Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3630

Chapter 704 – Phoenix Rain’s Choice

Upon hearing the old man’s question, everyone at the table couldn’t help but gaze toward Phoenix Rain. Among them, Illusory Words, a Vice Guild Leader of Crimson Emperor, couldn’t help but grow worried as she looked at her good friend Phoenix Rain.

“Rain, stop angering Elder Mist any further…” Illusory Words whispered to Phoenix Rain.

Most of the people present only knew the old man as the Tier 6 Alliance’s founder. However, as a Vice Guild Leader of Crimson Emperor, a veteran Super Guild, Illusory Words was well aware of the old man’s true identity.

The old man went by the name of Hidden Mist in God’s Domain, and he was one of the Founding Elders of Mythology, one of the Five Great Super Guilds!

If not for Hidden Mist having a falling out with another Founding Elder and withdrawing from Mythology many years ago, Mythology would have long become the strongest Guild in the world rather than just one of the five strongest.

Meanwhile, throughout the years Hidden Mist had operated behind the scenes, not only did he nurture many famous experts, but he also gained the full support of more than ten corporations. It was also due to the financial support of these corporations that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion could have its current strength, and the many Tier 6 experts present could have the Legendary Equipment currently in their possession.

If Phoenix Rain angered Hidden Mist, she could lose her standing in God’s Domain and the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

It should be known that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s experts didn’t just sign a God’s Domain Contract with the Pavilion. They had also signed a God’s Domain Contract with the corporations backing it. Hence, even if the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion disbanded and merged into Zero Wing, unless the Pavilion’s many experts wished to lose their existing weapons and equipment, they would still need to listen to the arrangements of those corporations.

If it were a few years ago, Phoenix Rain would have indeed had the final say in all matters in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. This was because the corporations that supported the Pavilion also supported Phoenix Rain. However, after the corporations behind Hidden Mist had invested in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, Phoenix Rain could no longer decide the fate of the Pavilion’s many experts all by herself.

“I know you are striving to secure a better future for our native Tier 6 experts, Elder Mist,” Phoenix Rain said calmly. “But don’t you think it is a little too much to ask all of us here to surrender half of our territories and sign a lifetime contract to obey those people? And what do we get in return? Some security and the ability to enter the Greater God’s Domain?

“On the other hand, if we join Zero Wing, while we might not be able to resist the outside powers right away, we won’t have any trouble defending our existing territories. As we gain more and more Tier 6 experts, we can even expand our reach to the outside world.”

In reality, there were two reasons Phoenix Rain had chosen to attend the Tier 6 Alliance’s meeting today. Firstly, it was to announce her transfer to Zero Wing. Secondly, it was to recruit some experts to join Zero Wing with her. That way, she could have more influence in Zero Wing.

“I don’t blame you for having such thoughts, but that is simply because you don’t understand how strong the outside powers are,” Hidden Mist said, sighing as he looked at Phoenix Rain. Then, resolutely, he continued, “If you insist on joining Zero Wing, I won’t stop you. However, you are not allowed to take any part of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion with you. You will also have to announce your retirement as the Pavilion’s Guild Leader, and Nine Dragons Emperor will take your position. Otherwise, you and your confidants will have to surrender all of the weapons and equipment you have gained because of the corporations and compensate the corporations for all the potions and resources they have supplied to you!”

Following Hidden Mist’s words, Nine Dragons Emperor, who was in his late thirties and seated in the eighth seat, stood up with a smile.

“Phoenix Rain doesn’t hold absolute authority in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, Elder Mist. I can persuade the shareholders and Grand Elders to relieve her of her position,” Nine Dragons Emperor said to Hidden Mist before glancing at Phoenix Rain. “Also, Phoenix Rain’s weapons and equipment aren’t her personal belongings. Those are Legendary Equipment gained through countless sacrifices from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s experts. Phoenix Rain can leave the Pavilion, but she must surrender all of her Legendary Equipment and Fragmented Legendary items first.”

Upon hearing Nine Dragons Emperor’s words, many of those present couldn’t help but look at Phoenix Rain with some sympathy.

Nine Dragons Emperor had always been dissatisfied with working under Phoenix Rain as a Vice Guild Leader of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. In addition, he had the support of nearly half of the Pavilion’s members. If he were to take the initiative to persuade the Pavilion’s shareholders and Grand Elders, with the support of the corporations behind Hidden Mist, he could indeed deprive Phoenix Rain’s authority and confiscate her items.

Meanwhile, once Phoenix Rain lost her Legendary Equipment, even if she was a Tier 6 expert, it would be long before she could make any waves in God’s Domain. Her value to Zero Wing would also plummet.

“Nine Dragons Emperor! How can you do this to your Guild Leader?!” Illusory Words, seated in the fourth seat, said with a frown. “The new expansion pack is just about to launch, and it is the best time for us to make further improvements before the World Gate opens! Are you trying to eliminate Rain completely by having her surrender all her items now?!”

“You!” Illusory Words glared at Nine Dragons Emperor, a flame of wrath burning in her eyes. Hidden Mist merely sought to dissuade Phoenix Rain from leaving the Tier 6 Alliance, yet Nine Dragons Emperor sought to take her life.

“Are you truly going to destroy all of your effort and future for Zero Wing?” Hidden Mist asked in a colder tone.

“I have already made a promise to Guild Leader Black Flame,” Phoenix Rain said with a casual smile. She paid no attention whatsoever to the change in Hidden Mist’s tone.

God’s Domain’s various Guild and NPC Cities were necessary to pay for a Guild’s operating costs. If Zero Wing wished to develop rapidly in their God’s Domain, the Guild must have some real estate in the various Guild and NPC Cities. It was also the bottom line she had set for herself in her partnership with Shi Feng. If she couldn’t even keep this bottom line, she’d be too ashamed to occupy a Vice Guild Leader position in Zero Wing.

“Good! You best not regret your decision!” Hidden Mist said as he took one last look at Phoenix Rain. “Take your leave, then. The Tier 6 Alliance still has other important matters to discuss.”

Hearing this, Phoenix Rain got out of her seat and took her leave without hesitation, her actions surprising many present. They never thought Phoenix Rain would be willing to abandon her position as the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Guild Leader, discarding many years of her effort.

Meanwhile, following Phoenix Rain’s departure, Nine Dragons Emperor smiled even more jovially than before.

In reality, Nine Dragons Emperor and Hidden Mist had been the ones to initiate the abrupt meeting today. Meanwhile, apart from questioning Phoenix Rain, the meeting was held to discuss an even more important subject—the powers outside their God’s Domain.

More specifically, after learning of their God’s Domain’s most recent expansion pack, the outside powers have decided they would forcibly send a batch of players to their God’s Domain to compete for the Taboo Dungeons.

Phoenix Rain’s departure from the Tier 6 Alliance today would thoroughly eliminate any opportunities she had to make a comeback in God’s Domain!

TL Notes:

[1]veteran Super Guild:

I’m not sure if this description of Crimson Emperor is accurate. In the main story, Crimson Emperor was described as a veteran super-first-rate Guild. It might have advanced into a Super Guild at some point, though.

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