Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3631

Chapter 705 – Outside Powers Arrive

God’s Domain, Ruined Mountain Range:

After waiting for one natural day, many players promptly logged back into God’s Domain. In addition, many powers and independent experts swarmed to the Ruined Temple with their respective teams, causing the originally crowded place to become even more crowded.

“Is that the Taboo Mode Dungeon mentioned in the Ancient Glory expansion pack?”

“So, this is the first Taboo Mode Dungeon?! I can’t believe there are two Level 220, Tier 6 Hero NPCs guarding its entrance! Just how powerful are the monsters inside?!”

“I heard that this Taboo Mode Dungeon was originally a Level 210 God Mode Team Dungeon in the Ruined Temple, so its difficulty should be above God Mode.”

Many expert players continued to gather in front of the Ruined Library in the Ruined Temple’s Library Area. When these experts saw the 1,000-meter-tall sealed crimson portal at the library’s entrance, they couldn’t help but be shocked.

In God’s Domain, most Team Dungeons’ entrance portals would only be several meters in height. Even 500-man Team Dungeons would only have their entrance portals measure about a dozen meters in height. This was everyone’s first time seeing a Team Dungeon with a 1,000-meter-tall entrance portal.

Although a Team Dungeon’s entrance portal wouldn’t necessarily reflect its difficulty, everyone present could clearly feel the oppressive mana radiating from the Ruined Library’s portal. The radiated mana was so oppressive that many players found themselves suffocated. It felt as if they weren’t standing before an inanimate portal but a living creature instead. More specifically, it felt like they stood before a Tier 6 God. Because of this, Tier 5 players found it difficult to even get close to the portal.

While everyone was observing the Dungeon’s entrance, a Tier 5 Ranger suddenly exclaimed, “Quick, look! It’s the Five Great Super Guilds’ teams!”

Subsequently, the crowd gathered in the fountain plaza before the Ruined Library could be seen stepping aside to make way for a 100-man team. The Guild Emblems worn by the members of this team consisted of five types, indicating that this was a team formed by five Guilds.

Of the members of this team, even the weakest was a Tier 5 expert radiating an aura that could closely match the average Tier 6 expert, and even the weakest piece of equipment found on this player was at the Fragmented Legendary rank. In addition, there were as many as 50 bona fide Tier 6 experts in this team, and every one of them was equipped with at least one piece of Legendary Equipment. When these 50 Tier 6 players stood together, ordinary Tier 5 experts dared not stand anywhere near them.

“As expected of the Five Great Super Guilds. They can actually afford to mobilize 50 Tier 6 experts to this Dungeon. This is probably as many Tier 6 experts as all other powers have combined. It seems I have severely underestimated them in the past,” Ji Luorong, who had just come online, couldn’t help but be astonished as she looked at the team the Five Great Super Guilds had sent to raid the Taboo Mode Dungeon.

“Fifty Tier 6 experts. That averages to ten per Guild. No wonder even veteran Super Guilds dare not provoke the Five Great Super Guilds,” Crimson Mist said with a hint of fear in her eyes. “Thankfully, we never seriously offended any of them in the past. Otherwise, we really would have been erased from God’s Domain.”

“The Five Great Super Guilds have occupied most of our God’s Domain’s resources, so it’s unsurprising for them to have such a foundation,” Shi Feng said, not particularly surprised by the Five Great Super Guilds’ strength.

In his previous life, because he had activated the World Gate quite a few years in advance, the various powers had to interact with the Greater God’s Domain before they could develop strong foundations. As a result, they barely had any Tier 6 experts and had a very hard time surviving through the initial phase of the World Gate’s opening.

However, in the current timeline, the Five Great Super Guilds had already been operating in God’s Domain for ten years. They would have to be wasting the resources they had been occupying if they couldn’t even produce 50 Tier 6 experts after all these years.

“Do you think we can secure the First Clear, Guild Leader?” Ji Luorong worriedly asked as she looked at the partially unsealed entrance portal.

Team Dungeon raids placed a heavy emphasis on a team’s overall strength. Meanwhile, even if they included all of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s and Eternal Glory’s Tier 6 members, Zero Wing would only have ten Tier 6 experts. Even if all ten of these Tier 6 experts possessed strength surpassing the Ten Saints, it shouldn’t be enough to bridge the gap between Zero Wing’s team and the Five Great Super Guilds’ team. Not to mention, only two of Eternal Glory’s Tier 6 experts were present. Crimson Mask, another vice commander of Eternal Glory, was occupied with a quest and couldn’t make it for the raid.

It should be known that Zero Wing was responsible for activating the Taboo Mode Ruined Library. It’d be a huge embarrassment for Zero Wing if the Five Great Super Guilds ended up securing the Ruined Library’s First Clear.

Just as Ji Luorong finished speaking, another commotion occurred in the fountain plaza. Before anyone could react, a mighty pressure descended upon everyone in the plaza, making everyone feel like the sky was falling.


Subsequently, the 100,000-plus Tier 5 experts in the plaza started to collapse to the ground one after another. Although a small minority of Tier 5 experts managed to stay standing, their complexions had turned extremely pale.

“This… How is this possible?!”

Ji Luorong couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked in the plaza’s direction.

At this time, a team of 100 Tier 6 experts could be seen walking across the plaza. Every member of this team was equipped with a Fragmented Legendary Equipment Set, and they were all at Level 215 and above. In addition, even the weakest radiated an aura stronger than the Ten Saints.

“Who are these people?”

At this time, even the Five Great Super Guilds’ experts were in great shock. Not only had they never seen or heard of any of these 100 Tier 6 experts before, but these players also wore a never-before-seen three-eyed Guild Emblem.

Meanwhile, shortly after this 100-man Tier 6 team appeared, another 100-man team arrived at the plaza. Although this 100-man team did not radiate as strong of an aura as the team with the three-eyed emblem, it similarly had 100 Tier 6 experts equipped with a uniform Fragmented Legendary Equipment Set. The team did not look like it was from any power in God’s Domain.

“What is going on? Where did all these Tier 6 experts come from?” Crimson Mist muttered, confusion coloring her eyes as she looked at the two Tier 6 teams. “I know every power that has a Tier 6 expert, but I have never heard of any Guild having 100 Tier 6 experts…”

Meanwhile, after observing the two teams for a while, Shi Feng said, “They should be from powers outside of our God’s Domain.”

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