Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3632

Chapter 706 – Difference Between Powers?
“Outside powers?” When Ji Luorong heard Shi Feng’s answer, she couldn’t help but look at the two Tier 6 teams in the plaza with renewed shock. “Is this the strength of the powers outside our God’s Domain?”

Ji Luorong did not doubt Shi Feng’s statement. After all, she had never seen or heard of any of the 200 Level 215-plus, Tier 6 experts who had just arrived at the plaza. Not to mention, Shi Feng had a much better understanding regarding the powers outside of their God’s Domain than even Phoenix Rain.

Since Shi Feng had deemed these two Tier 6 teams to be from an outside power, it should almost certainly be the case.

Only, weren’t these outside powers a little too frightening?!

A hundred Tier 6 experts!

This was a number that could already match the total number of Tier 6 experts that existed in their entire God’s Domain. Yet, each of the two outside powers that had shown up here had arrived with a hundred Tier 6 experts. Moreover, even the weakest of these Tier 6 experts could rival the Ten Saints in strength…

“Wouldn’t our God’s Domain be finished once the World Gate opens, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Purple Eye asked nervously as she looked at the 200 Tier 6 foreign experts in the plaza.

While Purple Eye was confident she could win a fight against any of these foreign Tier 6 experts thanks to her Secret Treasure Set and Mana Purification Technique, the other party had an overwhelming number of Tier 6 experts. She doubted she could escape with her life if she had to go up against such overwhelming odds. Needless to say, the chances of the average native Tier 6 expert surviving against these foreign experts were even lower.

It should be known that the World Gate remained closed thus far, and the outside world’s players still couldn’t freely enter their God’s Domain. Yet, the outside world’s powers could already dispatch such an invincible force into their God’s Domain.

At this point, Purple Eye couldn’t even begin to imagine what would happen once the World Gate opened, and the outside world’s players could freely enter their God’s Domain. How were any of their God’s Domain’s powers supposed to survive?

“Don’t worry.” Seeing the anxiety on Purple Eye, Shi Feng explained, “As a protection mechanism for native players, every God’s Domain will suppress all non-native players who enter it, and the higher a player’s tier, the stronger the suppression they will face. So, while these foreign Tier 6 experts might have powerful auras, their Basic Attributes are actually much weaker than the average Tier 6 player. They’re just slightly stronger than Tier 5 players and can only be considered as pseudo-Tier 6 players.

“Moreover, foreign Tier 6 players cannot manipulate the mana inside our God’s Domain; they can only utilize their own mana. If you were to fight them, you can easily take on a hundred of them by yourself.”

Every God’s Domain came with a powerful protection mechanism for its native players. This mechanism existed to maximize the survival rate of civilizations newly introduced to the Greater God’s Domain and allow everyone to climb to the apex. Or, at the very least, it could ensure a civilization wouldn’t get eliminated as soon as it was introduced to the Greater God’s Domain.

Of course, there were always exceptions. If a power destroyed a God’s Domain directly, the players and powers inhabiting said God’s Domain would immediately cease to exist. Only, very few powers possessed such frightening strength in the Greater God’s Domain.

Meanwhile, Ji Luorong and the others couldn’t help but sigh in relief when they heard Shi Feng’s explanation. They had much to lose in God’s Domain. It would be absolutely terrible for them if their God’s Domain were to become another civilization’s possession as soon as the World Gate opened.

“Be that as it may, we can only stay holed up in our God’s Domain. We won’t be able to leave at all…”

While Ji Luorong and the others were sighing in relief, a team of several dozen players approached them. Meanwhile, walking in the lead of this team was Phoenix Rain.

Upon seeing Phoenix Rain, Ji Luorong and the others couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

“Did you all get robbed, Big Sis Rain?” Ji Luorong couldn’t help but ask when she saw the present state of Phoenix Rain and her teammates.

At this time, the only item in Phoenix Rain’s possession that remained the same was her staff. Apart from that, all of the equipment she previously wore had been swapped out for Level 200 Epic Equipment. It was like she had transformed from an empress to a peasant. Moreover, it wasn’t just Phoenix Rain that had undergone such a transformation. Blue Phoenix and the other Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members on Phoenix Rain’s team had also lost all of their Fragmented Legendary items.

Although Level 200 Epic Weapons and Equipment was by no means terrible in God’s Domain, they still shouldn’t be the only items that a super-first-rate Guild’s main force members had equipped. After all, even in first-rate Guilds, every main force member would have at least one or two Fragmented Legendary items.

If not for Phoenix Rain still having her Legendary Staff, the overall strength of Phoenix Rain’s team wouldn’t even meet the standard of a first-rate team.

“We weren’t robbed,” Blue Phoenix, who stood behind Phoenix Rain, said with a wry smile. “It’s just that the Guild’s Grand Elders and shareholders have all switched to Nine Dragons Emperor’s side. To ensure that we could keep the Guild Towns and real estate we had promised to Zero Wing, Big Sis Rain had no choice but to return all of the weapons and equipment that belonged to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. On top of that, Big Sis Rain also ended up owing a huge sum of money…”

Although Blue Phoenix spoke in a casual and teasing manner, everyone who heard her could tell she was greatly disheartened. After all, how could she not be disheartened? She had previously been equipped with weapons and equipment that were among the best in God’s Domain. Yet, now, she had lost all those things, effectively losing years of her effort.

“It’s fine. We can simply get more weapons and equipment,” Phoenix Rain said nonchalantly. “So long as we have those real estate, we can always rise back again.”

“You make it sound as if it’s easy, Rain,” Illusory Words, wearing a black cloak that failed to hide her seductive figure, said as she rolled her eyes at Phoenix Rain. Then, she bluntly continued, “Have you forgotten how much you have gone through to get your hands on those three pieces of Legendary Equipment? Even with the Tier 6 Alliance’s assistance, it took you several years to gather the necessary materials to repair those equipment.

“Moreover, that was back when the various powers were in the midst of exploring God’s Domain’s maps. Now that 99% of God’s Domain’s maps have been explored, do you think it’ll be as easy to get your hands on three pieces of Legendary Equipment, and compatible ones at that? Not to mention, Zero Wing wouldn’t necessarily be grateful for your sacrifice.

“On the other hand, if you were still the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Guild Leader right now, you could have gotten in touch with the Dragon Hunting Temple by now. That’s an upper-ranking hegemonic power we are talking about. Exploring the Taboo Mode Dungeon with such a power will be infinitely better than doing so with a Guild that barely has any Tier 6 players.”

Illusory Words’ words were sharp, especially when she mentioned Zero Wing. Her eyes focused on Shi Feng, and her gaze had a cold glint.

After learning of the Tier 6 Alliance’s true trump card in the latest meeting, Illusory Words felt that Phoenix Rain’s decision to join Zero Wing was utterly foolish. Unfortunately, the only thing she could do to try to rectify the decision was to persuade Phoenix Rain to apologize to Hidden Mist. With how highly the old man valued her, Phoenix Rain should have no trouble rejoining the Tier 6 Alliance so long as she voiced her regret.

While Illusory Words was speaking, another 100-man team arrived at the plaza. Although not composed entirely of Tier 6 experts, this 100-man team still had 30 Tier 6 experts. Meanwhile, leading the team was a one-eyed middle-aged man who was a Level 217, Tier 6 Guardian Knight wearing a dragon-shaped Guild Emblem, and standing next to him was Nine Dragons Emperor, a Level 211, Tier 6 Ranger.

At this time, all 70 of the Level 210, Tier 5 experts standing behind Nine Dragons Emperor were equipped with a uniform Fragmented Legendary Equipment Set, and they radiated auras that could closely rival Tier 6 players. Although the whole 100-man team was not a match for the two Tier 6 teams from before, it could closely match the Five Great Super Guilds’ team.

“That’s the Fragmented Legendary Basic Battle Array Equipment Set provided by the Dragon Hunting Temple. Although not as strong as the two outside powers’ Advanced version, it is still a one-of-a-kind in our God’s Domain,” Illusory Words said as she looked at Nine Dragons Emperor’s team. Then, she returned her gaze to Phoenix Rain and sighed, saying, “If you hadn’t withdrawn from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, that equipment could have been yours…”

Fragmented Legendary Equipment Sets that came attached with battle arrays were impossible to find in their God’s Domain. Yet, Phoenix Rain had abandoned the opportunity to secure one of these sets for herself just to join Zero Wing, a Guild that barely had any fame until recently.

“Zero Wing is indeed incapable of securing compatible Legendary Equipment currently,” Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw Illusory Words voicing grievances on Phoenix Rain’s behalf. “But if it’s only Fragmented Legendary Battle Array Equipment Sets, Zero Wing has some.”

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