Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3645

Chapter 719 – Inferior Divine

System: Origin Space has detected the Divine Artifact Sunlight Blade.

The Sunlight Blade was one of the Sun Dynasty’s most prized possessions. If not for the assistance of Verdant Rainbow’s World String, Shi Feng could have never killed Chalk Splendor and obtained the weapon.

If the Sunlight Blade could be modified into a weapon usable by human players, Zero Wing would instantly gain a strategic weapon.

“Modify it!” Shi Feng chose to modify the Sunlight Blade without hesitation.

System: Modifying the Sunlight Blade into a weapon exclusive to the Human Race will cost 80,000,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. Do you wish to proceed?

Eighty million? The corners of Shi Feng’s mouth twitched when he saw the new notification.

Eighty million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal was a massive sum to any power in the Greater God’s Domain. Normally, a Tier 6 player would only need 100 thousand units for their Tier 6 prompt. A sum of 80 million units was already enough to pay for 800 players’ Tier 6 promotion.

Previously, Shi Feng had spent most of his Seven Luminaries crystals to create his Superior Divine Body, so he only had a little over 14 million units on hand right now. It was nowhere near enough to pay for the Sunlight Blade’s modification.

Sure enough, Divine Artifacts cannot be obtained easily, Shi Feng thought as he replaced the Sunlight Blade in the Origin Space with the Abyss Workshop Certification.

Honestly, Shi Feng wasn’t particularly disappointed by this outcome. He also wasn’t surprised that it cost 80 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to modify the Sunlight Blade.

Every Divine Artifact, whether it was a weapon or equipment, could affect the Greater God’s Domain’s status quo. The fact that the Origin Myth could modify a Divine Artifact was already very astounding. If it could do so at a low cost, on top of that, it could no longer be rated as merely a Divine Artifact. Instead, it would be an existence far superior to Divine Artifacts.

So, simply knowing that the Sunlight Blade could be modified was already a satisfying result for Shi Feng. Now, all he needed to do was save up 80 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal.

System: Origin Space has detected the Legendary Item Abyss Workshop Certification.


Shi Feng immediately agreed to strengthen the Abyss Workshop Certification, wanting to see if he could afford to improve it.

Although he had many items he could strengthen using the Origin Myth right now, considering his limited stockpile of Seven Luminaries Crystal, he decided to prioritize strengthening items of greater importance. Meanwhile, the Abyss Workshop Certification was undoubtedly the item that needed strengthening the most.

Zero Wing’s greatest advantage in the Eternal Realm was its ability to transport players across Realms. Players outside the Eternal Realm had an overwhelming advantage over the Eternal Realm’s players in levels and equipment standards, so it would benefit Zero Wing greatly if it could have many such players fighting for it in the Eternal Realm. However, the Abyss Workshop Certification could only teleport up to twenty players at a time. This greatly restricted Zero Wing’s growth in the Eternal Realm.

System: Strengthening and modifying the Abyss Workshop Certification into an Inferior Divine Item will cost 6,000,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. Do you wish to proceed?

“Proceed!” Shi Feng gritted his teeth as he made his choice.

Although spending six million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal here would reduce the number of Tier 6 experts Zero Wing could have, Shi Feng’s current priority was transporting as many Tier 5 and Tier 6 experts from his home God’s Domain to the Eternal Realm. Only by doing so could Zero Wing safeguard its resurrection camp in the World Ark.

Following Shi Feng’s decision, six million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal in Shi Feng’s bag transformed into a stream of energy that flowed into the Origin Space. A moment later, a colorful brilliance bloomed from the Abyss Workshop Certification, and the magic arrays and divine runes engraved on it disappeared. At the same time, new magic arrays and divine runes formed on it.

The new magic arrays and divine runes were visibly more streamlined than the old ones. They even incited the surrounding Eternal Energy.

After the strengthening and modification process continued for five minutes, a brand new Abyss Workshop Certification appeared in Shi Feng’s hands.

[Abyss Workshop Certification] (Inferior Divine Rank Item)
A certification of glory in the past. It can be used to teleport to the Abyss Workshop.
Cannot be traded.
There is a 0.1% drop rate on death.
Automatically disappears if stored in a warehouse for more than 180 natural days.

Additional Skill 2-
World-Breaking Teleportation: Forcibly opens a World-Breaking Gate at a pre-designated location. Up to 22 locations can be saved. Each gate can only transfer up to 100 people. Each gate activation costs 2,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals.
Cooldown: 6 hours

Shi Feng was astonished when he saw the Abyss Workshop Certification’s new statistics. He was especially surprised by the increase in the number of people World-Breaking Teleportation could teleport. With the carrying capacity increased by five times, he could bring many Level 200-plus, Tier 5 and Tier 6 experts into the Eternal Realm within a short period.

“You looted everything?” Shi Feng couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw the palace’s empty state. He never thought Phoenix Rain and the others could loot the God Slayer’s treasury completely.

Compared to the Nameless City’s treasury, the God Slayer’s treasury was a lot smaller, and it could only be considered a small-sized treasury. Even so, five players’ worth of Epic Spatial Bags wouldn’t be enough to loot it completely.

“Surprised, Guild Leader? Well, I’ll have you know that my commander has a Legendary Spatial Bag! Its inside is like a miniature world, and it is one-of-a-kind in our God’s Domain!” Crimson Mist explained, smiling when he saw the surprised look on Shi Feng’s face. “All of the precious materials, weapons, and equipment Eternal Glory has acquired in the past are kept inside my commander’s bag. You can say that my commander is Eternal Glory’s mobile warehouse.”

As if to support Crimson Mist’s words, Ji Luorong revealed a look of delight as she patted one of the pouches on her waist, making it look like the palace’s items were nowhere near enough to fill her Legendary Spatial Bag.

“Alright. Since everything is collected, let’s leave, then.”

After looking at how much time they had left in the dungeon, Shi Feng put the Origin Myth and Abyss Workshop Certification away before choosing to forcibly teleport the entire team out of the Ruined Library.

While Shi Feng and the others were leaving the Ruined Library, a commotion erupted outside the dungeon’s entrance.

“What did you say?! Zero Wing is the one behind the First Clear?!”

Disbelief colored Nine Dragons Emperor’s face when he heard his subordinate’s investigative report. He felt as if the entire world was playing a joke on him.

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