Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3635

Chapter 709 – One-Man Legion?

After crossing the portal, Shi Feng and his team were teleported into a corridor covered in thorny vines and lined with stone statues. Then, upon getting a good look at their surroundings, Ji Luorong and the others couldn’t help but gasp.

“Is this supposed to be a Taboo Dungeon?”

Phoenix Rain was flabbergasted as she looked at the divine runes engraved on the walls. Not only did these divine runes suppress her mental state and Physique, but they also weakened her control over her body and mana.

Despite being a Tier 6 player, Phoenix Rain currently felt that she was only slightly stronger than Tier 5 Legendary monsters of the same level. If even she was suppressed to such an extent, she couldn’t even begin to imagine what would become of Tier 5 players in this dungeon.

Not to mention, there were also the 100-plus Demon Statues that lined the sides of the corridor. At first glance, they might look like inanimate statues, but closer inspection would show that they were bona fide Level 208 Count-ranked Demon Kings. Among them, there were also six 100-meter-tall Demon Statues that were Level 210 Marquis-ranked Demon Kings.[1]

Unlike humans, Demons inherently possessed extraordinary five senses and control over mana. Even the lowest-ranking Demon could put up a good fight against human NPCs of the tier. As for Count-ranked Demons, they could rival Four-winged Valkyries of the same tier, and it should be known that Tier 5 Four-winged Valkyries were existences that could give even Tier 6 players a difficult time. Yet, there were over a hundred such existences in this corridor, and this was only the starting point of the Taboo Dungeon…

As for Marquis-ranked Demons, they could rival Six-winged Valkyries of the same tier, and defeating a Marquis-ranked Demon King would require at least a 100-man Tier 5 team led by one Tier 6 player.

“We are quite lucky. We got teleported to the Exhibition Area instead of the Curse Area,” Shi Feng said, sighing in relief when he saw the Demon Statues lining the corridor.

“You consider this lucky?” Ji Luorong couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng dubiously as she pointed at the six 100-meter-tall Demon Statues in the distance. “Guild Leader, those are Level 210 Marquis-ranked Demon Kings. Just one of them is enough to hold back our entire team.”

“We are indeed lucky. Had we started from the Cursed Area, we would have had to give up before we could even start,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

The Ruined Library might have been upgraded into a Taboo Mode Dungeon, but the only thing that changed was the addition of divine runes that suppressed players.

Meanwhile, based on the information he heard of the Ruined Library in his previous life, players would be randomly teleported to one of three starting areas when they entered the dungeon, specifically the Exhibition Area, the Cursed Area, and the Courtyard Area.

Prior to the upgrade, although each of these three areas housed monsters of a different type, there wasn’t any notable difference in overall raid difficulty. However, after the Ruined Library became a Taboo Mode Dungeon, the Cursed Area would undoubtedly become the deadliest of the three areas.

The Cursed Area’s monsters were Evil Spirits, and Attribute-wise, they were the weakest out of all monsters in the three starting areas. However, their weakness was compensated by the fact that the Cursed Area would curse all players in it, drowning them in darkness and restricting their vision range to just one yard. And as Evil Spirits did not have a fixed form and could move without making any sound, players would have a very difficult time reacting to them.

In comparison, while the Exhibition Area’s Demons might have powerful Attributes, neither they nor the environment placed any restrictions on players.

Meanwhile, following the addition of the divine runes, players would have their mental states suppressed while in the dungeon, which would prevent them from mentally perceiving their surroundings. If their vision was restricted on top of that, unless they had reached the Extrasensory Realm, they could forget trying to block any attacks from monsters. They were almost certain to get hit by any monsters that targeted them.

In God’s Domain, unless players possessed a tier advantage, they would receive significant amounts of damage if monsters landed a direct hit on them. Even tank classes could not survive more than a few direct hits from monsters of the same tier and level, let alone other classes.

“What should we do next, Guild Leader?” Phoenix Rain asked, frowning after she finished scrutinizing the corridor’s situation. “Although the terrain here is cramped, there is still too much space for us to create an effective choke. And even if our Tier 6s can hold back those six Marquises, our Tier 5 tanks can, at best, hold back two or three Counts each. We simply don’t have the numbers to hold all the Counts at bay.”

The Basic Attributes and Mana of their team’s Tier 5 members might be close to reaching the Tier 6 standard, but under the divine runes’ suppression, only the tanks would stand a chance against the Level 208 Count-ranked Demon Kings in a one-on-one fight. Not to mention, the Demon Statues outnumbered their team.

“We don’t have to go through such trouble to deal with these Demon Statues,” Shi Feng said as he scanned his surroundings. “I will distract these Demon Statues, while the tanks will stop any that manage to slip by. As for everyone else, just focus on doing damage.”

If he was still at Tier 5 right now, he’d have no way of successfully raiding the Taboo Mode Ruined Temple with his current team.

Fortunately, he now had Basic Attributes rivaling Level 200, Tier 6 Gods. His Basic Attributes were superior to even Level 210 Divine monsters, let alone Level 210, Tier 5 Demon Kings.

Before Phoenix Rain and the others could say anything, Shi Feng unsheathed the Winter of Eternal Night and activated World of Frost, summoning 100 frost swords that carried 300% of his Strength. Then, he charged forward and initiated the attack on the Demon Statues.

With his mental state suppressed heavily, Shi Feng could not execute combat techniques with his frost swords. However, because of his overwhelming Strength, each frost sword could easily shatter even the Tier 5 Curses of the Marquis-ranked Demon Kings.

In just the first exchange, all the Count-ranked Demon Kings were sent flying all over the place, and each saw a small chunk of their HP bars vanishing. Although each Count-ranked Demon King had over 100 billion HP, they lost over a billion when struck by Shi Feng’s frost swords. As for the Marquis-ranked Demon Kings, they were sent stumbling by Shi Feng’s attacks, and each of them lost over 100 million HP.

A one-sided exchange!

It was an absolutely one-sided exchange with overwhelming strength!

In fact, before anyone else could take action, the Count-ranked Demon Kings had already lost 10% of their HPs. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Shi Feng could eliminate all of the Count-ranked Demon Kings without any help.

Is he really just a Level 178, Tier 6 Swordsman? Ji Luorong couldn’t help but be dumbfounded as she looked at the 100 frost swords Shi Feng manipulated.

Previously, Shi Feng’s performance when he annihilated the Flower of Seven Sins’ members was already incredible. Even so, it paled in comparison to his current performance.

Anyone could tell that the Ruined Library’s monsters were tough opponents. Even a 100-man Tier 6 team should need significant time and effort to eliminate a group of Demon Statues.

Yet, these Demon Statues were no different than cannon fodder in front of Shi Feng. He could kill them however he wanted, and none of them could resist.

At this point, Ji Luorong even suspected that, if given enough time, Shi Feng could conquer the entire Taboo Dungeon by himself…

“We should join the fight as well, Boss. Otherwise, the Guild Leader is going to take care of all these monsters by himself,” Crimson Mist said before she charged at one of the Marquis-ranked Demon Kings.

Compared to Ji Luorong, Crimson Mist was much less fazed by Shi Feng’s current performance. After all, she had already seen Shi Feng suppressing a group of monsters in the Ruined Mountain Range’s inner area without lifting a finger. That was a much more shocking scene in comparison.

Subsequently, Shi Feng and the others quickly dispatched the Demon Statues. When one of the Marquis-ranked Demon Kings’ corpses turned to dust, it left behind a dark blue armguard covered in ancient divine runes, the armguard’s appearance momentarily freezing the space around it.

We got a drop already? When Shi Feng saw the dark blue armguard, a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes.

TL Notes:
[1]Demon King:
Note that Demon King is the term used to refer to Tier 5 Demons.
Tier 3 – Demon
Tier 4 – Great Demon
Tier 5 – Demon King

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