Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3627

Chapter 701 – Sealed Expansion Pack
“S-She blocked it!”

“She actually blocked it!”

When the spectating crowd saw that similar to Minos, Purple Eye had only stumbled a step backward, they couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. Phoenix Rain and Ji Luorong were especially shocked, the two staring at Purple Eye with their mouths agape.

As individuals who had personally clashed with Minos before, they knew exactly how frightening Minos could be when using Skills. Previously, even after receiving a qualitative boost to their Basic Attributes, Shadow Flower and Purple Eye would always preemptively interrupt Minos’s Skills. They never dared to let him fully activate his Skills, as they’d have no way of blocking them.

But now, Purple Eye managed to block Minos’s Skill all by herself. She even came out evenly matched in the exchange. It was simply unbelievable.

Has she fully mastered it already? Shi Feng was similarly surprised when he saw Purple Eye blocking Minos’s Skill.

Normally, the Bronze Mana Purification Technique wasn’t something that could be adopted at a moment’s notice. Even after players learned how to apply the technique, getting used to their mana’s transformation would still take some time.

However, Purple Eye’s current performance clearly showed that she had already grasped her new mana well. Otherwise, there was no way she could have exhibited power at the standard of Tier 6 Gods with her Tier 6 Spell Storm Torrent.

While everyone outside the barrier was still in awe over Purple Eye’s performance, Shadow Flower transformed into a blur as she charged at Minos. Then, as soon as she reached the Tier 6 Hero, she split into a hundred copies of herself and began attacking Minos from all directions.

In response, Minos rapidly brandished his greatsword, generating blinding sparks all around him as he blocked Shadow Flower’s daggers one time after another. However, despite his strong defense, many of Shadow Flower’s attacks still managed to slip by and strike him directly, causing his HP to plummet steadily.

Is this the power of the Bronze Mana Purification Technique?

Ji Luorong was shocked beyond words as she watched Purple Eye and Shadow Flower’s performance. Although the information Shi Feng shared with her already stated that the Bronze Mana Purification Technique could enhance Tier 6 players’ mana to match that of Tier 6 Gods, she still couldn’t help but be shocked when she saw the technique’s effects with her own eyes.

It should be known that Shadow Flower’s and Purple Eye’s levels were only slightly higher than Minos; there wasn’t even a 10-level gap. Yet, they were already strong enough to trade blows with Minos. If news of this spread, it would shake the entire God’s Domain.

It was universally recognized that Tier 6 Gods were invincible against players of the same level. Players could only defeat a Tier 6 God by relying on level suppression. This was also the only viable method the various superpowers had to deal with Tier 6 Gods.

But now, Shadow Flower and Purple Eye were strong enough to single-handedly deal with a Tier 6 God without having to rely on level suppression. In their current states, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they were matchless in God’s Domain. Even those two old monsters from the Five Great Super Guilds would most likely hesitate to trade blows with them directly.

Most importantly, Zero Wing could mass-produce experts like Shadow Flower and Purple Eye…

“Is this result to your satisfaction? These are the benefits Zero Wing is offering to its internal members. If you join Zero Wing, you, too, will get to enjoy them,” Shi Feng said to Phoenix Rain and Ji Luorong. “Also, these benefits aren’t just limited to Tier 6 members. Tier 5 members can also receive Secret Treasures and Mana Purification Techniques, albeit of a slightly inferior quality. Even so, they can still gain Tier 6 combat power.”

“Even Tier 5 members can receive these benefits?” Phoenix Rain was surprised.

She could more or less accept the situation if Zero Wing only provided its Secret Treasures and Mana Purification Techniques to its Tier 6 members. After all, the Secret Treasures and Mana Purification Techniques that could elevate Shadow Flower and Purple Eye to such a standard were bound to be limited in quantity. It would already be incredible if Zero Wing could allow every one of its Tier 6 members to have a set of these items.

But now, Shi Feng was saying that even Tier 5 members could get their hands on these Secret Treasures and Mana Purification Techniques.

While Tier 5 players weren’t’ everywhere in God’s Domain, they still existed in large numbers. Every superpower would have no trouble taking out several hundred Tier 5 players. In the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s case, it could easily take out 500 Tier 5 players.

If the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion could equip each of these 500 Tier 5 players with Secret Treasures and Mana Purification Techniques, even if these items were lower quality, it would still be enough to let the Pavilion rule over God’s Domain with an iron fist. After all, there shouldn’t be more than a hundred players with Tier 6 combat power in the current God’s Domain. A force of 500 Tier 6 combatants would be enough to beat up all of God’s Domain’s superpowers.

“Okay. Eternal Glory is willing to join Zero Wing!” Ji Luorong answered without hesitation. Truth be told, she was a little frightened by the strength Shadow Flower and Purple Eye had just displayed. At the same time, she somewhat understood why first-rate Guilds like the Hundred Flower Palace, the Star Alliance, and Mysterious Moon were willing to join Zero Wing.

With the strength Shadow Flower and Purple Eye currently possessed, the Flower of Seven Sins would have great difficulty dealing with even one of them. Not to mention, Zero Wing could produce even more experts of such caliber. With such an ability, it would only be a matter of time before Zero Wing surpassed the Five Great Super Guilds in all aspects.

“If all of what you say is true, I can agree on the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s behalf in joining Zero Wing immediately, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Phoenix Rain said after seeing Ji Luorong agreeing to have Eternal Glory join Zero Wing. “I will complete all the transfer procedures within a week. At that time, all of the Pavilion’s Tier 5 and Tier 6 experts will report to Zero Wing’s main headquarters.”

Even before seeing the Mana Purification Technique’s effects, Phoenix Rain was already convinced by the Secret Treasures’ effects to join Zero Wing. It was just that she would need some time to convince the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s former Guild Leader and the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion’s Pavilion Master.

However, after seeing the Bronze Mana Purification Technique’s effects, Phoenix Rain knew that she no longer needed to waste time convincing anybody. With the current benefits Zero Wing was offering, so long as it gave the word, a ton of powers and experts would come running to join it. At that time, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion might not even be able to join Zero Wing.

“In that case, let’s sign a God’s Domain Contract right away, then. As for the matters regarding the merger, you can talk to Shadow Flower and Purple Eye about that. They will tell you everything you need to know,” Shi Feng said as he retrieved two God’s Domain Contracts from his bag.

Honestly, Shi Feng didn’t care whether the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion or Eternal Glory joined Zero Wing. So long as Phoenix Rain and Ji Luorong joined, whether the rest of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Eternal Glory joined was inconsequential.

A moment later, Shi Feng, Phoenix Rain, and Ji Luorong finished signing their respective contracts. According to their contracts, Phoenix Rain and Ji Luorong would officially join Zero Wing on behalf of their respective powers, and they would also promise to merge their respective powers into Zero Wing, completing all transfer procedures within a week. In return, Shi Feng would need to supply the two of them with Secret Treasures and Mana Purification Techniques ahead of time.

Regarding this, Shi Feng gladly fulfilled his side of the contract, handing Phoenix Rain and Ji Luorong each a Dragon’s Fury Set and a copy of the Bronze Mana Purification Technique. In addition, he also supplied each of the Tier 5 experts present with a Behemoth Set and a copy of the Advanced Mana Purification Technique, making it easier for them to raid the library dungeon later on.

While the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members and Ji Luorong were busy attaching their Secret Treasures and learning their Mana Purification Techniques, the battle inside the magic barrier concluded.

Although Minos possessed Basic Attributes rivaling Tier 6 Gods of the same level, Shadow Flower and Purple Eye still had no trouble shaving off 10% of his HP when working together.

At the same time as Shadow Flower and Purple Eye passed the Hero Trial, a system announcement rang across God’s Domain.

System Announcement: A group of players has successfully passed the Ruined Temple’s Hero Trial, lifting the seal on the sealed expansion pack Ancient Glory. All Taboo Mode Dungeons in God’s Domain will be activated.

System Announcement: The sealed expansion pack will take one natural day to unseal. All players will be logged out in one hour.

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