Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3642

Chapter 716 – Primordial Dragon’s Roar
“Despicable dragon! This is not where you belong!”

When Ukarius saw the massive phantom dragon opening its mouth, his composure disappeared, and his expression turned gloomy. At the same time, a seven-colored radiance bloomed from his staff, and numerous magic arrays that spewed out divine runes appeared above him.

In the blink of an eye, countless divine runes had wrapped themselves around Ukarius, making it impossible for even Los Merin to get within a thousand yards of him. As for everyone else, their attacks were erased from existence as soon as they moved within a thousand yards of the First Generation Saint.

“This Boss wasn’t even taking us seriously this entire time?” Ji Luorong couldn’t help but doubt herself when she saw this sudden development.

Previously, although Ukarius was strong, they could more or less damage him after Shi Feng had weakened him. But now, their attacks couldn’t even get within a thousand yards of Ukarius, let alone damage him. The difference in strength was simply despairing.

Meanwhile, a moment after Ukarius finished constructing his divine rune barrier, the gigantic phantom dragon suddenly bellowed.

Immediately afterward, a gray beam exuding a boundless destructive aura struck Ukarius’s barrier. However, unlike the attacks of Ji Luorong and the others, the gray beam did not get erased. Instead, it tore through the barrier like a thin sheet of paper and devoured Ukarius.

Even then, the beam did not stop as it continued advancing and devouring the land behind Ukarius, creating a bottomless pit in front of the temple.

As expected of one of the Twelve Sanctuaries’ rulers. Not even a Level 210 First Generation Saint can defend against her attack… Shi Feng couldn’t help but be astonished when he saw Ukarius losing the left half of his body to the gray beam.

It should be known that Kalisha was still not in her peak state. Yet, she could already exhibit such power with only her phantom. Although her Primordial Dragon Roar did not outright kill Ukarius, it took away more than 10% of his HP and put him in a heavily injured state. This was a feat that even Ancient Gods would have great difficulty replicating.

In fact, if Kalisha hadn’t halted her attack after hitting Ukarius, Shi Feng suspected she could put a hole through his home God’s Domain.

How many more trump cards does he still have?! When Phoenix Rain saw Ukarius being deprived of most of his combat power, she couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in shock.

Even though it hadn’t been long since they started clashing with Ukarius, Phoenix Rain could already tell that the First Generation Saint was an impossible opponent. They wouldn’t stand a chance against Ukarius even if they gathered all of their God’s Domain’s players, let alone fighting him with just six Tier 6 players.

Under normal circumstances, their only option was to wait for death to claim them and pray they wouldn’t get their souls annihilated.

Yet, with only a single move, Shi Feng had reduced Ukarius to a state where the First Generation Saint couldn’t even pose a threat to their team.

“We need to start attacking. We cannot let the Boss recover his body,” Shi Feng commanded when he saw Kalisha’s phantom disappearing.

Once Ukarius’s body fully recovered, even if he remained heavily injured, he could still exhibit combat power rivaling Tier 6 Gods of the same level. With his absurdly high HP, even if he didn’t have combat recovery, he could slowly whittle them to death.

Hearing Shi Feng’s command, Phoenix Rain and the others understood this was a precious opportunity and promptly resumed their attack on Ukarius.

Immediately, Phoenix Rain, Ji Luorong, and Purple Eye activated a Tier 6 Berserk Skill and started casting Tier 6 Curses such as Dimensional Spirit Blade, Skyfire Thunder Spear, and Meteor Explosion. Although none of these Tier 6 Curses were known for having astonishing power, they were the Tier 6 Curses that the trio were most proficient in. For example, Phoenix Rain could control up to a hundred dimensional blades at a time, Ji Luorong could control several hundred thunder spears at a time, and Purple Eye could control over a thousand meteors at a time. Before their mana dried up, they could attack endlessly with these Tier 6 Curses.

Meanwhile, Shadow Flower and Crimson Mist activated their respective Doppelganger Skills, with Shadow Flower splitting into five copies of herself and Crimson Mist summoning two copies of herself. Shadow Flower’s doppelgangers possessed 100% of her Basic Attributes, while Crimson Mist’s doppelgangers had 150% of her Basic Attributes. After doing so, they worked with Los Merien to negate all of Ukarius’s attempts at launching a counter-offensive and allow everyone else to attack the First Generation Saint freely.

As for Shi Feng, he activated Holy Mana’s Shadow and World of Frost, transforming into a 20-meter-tall giant and summoning 100 frost swords to his side. Immediately afterward, he executed Sword’s Orbit and launched a barrage of stars at Ukarius, each impact easily depleting nearly a hundred billion of the First Generation Saint’s HP. After just one cycle of attacks, he dealt over ten trillion damage to Ukarius, his DPS alone surpassing the combined total of the rest of his team.

87%… 50%… 20%…

Ukarius’s HP rapidly fell under everyone’s fierce attacks. But at the same time, Ukarius gradually recovered his body and combat power. First, it was his left arm. Then, it was his left leg. As Ukarius recovered more of his Divine Body, he also shifted from using Tier 4 Spells to Tier 5 Spells to defend himself.

When Ukarius’s HP fell to 2%, he finally recovered his Divine Body completely and could use Tier 6 Spells again. Immediately, he retaliated against Shi Feng’s team with a fourfold Tier 6 Curse, overcoming Los Merin’s defense with ease and obliterating four of the ten Tier 5 groups.

This turn of events shocked everyone.

It should be known that Ukarius’s Heavily Injured status was still in effect. Yet, he could still kill them with ease.

“It’s over for you intruders! Die, all of you!” After his initial retaliation, Ukarius coldly glanced at Shi Feng’s team before summoning fifteen magic arrays around himself, each corresponding to a Tier 6 Spell.

However, at the same time as Ukarius had decided to rid himself of his opponents once and for all, Shi Feng raised the Shadow Incinerator high into the air and swung down with it.


The End!

Third Sword, Holy Annihilation!

Immediately, a towering pillar of flames rose from under Ukarius. Although Ukarius had promptly reacted to it by casting a Tier 6 Defensive Spell and summoning a barrier to protect himself, the crimson flames took only a second to burn through the barrier and envelop him. Meanwhile, following a scream of agony, Ukarius’s remaining HP disappeared completely…

System: Congratulations! You are the first team to have conquered the Ruined Library. Dungeon rewards doubled. You will be teleported out of the Ruined Library in two hours.

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