Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3644

Chapter 718 – Origin Myth

“What did you say, Guild Leader?”

“A Divine Artifact?”

“That painting is a Divine Artifact?!”

When Phoenix Rain and the others heard Shi Feng’s exclamation, they couldn’t help but follow his gaze and look at the unassuming painting on the wall. However, they failed to sense even a strand of Mana from the painting, let alone Eternal Energy. It was no different than the ordinary paintings used as decoration.

But Shi Feng was far more knowledgeable about God’s Domain than them, so they couldn’t completely discount his words.

For those living in their God’s Domain, Divine Artifacts were very foreign objects. But at the same time, these were also items they yearned to obtain. Although they didn’t have much knowledge regarding the world outside their God’s Domain, they knew that Divine Artifacts remained extraordinary items there, and every Divine Artifact could potentially lead to the birth or death of a titanic existence in the outside world.

Now that a Divine Artifact could potentially be hanging right before their eyes, how could they not be surprised and excited?

“I can’t say for sure,” Shi Feng said before hurriedly approaching the painting to appraise it.

In reality, Shi Feng wasn’t particularly familiar with Divine Artifacts, either. Although he had collected a lot of information on Divine Artifacts, he never managed to own one himself.

Meanwhile, according to his knowledge, Divine Artifacts normally radiated incredibly dense Eternal Energy, even when not equipped by a player. Some Divine Artifacts would even radiate Divine Might so powerful that they could prevent ordinary Tier 6 experts from approaching it.

Moreover, as far as he knew, players couldn’t obtain complete Divine Artifacts outside of trading with or stealing from other players. Instead, players could only acquire complete Divine Artifacts by repairing Fragmented Divine Artifacts. This was also one of the reasons that made Divine Artifacts difficult to obtain.

Honestly, Shi Feng had not noticed anything special about the painting on the wall when he first laid eyes on it. He only suspected it to be a Divine Artifact rather than a Fragmented Divine Artifact because of the Sunlight Blade in his bag.

Ever since Shi Feng obtained the Sunlight Blade from Chalk Splendor, the weapon had been slumbering in his bag and never made any movements. As he was a human player and could not use the Sunlight Blade, he could only leave it in his bag and wait for an opportunity to sell it back to the Holy Race for a good price.

However, as soon as he stepped inside the palace just now, the Sunlight Blade suddenly moved. Or, more specifically, it became incredibly agitated, as if it had encountered something scary. It even tried to escape from his spatial bag.

Fortunately, he had kept the Sunlight Blade in his Inferior Legendary Spatial Bag. The interior of an Inferior Legendary Spatial Bag was akin to a miniature world, and it came with a World Barrier that an ownerless Divine Artifact couldn’t break.

Meanwhile, what frightened the Sunlight Blade to such an extent was none other than the painting on the wall. So long as he looked in the painting’s direction, the Sunlight Blade would immediately become agitated, and it would only settle down once he looked away from it.

For the Sunlight Blade to fear an object so greatly, the object in question would have to be a Divine Artifact or an item that transcended Divine Artifacts.

However, Shi Feng was well aware that Godly Relics that were stronger than Divine Artifacts could not be as unassuming as the old painting. Take the Shadow Incinerator, for example. Even when it was completely sealed, he already had great difficulty getting close to it. Had he encountered the Shadow Incinerator in its unsealed state, he could have never gotten anywhere near it, let alone obtain it.

Hence, Shi Feng concluded that the painting was a Divine Artifact.

Divine Artifacts in God’s Domain came in various forms, so it wasn’t impossible for a Divine Artifact to be inconspicuous. A good example would be the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Golden Kingdom. The Golden Kingdom came in the form of a tattered flag, and if a person were to encounter it without knowing what it was, they would never think it was a Divine Artifact.

After arriving before the painting, Shi Feng immediately took it down from the wall and started appraising it.

It really is one! Shi Feng grew ecstatic when he saw the loading bar that appeared after he activated his Identification Skill.

Normally, even when he appraised an Inferior Legendary Material, the process would only need one minute. Yet, the appraisal of the painting needed five minutes.

Apart from Divine Artifacts, he could think of no other item that required such a long appraisal process.

One minute… Three minutes… Five minutes…

The instant the loading bar finished, Shi Feng felt his mind spinning, and he very nearly dropped the painting in his hands.

The Origin Myth?! Shi Feng was in shock and disbelief as he looked at the information displayed before him.

[Origin Myth] (Divine Artifact Rank Item)
Contains an Origin Space passed down from the Mythical Era. So long as enough energy is injected, the Origin Space can be activated and used to modify and strengthen items.
Cooldown: 1 natural day


It was absolutely unbelievable!

At first glance, the Origin Myth might seem a little too ordinary to be a Divine Artifact. After all, it only had a simple description indicating its ability to modify and strengthen items. However, upon closer inspection, one would notice that no limitations were mentioned in the description. This meant that the Origin Myth did not have a limit on how much it could modify or strengthen an item. This point alone would put its value far beyond even Godly Relics such as the Shadow Incinerator and Seven Luminaries Codex.

As for the name “Origin Myth,” it was something that virtually every power in the Greater God’s Domain was familiar with.

This was because the Origin Myth was the most prized possession of the Origin Sanctuary, one of the Greater God’s Domain’s Twelve Sanctuaries. Only, the Origin Myth had been missing since the Mythical Era.

During the Mythical Era, the Origin Sanctuary ranked among the top three of the Twelve Sanctuaries, and the reason it could stay at such a high rank was due to its possession of countless treasures. Meanwhile, according to rumors, most of these treasures came from the Origin Myth, with some even being Divine Artifacts.

But one day, the Origin Myth suddenly went missing, plunging the Origin Sanctuary into chaos. Although the Origin Sanctuary had tried everything to locate its most prized possession, it ultimately failed. As a result, its stockpile of treasures stopped growing, and its ranking among the Twelve Sanctuaries plummeted, falling from the top three to tenth place.

Who would have thought the well-renowned Origin Myth would be hidden inside the God Slayer’s treasury… When Shi Feng looked at the Origin Myth in his hands, he suddenly understood why the Sunlight Blade would react so fearfully toward it.

Although the Sunlight Blade was regarded as an Arcana by the Sun Dynasty, it was still just a Divine Artifact. With the Origin Myth’s powers, it was entirely possible to modify the Sunlight Blade to abandon its use of Holy Power and instead adopt the use of Mana. In that case, the Sunlight Blade would become a treasure of the human race instead of the Holy Race.

The Sunlight Blade was the creation of one of the Holy Race’s Holy Ancestors, so it would more or less contain some of the Holy Ancestor’s will. Because of this, it would naturally be against becoming a treasure of the human race. Hence, it tried to flee when it discovered the Origin Myth. Unfortunately, all the Sunlight Blade accomplished was to inform Shi Feng of the Origin Myth’s existence.

Let’s try it on you, then!

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng retrieved the Sunlight Blade from his bag and placed it into the Origin Myth. Although the Sunlight Blade desperately struggled, it was powerless against Shi Feng’s iron grip, and it could do nothing but watch as it got sent into the Origin Myth’s Origin Space.

Activate the Origin Space!

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