Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3643

Chapter 717 – Taboo Dungeon’s First Clear

“We won!!”

When Phoenix Rain and the other survivors heard the system notification, they couldn’t help but feel like they were dreaming.

Although Ukarius had less than 2% of his HP left just now, that still translated to more than 16 trillion HP. With a Tier 6 Defensive Spell protecting Ukarius, even Los Merin would need some time to do that much damage to the First Generation Saint. Outside of Los Merin, Ukarius was more than capable of killing everyone else in that period.

However, nobody had expected Shi Feng to be able to plunder 16 trillion HP from Ukarius simply by raising his sword.

While everyone was in a daze, Shi Feng reappeared from the void and quickly collected the Sacred Phantom Ring from the ground.

Thank goodness I had the Sacred Phantom Ring to substitute my death. Otherwise, we really would have lost this time. Shi Feng breathed a deep sigh of relief as he looked at Ukarius’s charred corpse on the ground.

The Ruined Library’s difficulty had far exceeded his expectations. Originally, he thought it would have been a battle without any surprises. He never thought he would have to exhaust his trump cards to clear the Taboo Dungeon. Even then, he had barely succeeded.

The last moment where Ukarius went berserk was especially anxiety-inducing. Even though the First Generation Saint was clearly in a heavily injured state, he still managed to cast fifteen Tier 6 Spells simultaneously. His capabilities were simply heaven-defying.

Meanwhile, following Ukarius’s death, golden glows began enveloping Shi Feng one after another as his level skyrocketed.

Level 185… Level 187… Level 189…

Ultimately, Shi Feng’s level settled at 191.

Aside from Shi Feng, some of the lower-level members who survived the battle also leveled up. For example, Crimson Mist had leveled up from Level 202 to Level 205. Compared to the average Boss monster, the EXP Ukarius awarded on death was in a completely different dimension.

However, nobody paid much attention to the EXP they gained from Ukarius. Instead, they curiously looked at the sealed golden door after snapping out of their daze.

Ukarius was the Final Boss of their God’s Domain’s first Taboo Mode Dungeon. He was also the strongest Boss monster, bar none they had ever encountered. He was so powerful that, despite being heavily injured, he managed to overwhelm Los Merin, who was a Legendary Personal Guard and a Level 212, Tier 6 Dragon Knight.

With such a powerful existence serving as the gatekeeper of the Ruined Library’s treasury, the items contained in the treasury should logically be amazing beyond their imaginations.

“Healers, resurrect the dead. Everyone else, rest for now. We will explore the treasury together later,” Shi Feng instructed when he saw everyone’s passionate gazes.

Every treasury in God’s Domain would contain a mountain of treasures. At the very least, there should be enough items to fully stuff the bags of several dozen players. With time being limited, they naturally had to prioritize resurrecting the dead so that they could have more members help loot the treasury.

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s command, the healers promptly started resurrecting the dead.

Around ten minutes later, the forty players who had died were resurrected.

Seeing that everyone had fully recovered, Shi Feng made his way toward the treasury’s golden door. However, as everyone got closer to the 30-meter door, they were suddenly subjected to a continuous barrage of mental attacks, and over half the team fell to their knees on the spot, unable to move forward any further.

The Law Chains sealing the golden door had disappeared following Ukarius’s death. As a result, those who tried to approach the golden door would now be subjected to powerful mental attacks. These mental attacks were so powerful that they disqualified over half of the team’s Tier 5 members as soon as they moved within 100 yards of the door. By the time they were close enough to touch the door, only fifteen players remained standing. Aside from the team’s Tier 6 members, the rest were all Tier 5 players who had already developed their Concentration to the Tier 6 standard.

Subsequently, when Shi Feng pushed apart the golden door, a stream of even stronger mental attacks assaulted everyone’s minds. Everyone felt as if someone had just slammed a hammer into their brain, and even the Tier 6 members of the team had nearly collapsed to their knees from the pain.

“Those without Tier 6 Intermediate Concentration should avoid entering,” After taking a moment to feel the mental attacks’ intensity, Shi Feng looked at Blue Phoenix and the other Tier 5 experts, who were still struggling to stay standing, and said, “Find a suitable location to train your Concentration while you wait for us to collect the treasures.”

There were both advantages and disadvantages to mental attacks. On the one hand, they could wear out a player’s Concentration. On the other hand, they could temper a player’s mind, providing significant assistance to players in developing their Concentration. Of course, such tempering had to be done in moderation. If players tried to tackle mental attacks that were far beyond their tolerance, they could very well suffer Soul Annihilation.

Based on his analysis, the mental attacks inside the treasury would induce significant pain even to players with Tier 6 Intermediate Concentration. If players tried to enter the treasury with their Concentration below the Tier 6 Intermediate standard, they would quickly lose consciousness.

Phoenix Rain agreed with Shi Feng’s analysis. So, when she saw the reluctant looks on Blue Phoenix and the others, she said, “Stay here, Blue. It is unfortunate, but you shouldn’t throw your life away just for some treasures.”


After taking one last look at the corridor beyond the golden door, Blue Phoenix and the other Tier 5 members helplessly backed away and quietly watched as Shi Feng and the other five Tier 6 members of the team entered the treasury.

After Shi Feng’s group walked down the treasury’s entrance corridor for about ten minutes, they arrived at a palace lined with stone statues. Upon stepping inside the palace, the group was greeted by the sight of mountains of treasures that radiated incredibly dense Eternal Energy.

“Is this the First Clear reward?” Ji Luorong couldn’t help but gape in shock as she looked at the mountains of treasures before her.

It should be known that the God Chaser Set had a rather low drop rate throughout the Taboo Dungeon. Yet, several of the mountains in this treasury were made up of God Chaser Sets entirely. Moreover, all of these God Chaser Sets came in complete sets.

Aside from the God Chaser Sets, the treasury also housed many Divine Titan Sources, an Inferior Divine Material that all powers dreamed of obtaining to use as a power source.

Many items, such as Combat Puppets, Flying Ships, and the core magic arrays of Guild Towns and Cities, required a power source. Meanwhile, Divine Titan Sources were akin to gods among power sources. This was because Divine Titan Sources generated Eternal Energy when in use, and should mana-powered items be operated using Eternal Energy, their capabilities would improve substantially.

While Ji Luorong and the others were stunned by how many Divine Titan Sources were in the treasury, Shi Feng had his eyes glued to an old painting hanging on a wall.

“A Divine Artifact?!”

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