Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3640

Chapter 714 – Legendary Guard
“Legendary? Can my Personal Guard become a Legendary Guard?”

Confusion appeared on Blue Phoenix’s delicate face when she heard Shi Feng’s words.

Although Blue Phoenix held Shi Feng’s strength in high regard, as Phoenix Rain’s assistant and an expert who had nurtured Personal Guards for many years, she knew exactly how difficult it was to improve a Personal Guard’s Growth Potential. It was especially so for Epic Guards, whose Growth Potential had reached 100 points.

Of course, in exchange for the increased difficulty, every subsequent improvement a Personal Guard achieved in Growth Potential would also increase the growth rate of their Basic Attributes by a frightening extent.

Take her Epic Personal Guard, Dragon Knight Los Merin, for example. With 107 points in Growth Potential, Los Merin was undoubtedly at the top among their God’s Domain’s Epic Personal Guards. He could defend against attacks from even dragons of the same level and tier. This was also why the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion previously dared to challenge Minos’s trial.

Meanwhile, to develop Los Merin’s Growth Potential to such an extent, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had expended all of the precious materials available in God’s Domain. At this point, it was unlikely their God’s Domain had enough materials to help Los Merin achieve even a one-point improvement in Growth Potential, let alone advance to the Legendary standard.

After all, the minimum requirement for a Personal Guard to reach the Legendary standard was 120 points in Growth Potential, and Los Merin was 13 points short of reaching it. No amount of manpower would be enough to gather the necessary materials to upgrade Los Merin into a Legendary Personal Guard.

“Of course, he can,” Shi Feng said definitively. “What is your Personal Guard’s current Growth Potential?”

Normally, unless a Personal Guard was inherently an Epic Guard, upgrading them to the Legendary standard was nigh-impossible. Even in the case of natural Epic Personal Guards, they would still require plenty of Legendary and Inferior Divine materials to advance to the Legendary standard. The total cost of such an endeavor was so expensive that most conglomerates wouldn’t even be able to afford it. Only pseudo-apex powers and apex powers would be able to do so.

Fortunately, Shi Feng had previously raided the Nameless City’s treasury and acquired over 30,000 bottles of Divine Water of Life. So long as he was willing to pay the price, he could even produce an Advanced Legendary Guard, let alone a Legendary Guard.

“He’s currently at 107 points,” Blue Phoenix said awkwardly.

“Thirteen points to go?” Shi Feng couldn’t help but frown a little when he heard Blue Phoenix’s answer. Then, he handed Blue Phoenix three bottles of Divine Water of Life and said, “It seems we can only take a gamble.”

Although there was no limit to the consumption of Divine Water of Life, only the first three bottles would yield the greatest effects. Afterward, every subsequent improvement would require the consumption of multiple bottles of Divine Water of Life.

He had only brought 241 bottles with him when he returned, leaving the remaining 30,000 bottles in Zero Wing’s Guild Warehouse in the Eternal Realm. If the first three bottles failed to shrink the 13-point gap by a lot, the remaining 238 bottles would unlikely be enough to upgrade Blue Phoenix’s Personal Guard to the Legendary standard.

“An Inferior Divine material?!” Phoenix Rain couldn’t help but be taken aback when she saw the Divine Water of Life. “Isn’t this a little too extravagant, Guild Leader Black Flame?”

As the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s former Guild Leader, Phoenix Rain knew how much effort had gone into collecting the materials used to upgrade Blue Phoenix’s Personal Guard. Among these materials, there were even several bottles of Water of Life, an incredibly rare and precious material in their God’s Domain. Only with these materials could Los Merin achieve a Growth Potential of 107 points.

Meanwhile, the Divine Water of Life was a hundred times more precious than the normal Water of Life. It was so rare that she had only ever seen it being mentioned in history books.

Yet, Shi Feng was thinking of using such a precious material just to bet on the chance they could upgrade Los Merin’s Growth Potential to the Legendary standard. This was beyond extravagance.

After all, the Divine Water of Life’s effects far surpassed that of the normal Water of Life. If these three bottles were used properly, they could bring Zero Wing three Legendary Guards. At that time, Zero Wing would be unstoppable in God’s Domain.

“So long as we succeed, everything will be worth it,” Shi Feng said to Phoenix Rain nonchalantly. Then, he looked at Blue Phoenix and continued, “Hurry up and have your Personal Guard drink them.”

“This…” Blue Phoenix was no fool. She naturally understood the Divine Water of Life’s value, so she couldn’t help but look toward Phoenix Rain for directions.

“Listen to the Guild Leader,” Phoenix Rain said and nodded when she failed to spot any hesitation on Shi Feng’s face.

After seeing Phoenix Rain’s nod of approval, Blue Phoenix stopped hesitating and summoned her Personal Guard. Then, she had him drink all three bottles of Divine Water of Life. However, she still couldn’t help but grow a little nervous when she saw him drinking the precious liquid bottle after bottle.

A moment after Los Merin consumed all three bottles, his aura suddenly changed. If before he was a lion cub, now he was an adult lion. He felt completely different from before, and he exerted an oppressive feeling on those around him.

“What an incredible aura!” Ji Luorong exclaimed as she looked at Los Merin. “He feels stronger than me already.”

“Indeed. With such Basic Attributes, he should have no trouble clashing with a Tier 6 God,” Shadow Flower commented.

Everyone marveled and rejoiced over Los Merin’s astonishing transformation. Shi Feng, however, frowned.

“How many points to go?” Shi Feng asked Blue Phoenix.

Shi Feng had encountered more than one Advanced Legendary Guards in his previous life, let alone Basic Legendary Guards. So, he knew how strong Legendary Guards were supposed to be, and Los Merin definitely wasn’t one.

In response, Blue Phoenix looked at Los Merin’s statistics and gloomily said, “He still needs three more points…”

Los Merin’s Growth Potential was currently at 117 points. He could already be considered the strongest Epic Guard in their God’s Domain. However, he was still far from reaching the Legendary standard.

In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that unless Los Merin could gain access to more Divine Water of Life, he would have zero chance of reaching the Legendary standard within his lifetime. After all, even in the world outside of their God’s Domain, it was unlikely that there were treasures superior to the Divine Water of Life.

“Only three? Thank goodness.” Shi Feng sighed in relief when he heard Blue Phoenix’s answer. Then, he took out another 140 bottles of Divine Water of Life and handed them to Blue Phoenix, saying, “Have him drink all of these.”

Starting from the fourth consumption, a Personal Guard must consume multiple bottles of Divine Water of Life to see any improvements. More specifically, the fourth consumption would require 10 bottles, the fifth consumption would require 30 bottles, the sixth consumption would require 100 bottles, the seventh consumption would require 300 bottles, and the eighth consumption would require 1,000 bottles.

With the amount of Divine Water of Life he had on hand, he could only upgrade Blue Phoenix’s Personal Guard three more times. Fortunately, Los Merin only needed three more points. Even if each consumption only improved his Growth Potential by one point, he could still advance to the Legendary standard without fail.

“T-That many?” Blue Phoenix gaped in shock when she saw the 140 bottles of Divine Water of Life.

As for everyone else, they were similarly dumbfounded by this scene. It was especially so for Phoenix Rain, who had some understanding of the Divine Water of Life.

With 140 bottles of Divine Water of Life, so long as one wasn’t a fool and utilized them normally, it was entirely possible to rule over the entire God’s Domain. Yet, Shi Feng was using all these precious materials just to create one Legendary Guard…

Words such as insane and extravagant could no longer describe Shi Feng’s actions. What he was doing was no different than tossing a mountain of gold into the ocean just to see some waves.

“Hurry up. The Boss has already noticed us,” Shi Feng urged when he saw Ukarius suddenly opening his eyes.

Hearing this, Blue Phoenix hurriedly had Los Merin consume all 140 bottles of Divine Water of Life in one fell swoop.


Immediately, a pillar of terrifying flames made of mana rose from Los Merin, and a mighty aura swept across everyone present. Los Merin’s current aura was in a completely different dimension compared to before, and even Phoenix Rain and the other Tier 6 players present couldn’t help but stumble multiple steps away from the Personal Guard.


Shi Feng smiled when he saw this scene.

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