Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3633

Chapter 707 – Beyond Hegemonics

As wealthy as the Five Great Super Guilds were, even they probably didn’t have a single Fragmented Legendary Battle Array Equipment Set. Needless to say, it would be even more impossible for Zero Wing, an upstart Guild that had merely integrated several first-rate Guilds, to have any.

In Illusory Words’ opinion, Shi Feng was merely putting on an act.

“Those Battle Array Sets can’t exhibit their potential without sufficient scale, Guild Leader. If you want to raise our overall strength, it’ll be enough to just give each of us a few Fragmented Legendary items,” Phoenix Rain advised.

Phoenix Rain similarly did not think Zero Wing would have any Fragmented Legendary Battle Array Equipment Sets. But to save Shi Feng from embarrassment, she decided to offer him an alternative solution that she knew he could fulfill. After all, Shi Feng had previously killed a bunch of experts from the Flower of Seven Sins and obtained their equipment. The Hundred Flower Palace and the Star Alliance were also first-rate Guilds with powerful foundations before they joined Zero Wing. So, Zero Wing should have no trouble coming up with enough Fragmented Legendary items to arm a small team of several dozen.

Blue Phoenix also hurriedly nodded in agreement. Unlike Illusory Words, Blue Phoenix knew that Zero Wing had treated them wonderfully thus far, and they’d be very ungrateful if they tried to make trouble for Zero Wing.

“You don’t need to turn down my offer,” Shi Feng said as he initiated a trade with Phoenix Rain and started placing Eternal Magic Armor Equipment Sets into the trade window one after another.

Melting Flame and the others had worked tirelessly to produce these Eternal Magic Armor Sets, and Shi Feng had brought a little over fifty sets back with him this time. Although it wasn’t enough to equip a 100-man team, only twenty sets were needed to activate a Small Bronze Magic Array.

“Guild Leader… You really don’t have t—”

When Phoenix Rain saw that Shi Feng was trading equipment to her, her immediate reaction was to try to stop him. However, when she got a closer look at the Eternal Magic Armor Set, her words got caught in her mouth.

Each part of the Eternal Magic Armor Set was covered in runes that combined to form a self-contained structure. At a glance, the runes obviously formed a battle array, and it was a battle array of high quality at that. Simply the mana the Eternal Magic Armor Set carried was no less than the Battle Array Sets of the two foreign Tier 6 teams.

“As a Vice Guild Leader of Zero Wing, you will be needed to lead your own exploration team in the future. So, take these Eternal Magic Armor Sets as a welcome gift,” Shi Feng said to Phoenix Rain in a private chat as he traded forty Eternal Magic Armor Sets to her without hesitation. “Although Zero Wing isn’t at the level of apex powers, we aren’t your average power in the Greater God’s Domain, either.”

“Forty Bronze Battle Array Sets?” Phoenix Rain nearly exclaimed out loud when she saw the Eternal Magic Armor Sets Shi Feng had just traded to her.

“What did you just say, Rain? Bronze Battle Array Sets? And forty of them?” Illusory Words couldn’t help but grow confused as she looked at Phoenix Rain.

In response to Illusory Words’ confusion, Phoenix Rain shared the Eternal Magic Armor Set’s stats with her. Of course, she had only done so because she trusted Illusory Words and wished to let the other party understand more about Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, after seeing the Eternal Magic Armor Set’s statistics, Illusory Words couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

It should be known that the two foreign Tier 6 teams were backed by conglomerates. Even then, they could only equip themselves with Advanced Battle Array Sets. As for the Dragon Hunting Temple, it wouldn’t even dare to dream of owning Bronze Battle Array Sets.

Yet, not only did Zero Wing possess Bronze Battle Array Sets, but Shi Feng had even gifted forty sets to Phoenix Rain at no cost. Just what kind of foundation must Zero Wing possess to be so generous?

“Rain, aren’t we best friends? Can you tell me what kind of power Zero Wing is?” Illusory Words whispered to Phoenix Rain.

At this time, Illusory Words could no longer see Zero Wing as a native power of their God’s Domain. Or, more specifically, she refused to believe this to be the case. After all, if even the Five Great Super Guilds didn’t have such a powerful foundation, there was no way a native upstart Guild could have it.

“A power above hegemons?”

Despite being an upper-ranking hegemonic power, even the Dragon Hunting Temple could not get its hands on a treasure like the Eternal Magic Armor Set. This must mean that only the powers rumored to stand above upper-ranking hegemonic powers in the outside world could access treasures like the Eternal Magic Armor Set.

Zero Wing?

A power above hegemons?

This revelation stunned Illusory Words for a long time.

If Zero Wing truly stood above upper-ranking hegemonic powers, the Hundred Flower Palace, the Star Alliance, and Phoenix Rain’s decision to go all-out on Zero Wing would no longer be an illogical one.

“Why don’t you join Zero Wing as well, Big Sis Illusory?” Phoenix Rain asked when she saw the pondering look on Illusory Words. “You’ll be subjected to the Dragon Hunting Temple’s management if you follow Elder Mist. With such a restriction, it is highly improbable that Crimson Emperor can prosper outside of our God’s Domain. You’ll also have a hard time improving yourself any further.”

Now that the Tier 6 Alliance had subordinated itself to the Dragon Hunting Temple for protection, it went without saying any valuable resource the Tier 6 Alliance acquired in the future would go to the Dragon Hunting Temple. As for the Tier 6 Alliance’s members, they’d be fortunate if there were even scraps left for them.

“This…” Illusory Words was a little tempted by Phoenix Rain’s proposal.

However, before Illusory Words could give her an answer, Nine Dragons Emperor suddenly shouted for her from a distance.

“Illusory! We have only been given one chance! If you don’t want to end up like Phoenix Rain, hurry up and gather here!”

When Illusory Words heard Nine Dragons Emperor calling for her, she quickly dismissed her thoughts of joining Zero Wing. Unlike Phoenix Rain, the restraints on her were much heavier. After all, she did not have the support of any corporation or shareholder of Crimson Emperor. Her decision to join the Tier 6 Alliance was even made against the wishes of Crimson Emperor. Because of this, Crimson Emperor’s several Vice Guild Leaders were watching her closely, eagerly waiting for her to slip up.

“What a pity.” Phoenix Rain couldn’t help but sigh when she saw Illusory Words leave her side.

Dungeons were a crucial source of weapons and equipment for the various powers, and the two most important roles in a dungeon raid were the tanks and healers. As a Tier 6 Cleric God and one of God’s Domain’s Ten Great Clerics, Illusory Words could reduce the difficulty of any Team Dungeon by a large margin so long as she had a sufficiently strong tank standing before her. It was also why, despite tasking the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion to raid the Taboo Mode Ruined Temple on its behalf, the Dragon Hunting Temple still included Illusory Words in its team.

“No need to feel unfortunate,” Shi Feng said nonchalantly as he looked at Illusory Words’ departing figure. “She will soon learn that joining Zero Wing will be the best option, even if it means making an enemy out of all powers in God’s Domain.’

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, the Ruined Library’s entrance portal also became fully unsealed.

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