Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3626

Chapter 700 – Rivaling Gods!

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I don’t know what happened with Flower Palace Master and Purple Eye, but they’ve chosen to stay in the barrier even after the trial has ended. If they still don’t come out by the time the trial resets, they’ll have to face a much more challenging trial than the team trial!”

After leaving the magic barrier, Phoenix Rain anxiously approached Shi Feng and informed him of Shadow Flower and Purple Eye’s abrupt decision to remain within the barrier.

At this point, Phoenix Rain had already seen Zero Wing’s value, and it far exceeded her expectations. This discovery also made her conclude that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion must join Zero Wing!

It absolutely must!

Minos’s team trial was a huge headache, even for the various superpowers. It was so challenging that, even after partnering up with Zero Wing, Phoenix Rain initially felt that they would be fortunate if they could obtain a B-rank rating. Although Shadow Flower and Purple Eye subsequently had their Basic Attribute improved to match the Ten Saints, even then, Phoenix Rain only felt that their team could secure an A-rank rating.

However, the strength Shadow Flower and Purple Eye displayed had far exceeded Phoenix Rain’s expectations. It was so amazing that she couldn’t help but think that the two could match a fifth-floor expert if they worked together.

A fifth-floor expert!

Even in the world outside of their God’s Domain, experts of such caliber were incredibly rare. Yet, Zero Wing could produce such experts on demand. With such a heaven-defying ability, even if Zero Wing ended up being suppressed by the outside world’s powers in the near future, it could still end up achieving a height far beyond the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s reach in the long run.

Meanwhile, because Shadow Flower and Purple Eye managed to distract Minos for ten minutes and keep him from targeting anyone else, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s team earned an S-rank rating in Minos’s trial. As a reward for their outstanding performance, their team received a temporary buff that increased 5% of all their Attributes when inside the library dungeon and a detailed map of the dungeon.

With this, it was more than possible for them to catch up to the Five Great Super Guilds’ progression, become the first team to conquer a Team Dungeon in the Ruined Temple, and receive the best pioneering reward!

But all this could only happen under the precondition that Shadow Flower and Purple Eye remained alive…

In reality, Minos offered two different types of trials. The first trial was known as the Team Trial. Players could only challenge this trial in 100-man teams, and they only needed to survive ten minutes against Minos.

As for the second trial, it was known as the Hero Trial, and it would only activate when fewer than 100 players were present within Minos’s magic barrier. Unlike the Team Trial, the Hero Trial did not have a time limit, and players needed to shave off 10% of Minos’s HP to pass it. Moreover, players could not leave the trial until they passed it or got teamwiped.

Even worse, if players got annihilated inside the magic barrier, they would lose a level and couldn’t recover any weapons and equipment they dropped on death. If Shadow Flower and Purple Eye were to lose their Legendary Weapons, their strength would plummet, and it would absolutely impact the library dungeon raid later on.

“Don’t worry, Guild Leader Phoenix.” Looking at Shadow Flower and Purple Eye, Shi Feng explained to Phoenix Rain, “They are only following my instructions.”

“Your instructions?” Phoenix Rain couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in astonishment, unable to figure out his thoughts.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Minos’s Hero Trial wasn’t something players in their current God’s Domain could hope to challenge and succeed. After all, Minos was an existence on par with Tier 6 Gods. Even players ten levels higher than Minos would face certain death if they tried to challenge him.

Currently, all known cases of players successfully killing Tier 6 Gods in their God’s Domain involve only Tier 6 Gods below Level 180. Moreover, these successful raids were all conducted by player teams with average levels at Level 210 or above.

If players wished to defeat Minos, a Level 205, Tier 6 Hero rivaling Tier 6 Gods of the same level, they would need at least a 100-man team of Level 220, Tier 6 players. Otherwise, they’d simply be asking for death.

“Secret Treasures might be able to enhance a player’s combat standards and improve their growth speed, but it is still not enough to let the players of our God’s Domain match the outside world’s apex experts. I am sure you understand this, Guild Leader Phoenix,” Shi Feng said. Then, he pointed at Shadow Flower and Purple Eye, who had their eyes closed and were in deep thought, and continued, “When I said I could let you match the outside world’s apex experts by joining Zero Wing, I wasn’t joking. Now, I will have them show you what I mean.”

The ability of Secret Treasures to accelerate a player’s growth could indeed tempt Phoenix Rain and Ji Luorong to join Zero Wing. However, if Zero Wing wanted to win over the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Eternal Glory, Zero Wing would need to convince them with its existing strength. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to get them to take the risk of joining Zero Wing.

“Match the outside world’s apex experts?” When Phoenix Rain heard Shi Feng’s words, she couldn’t help but look at Shadow Flower and Purple Eye with a curious gaze.

While Phoenix Rain had never personally interacted with any of the outside world’s apex experts, she had still heard some bits of information about them. Even the weakest of these apex experts were existences capable of rivaling Tier 6 Gods of the same level. Meanwhile, such existences would typically be equipped with Legendary Weapons and Legendary Equipment Sets, their combat standards would have reached the fifth-floor standard, and some would have even mastered one or multiple Gold Combat Techniques.

If she had to be honest, the gap between herself and these apex existences was massive, and it definitely wasn’t something a Dragon’s Fury Set could make up for.

At this time, Ji Luorong had also focused her attention on Shadow Flower and Purple Eye, curious to see how much the two could improve after learning the Bronze Mana Purification Technique.

After Phoenix Rain and Ji Luorong waited for twenty minutes, Minos announced the rules of the Hero Trial to Shadow Flower and Purple Eye before readying his greatsword once more. At the same time, Shadow Flower and Purple Eye finally opened their eyes.

Immediately, everyone outside the magic barrier felt two mighty sources of mana descend upon them, making them feel like an invisible mountain had just fallen onto their shoulders and causing the space around them to tremble. When subjected to the presence of this mana, all of the Tier 5 experts present also found themselves suffocating.

Is this supposed to be mana?

When Fiery Heart felt the mana enveloping her, she couldn’t help but question her knowledge about mana. After all, the mana enveloping her completely differed from the mana she recognized. Not only was it as dense as lead, but it was also continuously corroding and reshaping the surrounding space to adapt to itself.

However, before those outside the barrier could pay closer attention to the frightening mana enveloping them, Minos had already executed an attack on Shadow Flower and Purple Eye.

With a swing of his greatsword, Minos sent a sword light as bright and scorching as the sun in the direction of Shadow Flower and Purple Eye. The sword light was a product of Dimensional Holy Slash, a Tier 6 Skill, and Minos had executed it without holding back any strength. If a Tier 6 tank tried to block the attack without a Tier 6 Lifesaving Skill active, they would likely die on the spot.

Meanwhile, upon seeing this attack, Purple Eye raised her staff and summoned a tornado shrouded in black lightning arcs before her and Shadow Flower.


When Minos’s sword light collided with Purple Eye’s lightning tornado, a powerful explosion occurred, and the sound waves reached well over 10,000 yards away. Immediately afterward, both sword light and tornado disappeared, and Minos and Purple Eye each could be seen stumbling a step backward from the generated shockwave. At a glance, the two were evenly matched…

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