Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3628

Chapter 702 – Taboo Mode Dungeon

“Someone cleared the Hero Trial? What’s going on? Didn’t they say that the Hero Trial is impossible to clear?”

“Taboo Mode Dungeons? What the heck are those? Could they be dungeons of a higher rank than God Mode Dungeons?”

“Seeing as you’re asking such a question, you’re probably the type who rarely sets foot into libraries, right? Well, for your information, all of the weapons and equipment that we obtain from Team Dungeons in God’s Domain have a level limit of 200. Even Fragmented Legendary items are capped at Level 200. Meanwhile, Taboo Mode Dungeons are places that drop Level 200-plus weapons and equipment.”

“Crap! Isn’t that amazing?! I don’t even have a single Fragmented Legendary item until now. If I can get myself a Level 205 Epic item, wouldn’t that mean I’d have something better than a Fragmented Legendary item?!”

Following the system announcement, the various official forums across God’s Domain exploded with activity. Although everyone was initially bewildered by the announcement, they quickly grew ecstatic over the news. They also couldn’t help but wonder who were the players responsible for clearing the Hero Trial.

This was because the conquerors of the Hero Trial had essentially started a new era in God’s Domain. Following this new expansion pack, the status quo in God’s Domain would see unprecedented changes. This day would definitely go down in God’s Domain’s history.

While the general masses were celebrating the new expansion pack, the various powers were frantically looking into the identities of the players behind this expansion pack. After all, these players had conquered the Hero Trial that was previously deemed impossible to clear.

In fact, no more than thirty seconds after the system announcement, the Five Great Super Guilds had already placed a bounty for the Hero Trial’s conquerors, offering as many as five pieces of Fragmented Legendary Equipment for the conquerors’ identities. As for their goal, it was simple. It was to verify whether these players knew any detailed information pertaining to the Taboo Mode Dungeons that would appear following the expansion pack. If they could get their hands on this information, they could immediately start raiding these Taboo Mode Dungeons once they appeared.

However, although the Five Great Super Guilds’ bounty tempted many players, nobody managed to uncover any information about the players who cleared the Hero Trial.

In the meantime, outside the ancient library in the Ruined Temple’s Library Area:

Taboo Mode Dungeons? Shi Feng was similarly stunned by the system announcement. He never thought clearing the Hero Trial would lead to the activation of Taboo Mode Dungeons in his home God’s Domain.

The term “Taboo Mode Dungeon” was not uncommon in the Greater God’s Domain. In fact, many powers were very familiar with the term. Meanwhile, when one thought of Taboo Mode Dungeons, one would immediately think of the Twelve Sanctuaries.

Although the Greater God’s Domain was vast, the weapons and equipment produced in most Realms could only reach Level 200.


Even in the Greater God’s Domain, most weapons and equipment had a level limit of 200. Even Fragmented Legendary items were not an exception. It was just that their level limit was not clearly indicated. However, so long as players with Fragmented Legendary items leveled past 200, they would realize that no matter how much they leveled up, their Fragmented Legendary items’ Basic Attributes would no longer increase with their levels.

This was also one of the factors contributing to the difficulty of leveling past Level 200 for players.

Once players reached Level 200, they would no longer receive EXP when killing monsters of the same level or lower. They would even stop receiving EXP from quests below the Legendary rank. While this wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if monsters similarly stopped growing, the problem was that monsters did continue to gain Basic Attributes past Level 200.

Meanwhile, with players having their weapons and equipment restricted to Level 200, this made it difficult for ordinary experts to kill Level 205 monsters. As for experts fully equipped with Fragmented Legendary items, although they could still cope against monsters up to Level 210, they would similarly hit a wall when facing Level 215-plus monsters. As a result, even among the various powers’ Tier 6 executives, few could reach Level 215, and most would hover around Level 210.

Of course, it would be a different story if players owned Legendary items. This was because the hidden level limit of Legendary Weapons and Equipment was Level 220. Hence, any player equipped with a few Legendary Weapons and Equipment in the Greater God’s Domain could generally reach Level 220 and above, with some having even reached Level 230 already.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, it wasn’t until after he entered the Greater God’s Domain that he understood the value of weapons and equipment that could level past Level 200.

An individual piece of Level 210 Epic Equipment was easily worth more than a Fragmented Legendary item. If it was a Level 210 Epic Equipment Set, it was enough to cause even the executives of the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers to grow envious. After all, Legendary Weapons and Equipment remained incredibly rare in the Greater God’s Domain.

Meanwhile, the primary place players could obtain Level 200-plus weapons and equipment was Taboo Mode Dungeons. Only, Taboo Mode Dungeons were exceedingly rare in the Greater God’s Domain, and only the Twelve Sanctuaries were certain to have them. This was also why the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers sought to establish a foothold in the Twelve Sanctuaries.

Since there was no reliable way to obtain Legendary Weapons and Equipment in large quantities, if the various powers wished to develop their strength, they could only try to obtain Level 200-plus weapons and equipment from Taboo Mode Dungeons. After all, dungeons were known to be places that could produce weapons and equipment at a fixed rate. Hence, everyone sought to monopolize a Taboo Mode Dungeon, which, in turn, led to many wars being waged in the Twelve Sanctuaries.

Shi Feng never thought that Taboo Mode Dungeons would be hidden in his home God’s Domain. If news of this reached the Greater God’s Domain, he couldn’t even begin to imagine what would happen to this place.

It seems I need to grow Zero Wing’s strength even quicker now. When Shi Feng thought about the soon-to-open World Gate, he immediately decided to accelerate his plans.

Once the World Gate opened and news of his home God’s Domain having Taboo Mod Dungeons spread, the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers would send droves of Tier 6 players to occupy his home God’s Domain. Even the fact that these Tier 6 players would be weakened after entering his home God’s Domain likely wouldn’t be enough to deter these powers.

Subsequently, time passed quickly. After everyone in God’s Domain was forcibly logged out and the Ancient Glory expansion pack started to take effect, several shocking pieces of news appeared across God’s Domain’s various official forums.

Firstly, Blood Sand, the commander of the Flower of Seven Sins’ Sin of Wrath, had abruptly declared war on Zero Wing. He had also placed an internal bounty on Zero Wing’s members, offering to pay five units of Seven Luminaries Crystal for each internal member of Zero Wing. The offer was unprecedented, and countless Red Players eagerly sought to assassinate Zero Wing’s internal members right away.

Besides Blood Sand’s bounty, Phoenix Rain, the Guild Leader of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, suddenly announced the dissolution of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, and all members of the Pavilion would be transferred into Zero Wing.

At the same time, Ji Luorong, the commander of the top adventurer team Eternal Glory, also announced she would join Zero Wing with all of her adventurer team’s members.

In no time, Zero Wing, a Guild that had been relatively unknown before, suddenly became the center of attention in God’s Domain.

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