Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3647

Chapter 721 – New Divine Glory List

“What’s going on?”

“Why does that big shot look like she’s familiar with Black Flame?”

“Black Flame? The Lord of War Goddesses? Could Zero Wing’s Guild Leader actually be someone famous?”

The conglomerate-backed woman’s question caught the various native players by surprise. Nobody could understand what was going on right now, and the Tier 6 experts of the various native superpowers were especially confused by this development.

The members of the two conglomerate-backed foreign teams were incredibly arrogant. None of them took any native expert seriously, and even the Five Great Super Guilds’ old monsters could not catch their attention.

Of course, the arrogance of these foreign experts was not unfounded, as each of them was much stronger than any native expert. It was especially so for the female Swordsman who was currently speaking to Shi Feng. Previously, not only did she capture five of the various superpowers’ Tier 6 experts by herself, but she had accomplished the feat with only three moves. Because of her strength and actions, many native players had already secretly started to refer to her as the Devil.

Yet, this “Devil” was now taking the initiative to ask Black Flame for confirmation of his identity. How could everyone watching this not be surprised?

“Yes, that is me,” Shi Feng said, nodding. He also couldn’t help but be a little surprised as he looked at the woman before him.

While he might have some fame in the Eternal Realm, most of the Greater God’s Domain should still be unaware of his existence. After all, only a small portion of the Greater God’s Domain’s players and powers were currently involved with the Eternal Realm.

In addition, the core experts of upper-ranking hegemonic powers and conglomerates would usually have their focus on the Twelve Sanctuaries. So, they wouldn’t usually show any interest in matters outside the Twelve Sanctuaries.

As for the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Sacred Glory List, it might be within the attention of the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers, but most powers only regarded the experts on this list as talented children worthy of befriending. Nobody would actually regard a Sacred Glory expert as an actual powerhouse in the Greater God’s Domain.

Meanwhile, the woman before him was the leader of a conglomerate-backed team. Moreover, the team she led had come here specifically to raid a Taboo Dungeon, so it went without saying she should possess incredible combat prowess and status in the conglomerate she was from. There was no reason someone important like her would pay attention to a budding genius on the Sacred Glory List. At most, she would know of the existence of such a person. After all, whether it was the Luminous Glory List or Sacred Glory List, both would see significant changes every now and then, but only a minority of those on these lists could ultimately become powerhouses in the Greater God’s Domain.

“Greetings, Mr. Black Flame. I am Sword Bee, the Vice Commander of the Red Mirror Conglomerate’s Third Main Force. I am also currently serving as the leader of the Red Mirror Conglomerate’s vanguard team.” When the female Swordsman received Shi Feng’s confirmation, a hint of respect immediately appeared on her indifferent face. “I truly did not think I would have the fortune of meeting you in this God’s Domain.”

Before Sword Bee could continue speaking, the male Berserker, who was the leader of the other conglomerate-backed team, suddenly stepped forward.

“Greetings, Mr. Black Flame. I am Light Chaser, the leader of the Forest Crystal Conglomerate’s vanguard team,” the male Berserker took the initiative to introduce himself. “I didn’t think you were personally taking action, Mr. Black Flame. I now know why the Taboo Dungeon can be conquered so quickly. If my superiors learn of this, they will probably be given a fright.”

Sword Bee and Light Chaser behaved as if they were speaking to an old friend when they talked to Shi Feng. The hint of respect in their voices was also obvious, and it caused the surrounding spectators to fall silent. Even Phoenix Rain and the others of Shi Feng’s team couldn’t help but look at this scene in stunned silence.

When they were about to leave the Ruined Library, Phoenix Rain and the others had already prepared themselves for a tough fight. However, the attitudes of the two conglomerate-backed teams’ leaders were nothing like they expected. Rather than trying to rob them, it looked more like these two individuals were congratulating them for their success.

“I still have other business to tend to. If you have nothing else for me, can I leave?” Shi Feng asked.

He could tell that Sword Bee and Light Chaser were eager to continue their conversation, but he wasn’t interested in doing so. It also didn’t seem like they wished to harm Zero Wing, so although he didn’t know their motives, he naturally wouldn’t take the initiative to attack them.

“Of course. Since you have other matters, it is only natural that you tend to them first, Mr. Black Flame,” Light Chaser said. He could tell that Shi Feng wasn’t planning to stay any longer, so he hurriedly waved at his subordinates, saying, “What are you all still standing there for? Did you not hear that Mr. Black Flame has something to do? Hurry up and make way!”

When the members of the two conglomerate-backed teams heard Light Chaser’s words, they dared not disobey and quickly took down the magic barrier covering the dungeon portal. Then, they took the initiative to make a path for Shi Feng’s team to leave the plaza.

When the various native experts saw this scene, all of them were dumbfounded.

What’s going on? Illusory Words was similarly stunned as she watched Shi Feng’s team safely depart from the plaza.

It should be known that the two conglomerate-backed teams had made it very obvious they were going to take lethal action against the team that secured the Ruined Library’s First Clear. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have gone out of their way to join forces and erect a magic barrier over the dungeon’s entrance. Yet, the instant the leaders of the two teams saw Shi Feng, they behaved as if they had just met an old friend and even personally saw him off…

Nine Dragons Emperor was similarly confused by this development. It should be known that even the leader of the Dragon Hunting Temple’s vanguard team had to behave respectfully in front of Sword Bee and Light Chaser.

“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’re acquainted with Black Flame?” the one-eyed Guardian Knight from the Dragon Hunting Temple asked when he saw Nine Dragons Emperor’s gaze fixated on Shi Feng’s team.

“I’m not acquainted with him, but a friend of mine is,” Nine Dragons Emperor said, shaking his head. Then, unable to help his curiosity, he asked the one-eyed Guardian Knight, “Who exactly is that Black Flame, Mr. Dragon Tamer? Why would those two behave so respectfully toward him?”

“Your friend is very fortunate, then,” the one-eyed Guardian Knight named Dragon Tamer said. Then, he looked at Nine Dragons Emperor and pondered for a moment before asking, “Have you heard of the Greater God’s Domain’s Divine Glory List before?”

“The Divine Glory List?” Hearing Dragon Tamer’s question, Nine Dragons Emperor quickly recalled the Greater God’s Domain’s apex ranking lists previously mentioned by Hidden Mist. “Is it the ranking list where only the Greater God’s Domain’s apex experts can enter?”

“That’s correct.” Dragon Tamer nodded. Then, he looked at Shi Feng’s departing back and respectfully said, “Black Flame is the latest expert to enter the Divine Glory List. The Lord of War Goddesses Black Flame. Moreover, he has been granted the rank of 281st. That is a high ranking, even on the Divine Glory List!”

He’s 281st on the Divine Glory List?! Nine Dragons Emperor nearly lost his footing when he heard Dragon Tamer’s words.

Even the lowest-ranked expert on the Divine Glory List was an extraordinary existence who could single-handedly shake an entire Realm, let alone someone ranked within the top 300. When dealing with such an individual, even cross-realm conglomerates would have to tread carefully, let alone the average conglomerate.

If any of their God’s Domain’s native powers could get into the good graces of such an expert, they could be worry-free even when developing in the Greater God’s Domain, let alone in their God’s Domain.

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