Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3639

Chapter 713 – First Generation Saint

“Send me your coordinates, Flower. We’ll head over there immediately.”

After ensuring he wasn’t hallucinating, Shi Feng quickly calmed his excited heart and led his team to Shadow Flower’s location, worried that the God Slayer’s treasures might disappear if he was even a second late.

Shi Feng had done plenty of research on the God Slayer’s treasures in his previous life. Although he ended up finding two possible locations in the Greater God’s Domain, both locations only contained an opportunity the God Slayer had offhandedly left behind. It was similar to the opportunity he had found in his home God’s Domain; neither were actually treasures left of the God Slayer.

Even so, he had gained plenty from these two opportunities. One of them even allowed him to acquire Zero Wing’s prided Holy City, a bastion that even the apex power Demon’s Gate could not break.

So, Shi Feng couldn’t even imagine what awaited him in the God Slayer’s treasury.

After advancing for two hours, Shi Feng and the others arrived at the secret passage Shadow Flower had found inside a cellar in the core area.

The entrance to the secret passage was well-hidden. If not for the Dragon’s Fury Secret Treasure set enhancing Shadow Flower’s sensitivity to mana, even if she was a Tier 6 Assassin and a Grandmaster Magician, she would have never noticed there was a secret passage hidden in the deserted cellar.

The entire secret passage was wrapped in an illusion barrier. The barrier was incredibly profound and could manipulate time and space. Even if players accidentally stepped into the secret passage, they would still think they were inside the cellar. They would not think they had already stepped into a completely different space-time.

However, once Shadow Flower noticed something was amiss, she promptly utilized her knowledge as a Grandmaster Magician to carefully analyze what was wrong. After analyzing her surroundings for over ten minutes, she finally noticed she had stepped into an illusion barrier. From then onward, it took her no more than ten minutes to uncover the method of crossing the barrier.

Meanwhile, as Shi Feng was already a Great Grandmaster Magician, he had an even easier time analyzing the illusion barrier.

After just one minute, Shi Feng had already led his team into the secret passage. Subsequently, everyone felt ripples coming from the surrounding space-time. Then, in the blink of an eye, they found themselves standing before an ancient temple.

The temple was no more than a hundred meters in height, but the golden door serving as its entrance radiated a Divine Might so powerful that it caused even Tier 6 experts like Ji Luorong to shudder. They could also feel their mental states being suppressed to a greater degree.

Meanwhile, above the golden door bound by divine chains were over a hundred rotating Great Grandmaster Magic Arrays, and the figure of a person could be vaguely seen amidst these magic arrays.

“What in the world?!” Ji Luorong couldn’t help but gasp when she got a good look at the figure amidst the magic arrays.

Besides Ji Luorong, everyone else present also wore indescribably grim looks as they looked at the figure, their bodies involuntarily shuddering as if they had just been soaked in icy cold water.

[Sky Dragon Saint Ukarius (First Generation Saint)] (Ancient Human, Tier 6)
Level 210
HP 2,000,000,000,000,000

“Is the Main God System joking with us?” When Crimson Mist saw Ukarius’s stats, she couldn’t help but get the urge to turn around and flee.

Whether it was Ukarius’s title of Saint or his status as a Tier 6 Ancient Human, both were things that could instill fear in any player when appearing independently.

Yet, not only did Ukarius have both of these things, but he even had an additional title of First Generation Saint.

According to information found in God’s Domain’s libraries, First Generation Saints were monsters among monsters. This was because First Generation Saints existed in an era when Gods still roamed the lands. Because of this, only humans of extraordinary strength could be regarded as Saints during that era.

Moreover, in God’s Domain, even Tier 6 Gods who were World Bosses only possessed nine HP bars. This was also the highest number of HP bars anyone had ever seen on an existence.

Yet, Ukarius had twelve HP bars…

What kind of Life Rating and combat standard did the Sky Dragon Saint have to warrant all these HP bars?

Upon seeing Ukarius’s stats, Phoenix Rain and Purple Eye similarly gasped.

After a while, Phoenix Rain said, “Let’s give up, Guild Leader. We cannot afford to provoke this Boss.”

Every treasury represented significant wealth to any power in God’s Domain. In the case of a treasury inside a Taboo Dungeon, even a fool could tell it was extraordinary.

When Phoenix Rain initially heard Shadow Flower reporting her discovery, she had indeed reacted with excitement. However, after seeing Ukarius, even though she knew Shi Feng was strong enough to rival Level 200, Tier 6 Gods, she did not think they had any chance of victory.

It should be known that even among the modern human race, Tier 6 Saints were existences capable of rivaling Tier 6 Gods. Tier 6 Ancient Humans who had achieved the status of Saint could only be stronger. She wouldn’t be surprised if Ukarius could kill Level 200, Tier 6 Gods with a single blow. As for Tier 6 players, they’d be fortunate if they didn’t suffer Soul Annihilation.

A First Generation Saint? Shi Feng was similarly shocked when he saw Ukarius.

The information available in their God’s Domain was limited, so while Phoenix Rain and the others might know about the existence of First Generation Saints, their knowledge should barely scratch the topic’s surface.

However, it was a different story for Shi Feng. As someone who had spent years roaming the Greater God’s Domain and exploring the Twelve Sanctuaries, Shi Feng understood plenty about First Generation Saints. More specifically, he knew the requirements to become a First Generation Saint.

If Ancient Humans in the Mythical Era wished to earn the title of Saint, they would need to master at least three Advanced Laws. Normally, if a Tier 6 NPC were to master even one Advanced Law, they would become the nightmare of all Tier 6 players. If a player did not similarly master an Advanced Law, they would instantly lose half of their strength as soon as the Tier 6 NPC used Law Projection.

If a First Generation Saint used Law Projection with three Advanced Laws, even Tier 6 players who had mastered Advanced Laws would lose at least half their strength. As for Tier 6 players who had not mastered any Advanced Laws, they would be fortunate if they could retain even 10% of their strength.

As for Shi Feng, since he had mastered a Goddess Law, he should be able to resist a First Generation Saint’s Law Projection, albeit barely. However, with only the Basic Attributes of a Level 200, Tier 6 God, he stood no chance against Ukarius in a frontal confrontation.

“We should leave this place quickly, Guild Leader. We are dead if Ukarius notices us,” Ji Luorong hurriedly said after snapping out of her daze. She did not wish to stay in Ukarius’s presence for even a second longer.

“Leave?” Shi Feng took another look at the golden door when he heard Ji Luorong’s words. Then, an idea suddenly came to him as he turned to Blue Phoenix and said, “No, we still have a chance! Can you summon your Personal Guard, Blue?”

“My Personal Guard?” Blue Phoenix was confused by Shi Feng’s request. “My Personal Guard might be Tier 6, but he is only at the Epic rank. He can’t survive the Boss’s attacks.”

“An Epic Personal Guard might not be enough, but what about a Legendary Personal Guard?” Shi Feng said expectantly as he thought of the Divine Water of Life in his bag.

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