Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3646

Chapter 720 – Are You Black Flame?

Not long ago, the Tier 6 Alliance’s members were still angry over Zero Wing’s response. They felt that Zero Wing wasn’t taking them seriously as it refused to give them any form of assurance. They also felt that Zero Wing was only putting on a strong front and, in reality, it didn’t actually have the strength to protect even itself, let alone others.

Honestly, after seeing Zero Wing’s response, Illusory Words herself couldn’t help but suspect that Phoenix Rain might have exaggerated Zero Wing’s actual strength to convince her to join.

However, if the Tier 5 Assassin’s report was accurate, everyone from the Tier 6 Alliance, including herself, would have misjudged Zero Wing.

It should be known that even the foreign teams could not conquer the Taboo Mode Ruined Library. Yet, Zero Wing had done it. Moreover, Zero Wing had accomplished this feat with only six Tier 6 players. It was such an incredulous feat that Illusory Words couldn’t help but doubt its validity.

“The information comes from a very reliable source,” the Tier 5 Assassin stated firmly. “Shortly after the announcement of the Taboo Dungeon being conquered, some of Zero Wing’s raid team members have announced their success in the Guild. Zero Wing’s Guild Reputation has also increased by 100,000 points around the same time. So, I don’t think they were lying.”

It seems Rain has really made the right bet. Illusory Words couldn’t help but envy Phoenix Rain when she heard the Tier 5 Assassin’s explanation.

Before today, nobody took Zero Wing seriously. However, once news of Zero Wing securing the First Clear of the Taboo Mode Ruined Library spread, the various superpowers would probably fight to establish a partnership with Zero Wing. After all, Zero Wing being able to secure a Taboo Dungeon’s First Clear was a strong testament to its strength.

Not to mention, Taboo Dungeons produced Level 200-plus weapons and equipment. If Zero Wing could raid a Taboo Dungeon, it meant the Guild would have a stable supply of Level 200-plus weapons and equipment. Even if the World Gate opened in the future and tons of foreign powers invaded their God’s Domain, Zero Wing would still have the capital to continue competing. At that time, even if their God’s Domain’s various superpowers sought to join Zero Wing, Zero Wing wouldn’t necessarily be willing to accept them. However, Phoenix Rain, who had joined Zero Wing before its rise in fame, would have no such concern.

“Don’t get happy for Phoenix Rain too soon, Illusory,” Nine Dragons Emperor said before looking at the two foreign teams outside the Ruined Library’s entrance. Then, he continued with a sneer, “Zero Wing might have secured the First Clear, but they can only keep their reward if they have the strength to protect it.”

Upon hearing Nine Dragons Emperor’s words, Illusory Words couldn’t help but look at the Taboo Dungeon’s entrance with a grim look.

Previously, the two foreign teams maintained a competitive relationship with each other, even when they were capturing native Tier 5 and Tier 6 experts to work for them. However, as soon as the system announced that someone had secured the Ruined Library’s First Clear, the two teams promptly joined forces to blockade the entrance portal and erected a threefold spatial barrier that could trap even Tier 6 players for a considerable period.

Evidently, these foreign teams intended to eliminate Zero Wing’s team and take the First Clear rewards for themselves.

While Illusory Words was thinking of contacting Phoenix Rain, a beam of crimson light suddenly shot out of the entrance portal and landed a short distance away. Then, individuals began emerging from the crimson light one after another, and these individuals were none other than Shi Feng and his teammates.

“They came out so quickly!”

“How bold of them. Do they not know that the two foreign teams are watching the entrance?”

“They might be betting that the two foreign teams won’t take action so quickly. Otherwise, they’d be fools to come out of the dungeon.”

“Zero Wing is doomed. The First Clear it worked hard to secure will now benefit the two foreign teams instead.”

When Shi Feng’s team appeared, the various powers’ experts, who had long given up on raiding the Ruined Library, engaged in a heated discussion. They didn’t think Zero Wing’s raid team would be so foolish as to actually leave the Taboo Dungeon after clearing it instead of trying to buy time by logging out of the game.

Players were allowed to go offline inside dungeons in God’s Domain. They would simply be teleported to the dungeon’s entrance when they came back online.

After all, it was unfeasible for any power to erect a magic barrier on a dungeon’s entrance over a long period. It was especially so for magic barriers that could trap Tier 6 players. The cost would quickly build up and diminish potential profits.

“So what if you can secure the First Clear? So what if your team is strong? In the end, all your effort will go to someone else,” Nine Dragons Emperor said contemptuously as he looked at Phoenix Rain, who was trapped inside the threefold spatial barrier.

It was true that Zero Wing’s team was strong. The fact that it could secure the Ruined Library’s First Clear proved it was stronger than any of the teams present. However, no matter how strong Zero Wing’s team was, it was still just a single team.

While the players outside the Ruined Library closely monitored the situation, the scouts dispatched by the various powers also relayed the scene to their superiors.

“Black Flame! Let’s see how you can keep your arrogance in front of two conglomerates!” Blood Sand from the Flower of Seven Sins said with a vicious expression as he watched the video his subordinate sent him.

After the fight with Zero Wing, his position in the Flower of Seven Sins had plummeted. Originally, he had been having a headache thinking of how he could get his revenge on Zero Wing after Phoenix Rain and Ji Luorong had joined the Guild. But now, he wouldn’t need to take action anymore. He could simply let the two conglomerate-backed foreign teams take care of Zero Wing for him.

The various native powers of their God’s Domain might be unfamiliar with the Greater World’s conglomerates, but as an executive of the Flower of Seven Sins, Blood Sand knew just how terrifying they were.

Every conglomerate was an existence that ruled over numerous God’s Domains and had countless Tier 6 experts under their command. If an upstart Guild like Zero Wing was to go against a conglomerate, only death would await it.

At this time, each of the two conglomerate-backed teams outside the Ruined Library could be seen sending a representative to meet with Zero Wing’s team. Of the two representatives, one was a man, and the other was a woman. Both were Level 217, Tier 6 players fully equipped with Legendary Weapons and Equipment, and both were clearly experts at the fifth-floor standard.

After arriving before Zero Wing’s team, the woman, who was a Level 217, Tier 6 Swordsman with a tall and powerful figure, looked at Shi Feng with a hint of surprise in her eyes and asked:

“Are you Black Flame, the Lord of War Goddesses?”

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