Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3637

Chapter 711 – God’s Domain’s Calamity

Redstone Hotel, top-floor VIP room:

The time currently was late in the evening. The sky outside the top-floor VIP room was pitch-black, and few cars and pedestrians could be seen on the street below. Despite this, the room was brightly lit.

At this time, the round table that could easily accommodate more than thirty people was fully seated. Among the Tier 6 Alliance’s members, there were also about a dozen or so other individuals present in holographic form. If any of these individuals were to appear in a crowded location, almost everyone would recognize them immediately.

Sinful Flame, a legendary individual from the superpower Azure Chamber of Commerce!

Melancholy, the Guild Leader of the Super Guild Thirteen Thrones!

Silent Soul, the Guild Leader of the superpower Unyielding Soul!

Half Madness, one of the Ten Saints and a member of the Super Guild Battle Wolves!

Every one of these individuals was a big shot in God’s Domain. Currently, though, all of them wore indescribably grim looks on their faces.

“So, going by your words, we don’t have any other choice, Elder Mist?” Melancholy, a giant of a man over two meters tall, asked angrily as he looked at the bearded Hidden Mist.

“That is correct. This is already our best option,” Hidden Mist said, nodding somewhat helplessly. “I believe all of you have already learned of the situation at the Ruined Temple. The allure the Taboo Dungeon holds to the foreign power has far exceeded our imaginations. Not only have they captured the Tier 6 experts of over a dozen superpowers, but they are also going after the Tier 5 S-League experts. They have even gone as far as to force everyone to sign a God’s Domain Contract or face an endless cycle of death.

“Nine Dragons Emperor and Illusory Words have both witnessed this happen in person. They have also made a recording, so feel free to watch it.

“Right now, your only option is to join the Tier 6 Alliance, hand over all your real estate, and become a subordinate power to the Dragon Hunting Temple. Only then can you avoid suffering a worse fate in the hands of the two other powers.”

Upon hearing Hidden Mist’s words, everyone couldn’t help but fall silent.


At this time, everyone present felt a deep sense of powerlessness overwhelm their hearts.

It should be known that the dozen or so native Tier 6 experts who had gone to raid the Ruined Library were all individuals that even they had to treat with caution. Yet, none of these experts could put up any resistance in front of the two foreign powers’ teams.

Even the Five Great Super Guilds’ experts had barely managed to evade capture by promptly re-entering the Taboo Dungeon after exiting it. Otherwise, they, too, would have suffered a similar fate.

It should be known that all of the foreign Tier 6 experts were merely pseudo-Tier 6 experts. Although their battle arrays could boost Basic Attributes, it did not change the fact that they couldn’t manipulate the mana around them. Yet, their God’s Domain’s native Tier 6 experts could just barely win against these foreign Tier 6 experts in a one-on-one fight…

Naturally, in such a situation, no native power could challenge the two foreign powers’ 200 Tier 6 experts. Not to mention, these were only the advance teams of the two foreign powers. Their actual armies would only arrive once the World Gate opened.

“Signing a contract with the Dragon Hunting Temple isn’t necessarily our only option.”

Amidst the silence, a sweet and crisp voice suddenly echoed across the round table, causing everyone to turn toward the source of the voice.

“What other options do you have, Vice Guild Leader Illusory?” Sinful Flame from the Azure Chamber of Commerce immediately asked in a somewhat excited tone.

The only reason the Dragon Hunting Temple was willing to partner with their God’s Domain’s native powers was to establish a sturdy foundation for itself before the World Gate opened. That way, it could nurture their God’s Domain’s native experts to raid the Taboo Mode Ruined Dungeon on its behalf. If not for this reason, it was unlikely the Dragon Hunting Temple would be interested in partnering with any native power.

So, apart from becoming a subordinate of the Dragon Hunting Temple, Sinful Flame found it hard to imagine what better options were available to their God’s Domain’s native powers.

“Zero Wing!” Illusory Words said through her holographic projection. “Based on my understanding, not only is Zero Wing superior to the outside world’s hegemonic powers, but it is also providing excellent treatment to native experts and powers who join it. So long as we join Zero Wing, I believe we can survive this calamity. Even in the worst-case scenario, we should still be able to develop safely in our God’s Domain.”

“Zero Wing? Superior to hegemonic powers?” Nine Dragons Emperor, who was similarly attending this meeting in holographic form, laughed when he heard Illusory Words’ statement. “Has Phoenix Rain brainwashed you, Illusory Words? Are you going to toss your mind away after Phoenix Rain? I’ve already looked into Zero Wing, and it is nothing more than an upstart Guild from our God’s Domain. Its Acting Guild Leader is even the former Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild only.

“Although Zero Wing has achieved good results in the Miniature Ancient World, that is only because the foreign powers have barely invested any strength there. How can you even compare the Miniature Ancient World’s situation with ours? Do you truly think Zero Wing can go against those foreign powers?

“The Dragon Hunting Temple is only willing to give us a chance because the World Gate has yet to open. If we lose this chance, we will all become slaves to the foreign powers once the World Gate opens, and we will have to spend the rest of our lives in that Taboo Dungeon.”

Upon hearing Nine Dragons Emperor’s words, everyone’s expression turned even uglier. They originally thought Illusory Words could bring them some hope, but it merely turned out to be despair.

“I don’t know if Zero Wing can resist against the foreign powers.” Illusory Words did not get angry because of Nine Dragons Emperor’s rebuttal. Instead, she calmly said, “But I do know that Zero Wing’s Guild Leader has given Phoenix Rain forty Fragmented Legendary Equipment Sets that come with a Bronze Battle Array. I doubt any of our native powers can afford such generosity, right? In fact, how many foreign powers can replicate such an act?”

“Impossible!” Nine Dragons Emperor immediately cast doubt over Illusory Words’ statement.

Fragmented Legendary Equipment Sets were incredibly rare to begin with, let alone those that came with a Bronze Battle Array. Not even the Dragon Hunting Temple could take out forty of such sets.

“If what you say is true, Vice Guild Leader Illusory, can Zero Wing ensure our independence and safety once we join it?” Melancholy asked.

At this time, everyone else in the room also looked at Illusory Words. Since Illusory Words dared to make such a claim, the matter regarding the forty sets of Fragmented Legendary Equipment Sets must be true. It also showed that Zero Wing possessed an extraordinary foundation, and that it wasn’t as weak as Nine Dragons Emperor described. At the very least, Zero Wing should be much stronger than any of their God’s Domain’s native powers.

The only problem now was whether Zero Wing could ensure their independence and safety.

“This…” Illusory Words did not know what to say in this situation. After pondering for a moment, she said, “I’m afraid I will need to consult with Rain first before I can give everyone an answer.”

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