Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3636

Chapter 710 – God Chaser Set
“What is this equipment? How can it seal space in its natural state?”

“Looking at its glow effect, it should only be a piece of Epic equipment.”

“You’d rarely find space-restricting hidden abilities, even among Legendary Equipment. How can a piece of Epic Equipment have such an ability?”

Everyone had their curiosity piqued when they saw the effect the dark blue armguard exerted on its surroundings, and they couldn’t help but wonder about the armguard’s actual quality.

“Is it really just a piece of Epic Equipment, Guild Leader?” Ji Luorong asked when she saw Shi Feng starting to appraise the armguard. Then, she continued in astonishment, “The instant that armguard appeared, I felt myself frozen in place momentarily. The only other item that has given me such an experience before is the Burning Sun Bow, and that’s one of the Ten Great Legendary Weapons owned by that old monster from Mythology. There’s no way something with a similar hidden ability is only at the Epic rank.”

The Burning Sun Bow was one of God’s Domain’s Ten Great Legendary Weapons, and it had a hidden ability that allowed its user to briefly lock down the surrounding space of their targets. Even so, the Burning Sun Bow’s hidden ability could only come into effect when a player equipped it.

Yet, despite being unequipped, the dark blue armguard momentarily froze everyone present. And if it could already exert such a powerful effect while in an unequipped state, how powerful would it become when equipped by a player?

At this time, Phoenix Rain, Shadow Flower, and the others also looked at Shi Feng curiously.

“This armguard is indeed at the Epic rank,” Shi Feng said, nodding after he finished appraising the armguard. Then, he joyfully continued, “But this isn’t any ordinary Epic Armguard. Instead, it’s the armguard piece for the God Chaser Set, a Level 210 Epic Equipment Set.”

“It’s only a Level 210 Epic Set?”

Phoenix Rain and the others were visibly disappointed when they heard Shi Feng’s answer.

A Level 210 Epic Equipment Set could match a Fragmented Legendary Equipment Set in Basic Attributes, and it could indeed be considered top-tier equipment in their God’s Domain. However, once the World Gate opened, such a set could no longer be considered top-tier.

“Don’t be so quick to discount it,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head and chuckling when he saw everyone’s disappointed looks. “The God Chaser Set might only be a Level 210 Epic Equipment Set, but when all eight pieces are gathered, the set can be leveled up to 220 and grant Basic Attributes rivaling a full set of Legendary Equipment. Moreover, the eight-piece set effect also reduces the level requirement to Level 200. Even in the Greater God’s Domain, the God Chaser Set can be considered top-tier.”

In his previous life, the God Chaser Sets produced by the Ruined Temple were only Level 200 Dark-Gold Equipment Sets. Even after gathering all eight set pieces, the Basic Attributes players could gain from the God Chaser Set was similar to what they would get from being equipped with a full set of Fragmented Legendary Equipment.

Honestly, when Shi Feng learned of the God Chaser Set in his previous life, he couldn’t help but find the information on the set exaggerated. After all, according to the information extracted from the Ruined Library, the God Slayer had personally crafted the God Chaser Set, and it was described to be able to give humans strength to combat Gods. But if the God Chaser Set only provided similar Basic Attributes as a full set of Fragmented Legendary Equipment, there was no way it could let humans fight Gods of the same level and tier.

However, after seeing the Epic-ranked God Chaser Set, Shi Feng realized the information wasn’t exaggerating matters after all. Instead, it had just been referring to a different God Chaser Set.

Another thing that surprised Shi Feng was the Epic God Chaser Set’s drop rate. Normally, the drop rate in Taboo Mode Dungeons was abysmal. This was true even for newly discovered Taboo Mode Dungeons. So, he was greatly surprised when he saw a set piece for the Epic God Chaser Set dropping from the first group of monsters they killed.

“If it can rival a full set of Legendary Equipment in Basic Attributes and be worn at Level 200… Anyone who equips the full set will be nigh-invincible, even after the World Gate opens!” Blue Phoenix exclaimed.

Even for the Five Great Super Guilds, it would be an absolute extravagance to fully equip a player in Legendary Equipment. So, if a player could equip the full God Chaser Set, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to consider them invincible in God’s Domain.

According to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s understanding of the world outside of their God’s Domain, it was similarly difficult for powers to fully equip a player in Legendary Equipment. Even if there were powers who could afford to do so, there wouldn’t be many.

“In that case, we should eliminate as many Demon Statues as we can while advancing. It’ll be a jackpot for us if we can gather a complete set,” Ji Luorong said with sparkling eyes.

If Zero Wing could add a nigh-invincible expert to its ranks, it would serve as a huge motivation to guild members and a powerful deterrence to enemies. This was an effect that could not be achieved normally, even with multiple Tier 6 experts.

Immediately, everyone became much more enthusiastic about killing Demon Statues. However, due to Shi Feng’s Skills being a limiting factor, they had to rest for a few minutes before they could proceed with the next battle. This led to the team’s progression being rather slow. To make matters worse, the drop rate was relatively low.

After six hours of hunting, even with Shi Feng having consumed an Elixir of Fortune, the team only obtained 31 pieces of equipment, of which only 13 were set pieces for the God Chaser Set. Moreover, most of them were duplicates.

While Shi Feng and the others were hard at work, a commotion occurred outside the Ruined Library.

In the past six hours, several hundred thousand players, amounting to several thousand teams, had entered the Ruined Library. Some teams faced deadly traps, some faced Demon Statues, and some faced Evil Spirits. However, regardless of which challenge they faced, over 99% of these teams died before they could even make it past the first group of traps or monsters they faced. Even teams led by Tier 6 players had faced annihilation. The difficulty of the Taboo Mode Ruined Temple was truly unprecedented.

“As expected, none of these wastrels are useful,” the one-eyed middle-aged Guardian Knight from the Dragon Hunting Temple scoffed when he read the intelligence Nine Dragons Emperor gathered. Then, he looked toward Nine Dragons Emperor and commanded, “Tell Hidden Mist to gather all of the Tier 6 Alliance’s Tier 6 players and have them explore the Ruined Temple. Have them get ready to transfer the promised real estate as well. The Dragon Hunting Temple will send someone to complete the handover procedures tomorrow.”

“Only the Tier 6 Alliance’s members will be going in?” Nine Dragons Emperor couldn’t help but be shocked.

“That’s right. Do you have a problem?” the one-eyed Guardian Knight coldly asked.

“No, but even if Elder Mist agrees to it, I don’t think we can gather much information with just so few of us,” Nine Dragons Emperor hurriedly said.

“You just need to gather as much information inside the dungeon as possible. I don’t need you to die more than a few times,” the one-eyed Guardian Knight said as he looked at Nine Dragons Emperor’s worried expression. Then, he pointed at the two other foreign teams, who were in the midst of apprehending Tier 5 and Tier 6 experts, in the distance and coldly smiled, saying, “You should be thankful you are partnered with the Dragon Hunting Temple. Otherwise, you’ll probably have the same fate as those people, having to explore the Taboo Dungeon until you’re gone for good!”

“I’ll get it done right away.” When Nine Dragons Emperor saw the two foreign teams capturing the various powers’ Tier 6 experts outside the Ruined Library, he dared not hesitate any longer.

Meanwhile, when Illusory Words, who had hidden her identity with a Black Cloak, saw the scene outside the Ruined Library, she couldn’t help but shudder.

Just a moment ago, she saw the two foreign teams capturing several joint teams formed by over a dozen native superpowers, and among those captured were Crimson Emperor’s Tier 6 experts. Then, these foreign teams forced the players they captured to explore the Ruined Library, and those who refused to comply were repeatedly killed until they fell back to Level 0.

How did things come to this…

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