Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3629

Chapter 703 – God’s Domain Shaken

“Even international corporations shouldn’t have that kind of strength. After all, that is the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion we are talking about. It has multiple powerful corporations backing it. It shouldn’t need any more corporations to support it.”

“Indeed. I also heard that Eternal Glory’s Commander Ji Luorong got promoted to Tier 6 not long ago. Even when Ji Luorong was still at Tier 5, she already dared to disrespect the Blackwater Corporation. Yet, she has now chosen to join a no-name Guild. It is truly inconceivable.”

“I just did some digging into Zero Wing. It seems it’s being led by a second-rate Guild’s former Guild Leader. It first appeared in the Miniature Ancient World and is currently thriving there. Some time ago, even first-rate Guilds like the Hundred Flower Palace and the Star Alliance had chosen to merge into it. So, I guess you can say it is quite a strong Guild.”

“Even so, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Eternal Glory are still crazy to join Zero Wing at this juncture. The Flower of Seven Sins is offering five units of Seven Luminaries Crystal for each of Zero Wing’s internal members. This is already enough to tempt the various powers’ Tier 5 experts, let alone Tier 5 Red Players. This is undoubtedly a great opportunity to earn some Seven Luminaries Crystals for the Tier 6 promotion.”

When the news surrounding Zero Wing spread on the official forums, many players couldn’t help but wonder about Zero Wing’s background. Not only did this new Guild assimilate multiple first-rate Guilds, but it even managed to swallow up a superpower like the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and a top adventurer team with three Tier 6 experts like Eternal Glory. After assimilating so many powers, Zero Wing could already be regarded as an overlord in God’s Domain.

Of course, now that Zero Wing had somehow offended the Flower of Seven Sins, everyone could already foresee that this new overlord would soon cease to exist in God’s Domain.

Meanwhile, inside the top-floor VIP room of a hundred-story hotel in the real world…

There was a round table placed in the middle of the spacious room, and over a dozen figures sat around the table. Some individuals wore cloaks to hide their appearances, and some appeared in holographic form. These individuals also varied in age and gender, and quite a few of them were executives of superpowers.

Among these individuals, one of them was Illusory Words, the Second Vice Guild Leader of the superpower Crimson Emperor and one of God’s Domain’s Ten Great Clerics.

Another of these individuals was the Invincible Spear Lifeless Thorn, and he was currently ranked number one on God’s Domain’s Black Player List!

Every one of these individuals had almost nothing in common in God’s Domain, but they all shared one common characteristic here.

They were all Tier 6 players!

Everyone gathered in this room was a bona fide Tier 6 expert in God’s Domain. Among them, the leader of this gathering was an old man over a hundred years old. Although the old man was just sitting there, everyone in the room felt oppressed simply by being in his presence. Even three-star mental strength masters would break out in a cold sweat.

The old man was one of God’s Domain’s hidden old monsters. He was from the same era as the Five Great Super Guilds’ old monsters, so very few people knew his true name. However, he had cultivated many experts who were widely known throughout God’s Domain.

Among the old man’s students, the most famous would have to be Flowing Cloud, the current top one of the Ten Saints and a Level 226 Holy Warrior!

Outside of the two old monsters from the Five Great Super Guilds, Flowing Cloud was also publicly acknowledged as the strongest player in God’s Domain.

In the past, Flowing Cloud single-handedly wiped the floor with an empire with his saber, causing Netherworld Empire, one of the Five Great Super Guilds, to back off. It was also for this reason the Tier 6 experts present in the VIP room greatly feared the old man.

According to Flowing Cloud, he never managed to defeat the old man in a duel. Moreover, all of his defeats ended within ten moves.

“Phoenix Rain! Don’t you think you’ve gone too far?!” Looking at Phoenix Rain, who sat in the sixth seat, the old man coldly said, “Have you forgotten why I established this Tier 6 Alliance in the first place? I did it so that you all can have a place to survive once the World Gate opens! Yet, you want to give the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion away? We already promised them three empires and twelve kingdoms once the World Gate opens. How are we supposed to give them an account on this?”

“Is Zero Wing that great of a Guild, Little Sister Rain? Is it really worth you giving up the entire Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and your future in the Greater God’s Domain?” Illusory Words, who sat beside Phoenix Rain, asked, her voice giving off a healing feeling.

When Illusory Words finished speaking, everyone else in the room also turned to look at Phoenix Rain curiously.

Out of everyone here, Phoenix Rain could be said to be the strongest supporter of the Tier 6 Alliance. She was also among the most knowledgeable regarding the Greater God’s Domain in this room. In fact, many of the individuals present had only joined the Tier 6 Alliance because of Phoenix Rain’s invitation.

So, everyone was greatly surprised when they learned of Phoenix Rain’s decision to hand the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion to Zero Wing.

“It isn’t a matter of whether it is worth it,” Phoenix Rain said, sighing as she swept her gaze across the people around the table. “Instead, joining Zero Wing is the best option.”

If it was before her encounter with Shi Feng, Phoenix Rain would have felt that the Tier 6 Alliance was the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s only option. After all, the Tier 6 Alliance had over a dozen Tier 6 experts. With such a force at their disposal, even the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers would have to more or less show them some respect.

But after her meeting with Shi Feng, Phoenix Rain could only think of the Tier 6 Alliance as nothing more than a joke.

“Is Zero Wing that strong? Do you think it can remain unfazed even when making an enemy out of all of us here?” the old man suddenly asked in a cold voice.

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