Feng had taken out allowed her to see a new possibility to further improve herself.

Meanwhile, noticing the excitement on Ji Luorong’s face, Shi Feng chuckled and asked, “So, are you interested in joining Zero Wing now, Commander Ji?”

Due to their God’s Domain’s isolated state, few Tier 6 experts existed. As a result, battles between Tier 6 experts also happened very infrequently.

If an expert lacked opponents of a similar caliber to spar with, they would have more difficulty discovering their imperfections. Under such circumstances, aside from a few exceptional talents, it would be almost impossible for experts to reach the Extrasensory Realm.

“I have to say that your offer is very tempting, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Ji Luorong said as she watched Shadow Flower and Purple Eye’s battle against Minos. Then, she shook her head and continued, “But the World Gate’s opening is upon us, and many outside powers have set their eyes on our God’s Domain. Even if Zero Wing can nurture Ten Saints-level experts, it remains a fact that Zero Wing has a very limited number of Tier 6 experts.

“In addition, the Flower of Seven Sins has connections with many powers in the outside world. Even if Zero Wing can resist the Flower of Seven Sins now, that is unlikely to be the case in the future. I do not wish to put my friends under such risk.”

If Shi Feng had taken out these Secret Treasures before he offended the Flower of Seven Sins, Ji Luorong might have agreed to join Zero Wing. But she’d have to be stupid to join Zero Wing now that Shi Feng had annihilated the Sin of Wrath’s Tier 6 experts and started a never-ending feud with the Flower of Seven Sins.

After all, just as Phoenix Rain stated previously, even the Ten Saints would become insignificant when placed in the world outside their God’s Domain. Even if Zero Wing could nurture ten or twenty Ten Saints-level experts, it would still be doomed once the World Gate opened.

Not to mention, Eternal Glory was an adventurer team, a gathering of like-minded independent players. Unlike Guilds such as the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, Eternal Glory did not need to occupy fixed territories to thrive. So long as they did not offend powerful existences, they could survive and thrive anywhere. It was completely unnecessary for Eternal Glory to risk joining Zero Wing to gain more strength.

“Your concern is indeed a problem, Commander Ji.” Shi Feng was not surprised by Ji Luorong’s reply. Chuckling, he asked, “But what if Shadow Flower and Purple Eye can improve their strength even further?”

“Improve even further?” Ji Luorong couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in confusion. “May I know what you mean, Guild Leader Black Flame?”

Shadow Flower and Purple Eye’s improvement was already incredibly astonishing. It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that they could now rank among the top five of the Ten Saints. So, Ji Luorong found it hard to believe there could be any more methods that could improve their strength even further.

“Explaining it will be difficult.” Smiling, Shi Feng sent a document to Ji Luorong and said, “It’s better if you take a look at it yourself.”

Shi Feng didn’t just return with the Dragon’s Fury Sets and Behemoth Sets. Besides that, he also brought 100 copies of the Bronze Mana Purification Technique and 1,000 copies of the Advanced Mana Purification Technique.

Meanwhile, the document he shared with Ji Luorong was a documentation of the effects of the Bronze Mana Purification Technique.

“How can this be possible?!” When Ji Luorong finished reading the document, disbelief filled her eyes.

The Bronze Mana Purification Technique’s effects were simply unheard of. After all, according to the document, if a Tier 5 player successfully mastered the Bronze Mana Purification Technique, the strength of their mana could immediately rival Tier 6 players. And if a Tier 6 player mastered the technique, their mana could rival even Tier 6 Gods.

Mana was the foundation of all things in God’s Domain. For players, the stronger their mana, the stronger their Skills and Spells.

If a Tier 6 player could wield a Tier 6 God’s mana, they could probably reign supreme across their entire God’s Domain.

“You’ll know whether I am lying after you see its effects for yourself, Commander Ji,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he sent a message to Shadow Flower and Purple Eye.

At this time, Shadow Flower and Purple Eye had already completed Minos’s trial and secured an S-rank rating for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion team. They suddenly revealed an ecstatic look when they received Shi Feng’s message.

Immediately, the two took out an ancient book from their bags. It was none other than the Bronze Mana Purification Technique that Shi Feng had secretly given to them before. Without hesitation, they sat down and studied their respective copies.

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