Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3638

Chapter 712 – God Slayer’s Treasury

As Shi Feng and his team advanced deeper into the Ruined Library, the quantity and quality of Demon Statues they faced continuously increased. Initially, the Demon Statues only appeared in groups of a hundred or so, but that number gradually increased to 200 and beyond. In addition, Count-ranked Demon Kings appeared in greater numbers, and even Duke-ranked Demon Kings had started to appear. These Duke-ranked Demon Kings were close to rivaling Tier 5 Dragons of the same level, and their appearance caused the progression of Shi Feng’s team to slow down significantly.

“We got lucky this time, Guild Leader! This Duke dropped the boots for the God Chaser Set!” Ji Luorong said as she held up the pair of light-blue boots she had just finished appraising, excitement and fighting spirit coloring her eyes. “With this, we only need the helmet to complete the set!”

Apart from the astonishing loot, everyone was also able to improve their control over their enhanced mana after continuously clashing with the Ruined Library’s Demon Statues. The improvement was especially obvious among the team’s Tier 6 members as Shi Feng had tasked them with fighting the Duke-ranked Demon Kings they encountered in one-on-one situations. These high-intensity battles allowed them to improve their Skill and Spell Completion Rates rapidly.

When using Tier 6 Skills and Spells, the average Tier 6 expert in God’s Domain could only achieve a Completion Rate of 80%. Even those who had reached the fourth-floor standard could only advance their Completion Rate to 85%, enabling their Tier 6 Skills and Spells to exhibit 100% of their effects.

Meanwhile, once a Skill or Spell’s Completion Rate reached 85%, every subsequent increase would improve the Spell significantly. If a Tier 6 Skill or Spell reached a 100% Completion Rate, it could exhibit as much as 200% of its original effects, allowing it to exhibit power rivaling Tier 6 Taboo Skills or Curses.

And if a Tier 6 Taboo Skill or Curse achieved a 100% Completion Rate, it could exhibit power rivaling the attacks of Ancient Gods.

In Ji Luorong’s case, the highest Completion Rate she had achieved when using Tier 6 Spells in the past was 87%, while her result with Tier 6 Curses peaked at 80%. But after acquiring the Dragon’s Fury Secret Treasure Set and Bronze Mana Purification Technique and battling with them for ten hours, she could already cast her Tier 6 Spells at a steady 93% Completion Rate. Paired with the strength of her mana, her Tier 6 Spells could already exhibit strength rivaling the attacks of Tier 6 Gods.

If she could stabilize her Tier 6 Curses at an 85% Completion Rate, even Tier 6 Gods would suffer against her if they did not use Tier 6 Defensive Skills or Spells to defend themselves.

In fact, Ji Luorong could already see herself achieving a 95% Completion Rate with her Tier 6 Spells so long as she trained for another ten hours or so. At that time, it would no longer be a dream to cast her Tier 6 Curses at a steady 90% Completion Rate and fight against bona fide Tier 6 Gods.

“Alright, everyone, rest up for ten minutes. We’ll be entering the Collection Hall after this,” Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw Ji Luorong and the others looking eager to continue fighting despite having just concluded an intense battle.

Although Shi Feng indeed wanted Ji Luorong and the others to quickly adapt to their new mana, a Taboo Mode Dungeon was not to be trifled with. Even with his current strength, he had to rely on his Skills heavily to assist the team. If they tried to fight without his Skills, there was a high chance they would get teamwiped.

As a side note, Shi Feng received an incredibly lucrative amount of EXP from the Demon Statues they felled because of his low level. After just ten hours of grinding, he had already leveled up from Level 178 to Level 180, and his Basic Attributes were now at the standard of Level 200, Tier 6 Gods in the truest sense. So long as the Ruined Library’s Final Boss wasn’t a Level 210, Tier 6 God, he was confident he could lead his team to victory.

“Guild Leader! Something big happened in God’s Domain!” Phoenix Rain exclaimed as she approached Shi Feng with hurried steps. “Some hours ago, the two foreign teams that have descended upon our God’s Domain suddenly started to capture Tier 5 and Tier 6 experts to do their bidding. The various powers are all panicking because of this, and several superpowers on Illusory Words’ side are asking to join Zero Wing. However, they worry that Zero Wing might not be able to ensure their independence and safety once the World Gate opens, so they hope for us to prove our strength. Should we agree?”

After Shi Feng distributed the Secret Treasures and Mana Purification Techniques to them, Phoenix Rain no longer worried about the foreign powers. With Zero Wing’s current strength, it was more than strong enough to survive against even the foreign powers’ armies. Now, she only wondered whether it would be worthwhile to let other native powers join Zero Wing.

“These foreign powers are acting rather quickly.” Shi Feng wasn’t particularly surprised to hear the matter Phoenix Rain reported. Or, more specifically, it was only a matter of time before it happened. After all, native Tier 6 experts were the best tools to explore a Taboo Mode Dungeon. There was no way these foreign powers would forgo using these tools. “Tell Illusory Words that they can either join us or get lost. Zero Wing isn’t interested in begging others to join!”

Honestly, after recruiting Phoenix Rain’s and Ji Luorong’s groups, Zero Wing no longer needed Tier 6 experts.

Whether it was Phoenix Rain’s subordinates or Ji Luorong’s Eternal Glory adventurer team, both had many Tier 5 experts capable of advancing to Tier 6. They were merely lacking the right opportunity.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng would have no trouble letting these individuals advance to Tier 6 with the Medium World Fragment in his possession.

In that case, why should Zero Wing go out of its way to prove itself to those seeking to rely on it? Did these people take Zero Wing for a charity case?

A Guild didn’t need to have many members, especially not members who would pack their bags and flee at the first sign of danger. If the various superpowers weren’t even willing to take the risk to join Zero Wing, Zero Wing would be better off not having them as members.

“I think I discovered a treasury, Guild Leader,” Shadow Flower said before sharing an image through the team chat.

The image showed a golden door sealed by countless divine chains. Engraved on the door was a man holding a long sword fighting to the death, and below the man laid countless corpses of Demons and Gods.

The God Slayer’s treasury? Shi Feng immediately got goosebumps when he saw the image.

Very few records of the God Slayer existed in God’s Domain, but according to rumors, the God Slayer could slay Gods despite having a mortal body. Moreover, these weren’t just your average Tier 6 Gods, but Primordial Gods.

From what Shi Feng uncovered in his previous life, the God Slayer initially appeared in a very distant era. It was so distant that none of the Gods of the modern era existed back then, and some Ancient Gods hadn’t even been born yet.

During that era, existences that could be referred to as Gods would be considered Primordial Gods in the modern era.

According to rumors, the God Slayer had left behind many treasures across the Greater God’s Domain to provide the human race a helping hand in times of danger. Meanwhile, the Ruined Library was one of the places rumored to house the God Slayer’s treasure. However, Shi Feng had never heard of anyone discovering the God Slayer’s treasure in the Ruined Library in his previous life.

However, the instant Shi Feng saw the image Shadow Flower shared, he was already certain of it.

Hidden behind the golden door were undoubtedly the treasures the God Slayer had left behind!

In Shadow Flower’s eyes, the engravings on the door might only be a depiction of a piece of ancient history. However, as someone who had learned the Goddess of Space’s Mana Technique, Shi Feng could tell that these engravings had a similar function to those found on Primordial God Tablets.

In other words, someone had done the unthinkable and used a Primordial God Tablet as a door!

After seeing such an extravagant gesture, Shi Feng refused to believe that the God Slayer’s treasures weren’t behind that door!

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