Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3648

Chapter 722 – Times Have Changed

Black Dragon Empire, Black Dragon City, Zero Wing’s Residence:

“We are done appraising and tallying the loot we got from the treasury, Guild Leader,” Phoenix Rain reported excitedly as she stepped into the Guild Leader’s Office. “In addition to 12,485 Divine Titan Sources, we have obtained 216 God Chaser Sets and 114 God Slayer Combat Puppets.”

“That many?”

Shi Feng was a little surprised by the numbers Phoenix Rain reported. Although he had long known the God Slayer’s treasury would house extraordinary wealth, he didn’t think it would be to such an extent.

Firstly, the value of the Divine Titan Sources and Epic-ranked God Chaser Sets went without saying. As for the God Slayer Combat Puppets, they were bona fide Advanced Dark-Gold Combat Puppets. They were superior to even the Dark-Gold Combat Puppets the Seven Luminaries Alliance used in the defensive clash against the Sun Dynasty. Each could overwhelm the average Tier 6 player, even when piloted by a Level 0 player.

Although a force of 114 God Slayer Combat Puppets still wasn’t enough to let Zero Wing triumph over the Sun Dynasty in an all-out clash, it should be enough to let Zero Wing defend its resurrection camp in the World Ark.

“Besides that, we have already integrated with six superpowers and received the real estate of five empires and twenty-six kingdoms. Our stockpile of Seven Luminaries Crystal is currently sitting at 3.15 million units, and our Tier 6 expert count has reached 14. As for Tier 5 experts, we now have over 10,000 Level 200-plus, Tier 5 experts, of which 2,000 are at Level 210 and above,” Phoenix Rain continued reporting. “Also, as per your instructions, I have asked the 164 Level 210-plus, Tier 5 experts who have mastered at least one Basic Law if they are willing to sign the God’s Domain Contract you provided, and 109 have agreed.”

“Excellent,” Shi Feng said, nodding in satisfaction. “Have everyone who has signed the contract gather in the Residence as soon as possible. We will leave our God’s Domain in three hours.”

“We’re leaving today?” Phoenix Rain couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in surprise.

Shortly after the two conglomerate-backed foreign teams respectfully saw Shi Feng off from the Ruined Library, many native powers expressed their wishes to join Zero Wing. As a result, Zero Wing became swamped with work selecting and integrating these powers.

Fortunately, Zero Wing was very stringent on the powers and players it accepted. Otherwise, completing the preliminary integration in just a day would have been impossible.

Originally, Phoenix Rain thought they would have a few more days to complete the integration work. She never thought they would be heading for the Eternal Realm so soon.

“Mhm. Zero Wing’s situation in the Eternal Realm isn’t looking too good from what I’ve been told, so we’ll need to send reinforcements as soon as possible,” Shi Feng said with a wry smile.

If possible, he would also prefer to bide his time to bring more experts into the Eternal Realm. Unfortunately, the Sun Dynasty did not plan on giving him more time.

The World Ark was one of the most important locations in the Eternal Realm, and there were two reasons for this. Firstly, it was a producer of Secret Treasures. Secondly, it was a gateway for players to enter Holy Ring City.

Currently, Holy Ring City was the only known location where players could reincarnate into a Mythical Race. Meanwhile, the power of Mythical Races was so great that they could influence the Greater God’s Domain’s power structure, and this held true for both human players and Holy Race players. Because of this, Holy Ring City would inevitably become a gathering place of immense wealth and talent in the future.

Once Holy Ring City developed to its peak, it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to equate its significance to an entire Realm.

If Zero Wing couldn’t establish a foothold in Holy Ring City, it would have much greater difficulty establishing itself in the Eternal Realm.

“I’ll notify them right away,” Phoenix Rain said before leaving the office.

Three hours later…

When Shi Feng opened a World-Breaking Gate, Phoenix Rain, Illusory Words, and the other Tier 6 experts of Zero Wing couldn’t help but look at it with a fervent gaze.

They had always dreamed of traveling to the world outside of their God’s Domain. After all, a single God’s Domain was too small of a stage for a Tier 6 player. Only by stepping onto a bigger stage could they develop more effectively.

Not to mention, now that it was only a matter of time before the inhabitants of their world needed to migrate to the Greater World, they would need to start earning the Greater World’s currency and resources. Otherwise, once their world’s currency and resources became unusable, they would immediately become destitute.

“Those in the first batch, follow me through the gate. Those in the second batch, wait here for six hours,” Shi Feng said before taking the lead to cross the World-Breaking Gate.

Seeing this, those selected to be in the first batch quickly followed Shi Feng through the gate and had their vision blinded by a bright flash. Then, when they could see again, they found themselves standing in a room filled with unbelievably dense mana. The room even had a trace of Eternal Energy.

Is this the world outside our God’s Domain? Phoenix Rain couldn’t help but widen her eyes in shock as she looked out the window at the courtyard of Zero Wing’s Residence.

Although she had taken only a few glances, she could already tell the combat standards of the players walking in the courtyard.

The fourth-floor standard!

Even the weakest player walking in the courtyard was a fourth-floor expert!

It should be known that even Domain Realm experts were incredibly rare in their God’s Domain. As for those who had reached the fourth-floor standard, they were all existences who could compete for a spot among the Ten Saints. Yet, such experts were the most common type of experts found in Zero Wing’s Residence in the Eternal Realm.

While Phoenix Rain and the others were looking through the window of Shi Feng’s office with shocked expressions, a woman entered the room. The woman had an extraordinary presence, instantly dominating everyone’s attention as soon as she appeared.

“You’re finally back, Guild Leader. Vice Guild Leader Frey and I would have failed to hold on had you taken any longer to return.”

Carrying the Chaos Windblade on her back, Gentle Snow was akin to a War Goddess as she walked up to Shi Feng. Although she was currently only at Level 180, Phoenix Rain and the others felt as if they were standing before a Tier 6 God. In fact, the power she carried within her body was so overbearing that it distorted the space around her.

“Gentle Snow?” Phoenix Rain couldn’t help but be surprised when she saw Gentle Snow. Although it had been years since she last saw Gentle Snow, she could still recognize her face.

Gentle Snow, the Snow Goddess. The woman was very famous during the early days of God’s Domain. When she suddenly disappeared from God’s Domain, many powers lamented over her disappearance as they all felt that Gentle Snow had the potential to become a Tier 6 expert.

At one point, Phoenix Rain had also tried to recruit Gentle Snow. She felt that Gentle Snow was comparable to Blue Phoenix in talent, and she was confident the woman could become of huge assistance to her. Unfortunately, Gentle Snow turned down her offer, and she never saw the other party ever since.

Now that Phoenix Rain was meeting with Gentle Snow again, she found that the other party had become inhumanly strong. Gentle Snow had become so strong that Phoenix Rain doubted she could survive more than a handful of moves against her.

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