Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3641

Chapter 715 – Legendary VS First Generation

“So the rumors of Legendary Guards rivaling Gods of the same level were true.”

“A Legendary Personal Guard… If those who chose not to leave the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion with Phoenix Rain learn of this, they’ll probably die from regret.”

At this time, Ji Luorong and the other Tier 6 team members felt immense pressure from Los Merin.

It should be known that Shi Feng had previously given each Tier 6 member of the team a Dragon’s Fury Set and a Bronze Mana Purification Technique, the combination allowing them to gain strength close to matching Tier 6 Gods of the same level.

Yet, despite their strength having improved so much, they still got the urge to run away when they stood before Los Merin, a Level 212, Tier 6 Dragon Knight.

It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that none of their God’s Domain’s powers possessed anyone capable of contending against Los Merin. Even the Five Great Super Guilds were no exception. After all, even the strongest expert from the Five Great Super Guilds could only match Level 200, Tier 6 Gods. Said expert still had a long way to go to match Level 212, Tier 6 Gods.

“Alright, this is no time to be daydreaming. What is Los Merin’s current potential?” Shi Feng asked, smiling as he looked at Blue Phoenix’s dazed expression.

Of course, Shi Feng could understand the reactions of Blue Phoenix and the others. Any player would be surprised if it was their first time seeing a Legendary Guard.

After all, the Life Rating and Basic Attributes of Legendary Guards were vastly superior to most Tier 6 players. It was especially so for Legendary Guards who were fully equipped with Legendary items or several Fragmented Divine Artifacts. In front of such Legendary Guards, even Tier 6 players equipped with multiple Legendary items would be no different than ants.

Currently, although Los Merin was not fully equipped with Legendary Weapons and Equipment, he still possessed incredibly powerful Basic Attributes. If he were to fight against the Tier 6 players of their God’s Domain, he would be akin to an adult fighting against a bunch of toddlers.

“He’s at 121 points,” Blue Phoenix said after snapping out of her daze.

“Not bad. He should have no trouble tanking the Boss now,” Shi Feng said, feeling a little joyful as he looked at Los Merin. Then, he commanded, “Everyone, get ready. When Los Merin tanks the Boss, everyone else should find opportunities to deal damage. However, never get greedy and try to get close to the Boss!”

Once a Personal Guard reached the Legendary standard, every subsequent one-point increase in Growth Potential would increase their base Basic Attributes by 10%. After factoring in their weapons and equipment, their overall strength would increase by an even greater margin.

Although Los Merin had yet to complete his Exclusive Legendary Guard Quest and acquire a set of top-tier Legendary Weapons and Equipment for himself, thanks to his Growth Potential, his Basic Attributes should be close to matching a 120-point Legendary Guard fully equipped with Legendary Weapons and Equipment.

Meanwhile, as soon as Shi Feng finished issuing his command, Ukarius suddenly appeared within 300 yards of the team. At the same time, a staff embedded with seven Seven Luminaries Gemstones appeared in his hand.

“Foolish intruders! This is not a place where you belong!” Ukarius waved his staff as he gazed down at Shi Feng’s team.

Suddenly, a fourfold magic array that was several thousand yards in diameter appeared above Shi Feng and the others. The magic array instantly drained the surrounding area of mana, causing all of the Tier 5 experts present to fall to their knees.

“Impossible! This is impossible!”

“How can anyone quadruple-cast the Tier 6 version of Dark Paradise?! Is he a monster?!”

All of the Tier 5 experts despaired as they looked at the fourfold magic array above their heads. Even Ji Luorong and Phoenix Rain, who were Tier 6 Mage Gods, were greatly frightened.

What Ukarius had cast was the Tier 6 version of Dark Paradise. As it was a Tier 6 Curse, even Tier 6 Mage Gods like themselves would normally take their time casting it. Otherwise, their Skill Completion Rate would end up very low, and the effects their Dark Paradise could achieve would be terrible.

Meanwhile, casting a fourfold Spell was akin to casting the same Spell four times. In the case of Tier 6 Curses, quadruple-casting them was such a challenging endeavor that it was outside the capabilities of even Tier 6 Gods proficient in magic.

However, the fact that Ukarius had cast a fourfold Tier 6 Curse was still not the most frightening part.

What truly frightened everyone was that Ukarius’s fourfold Dark Paradise was cast with a 100% Completion Rate…

Subsequently, a black ball of mana emerged from the fourfold magic array and descended upon Shi Feng’s team rapidly. The ball of mana erased everything in its path, and there was no doubt it could erase even the Immortal Souls of Tier 6 players should it be allowed to connect.

However, halfway through the mana ball’s descent, a brilliant radiance suddenly illuminated the sky. At the same time, Los Merin could be seen appearing before the mana ball with his shield raised.

Just as Los Merin’s shield was about to collide with the fourfold Dark Paradise, countless divine runes emerged from the shield, forming a twofold barrier that covered a 1,000-yard radius.

Twofold Tier 6 Super Spell, Oracular Barrier!


For a moment, the land and the sky vanished as a powerful shockwave turned the space in a 10,000-yard into a dark void. The flood of mana that resulted from the collision of Spells was so violent that it momentarily prevented the World Laws from repairing the affected space.

However, the two individuals in the sky did not stop their clash after the initial impact.

Moving at a speed that even Tier 6 experts could barely perceive, Los Merin defended against Ukarius’s Spells using his shield while continuously trying to close in on the First Generation Saint. Throughout this period, their respective Law Projections also clashed with one another. Although Los Merin could only ensure that a limited area was free from the influence of Ukarius’s Law Projection, it was just barely enough to cover everyone from Shi Feng’s team.

However, Ukarius was no ordinary Boss. Not only did he prevent Los Merin from getting anywhere near him, but he also caused Los Merin to lose over five billion HP each time the other party blocked his Spells. Even after becoming a Legendary Guard, Los Merin only had 70 billion HP. At this rate, it wouldn’t take more than a minute for Los Merin to fall.

“All healers, keep Los Merin alive with everything you have! Tier 5s, find opportunities to attack with Combination Skills and Spells!” Shi Feng calmly commanded, not at all surprised to see Los Merin being in a convincingly disadvantageous position. A Legendary Guard might rival Gods, but First Generation Saints were existences far superior to Gods.

After issuing his commands, Shi Feng promptly activated his Tier 6 Legacy Super Spell Sword Law World. Then, he joined everyone in attacking Ukarius.

Although Ukarius was a First Generation Saint who had mastered three Advanced Laws, Sword Law World still took full effect, weakening him by 30% in all aspects. As a result, Ukarius’s maximum HP fell to 1.4 quadrillion, and his Law Projection was weakened by 30%. This change allowed Los Merin to gain the upper hand, and the Dragon Knight instantly appeared within melee range of the First Generation Saint and dealt over 30 billion damage with a Tier 6 Shield Bash.

“He can close the gap now!”

“What Skill did the Guild Leader use?! Isn’t it overpowered?!”

When everyone saw Los Merin finally landing a hit on Ukarius, their confidence no longer wavered.

“Split into 10-man groups and attack with Large Combination Spells!” Phoenix Rain was similarly excited by this development, and she promptly commanded her Tier 5 subordinates to attack Ukarius using Large Combination Spells.

Immediately, apart from the fourteen healers, every other Tier 5 expert in the team started attacking Ukarius in groups of ten.

Under normal circumstances, Tier 5 Large Combination Spells could already exceed the average Tier 6 Spell in power. Now that all of the team’s Tier 5 members had mana rivaling Tier 6 players, the Tier 5 Large Combination Spells they cast could rival Tier 6 Curses, each attack causing over 10 billion damage to Ukarius. In just one volley, the team’s eight Tier 5 groups had dealt over 100 billion damage. Paired with Shi Feng’s attack, which dealt over 300 billion damage, they managed to put a visible dent in one of Ukarius’s twelve HP bars.

However, before anyone could celebrate, Ukarius’s battle recovery kicked in, instantly replenishing all of the HP he had just lost. This sight plunged everyone into despair once again.

Sure enough, the difference is still too much.

Shi Feng wryly smiled when he saw Ukarius’s fully recovered HP.

Although Ukarius had been weakened by 30%, his HP remained at a staggering value, and it allowed him to recover 28 trillion HP every five seconds. Under normal circumstances, even a 100-man Tier 6 team would be helpless against him.

It seems I have no other choice.

Immediately, Shi Feng took out the Primordial Dragon Legacy Crystal and summoned Kalisha’s phantom.

This time, Kalisha’s phantom was visibly stronger than the last time Shi Feng had summoned it. The phantom of a 10,000-meter-tall dragon had even appeared with Kalisha’s phantom. Meanwhile, after scanning the surrounding area, Kalisha’s phantom revealed a look of surprise briefly before she pointed a finger at Ukarius.

At the same time, the phantom dragon behind Kalisha opened its mouth and gathered a concentrated ball of energy in it. Then, it bellowed in the direction of Ukarius.

Primordial Dragon Roar!

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