Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3649

Chapter 723 – Advanced Fine-Gold Flying Ship
“Guild Leader Phoenix?”

Gentle Snow was a little surprised to see Phoenix Rain in the room. She didn’t think Shi Feng could successfully abduct the renowned Demon Queen of their home God’s Domain.

Personally, Gentle Snow admired Phoenix Rain a lot. This was because the other party had single-handedly developed the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion into an overlord in their God’s Domain. In contrast, not only did she fail to properly manage Ouroboros, a first-rate Guild, but she even ended up getting dismissed from the Guild.

“I am no longer the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Great Pavillion Master, so you don’t have to address me as Guild Leader Phoenix. I’m slightly older than you, so call me Big Sis Phoenix instead,” Phoenix Rain said, shaking her head. At the same time, she couldn’t help but have mixed feelings as she looked at Gentle Snow.

Phoenix Rain considered herself rather talented. She had also been superior to Gentle Snow in combat standards the last time they met. Yet, from what she could tell, Gentle Snow’s combat standard should have already reached the Extrasensory Realm…

“You’ve reached the fifth-floor standard and learned that Gold Combat Technique already, Snow?” Shi Feng was similarly surprised when he sensed Gentle Snow’s aura.

Before he left, Gentle Snow admittedly exuded a very strong aura already. However, that was by virtue of the Chaos Windblade enhancing her Basic Attributes to an extraordinary extent, and he did not feel an ounce of danger when he stood in her presence. Not to mention, even with the Chaos Windblade, Gentle Snow’s Basic Attributes were still inferior to his at the time.

Now that he had reached Level 191, which was eleven levels higher than Gentle Snow’s current level, he logically should have an even bigger advantage in Basic Attributes over Gentle Snow than before. Yet, he could now feel a vague sense of danger coming from her.

Of all the explanations he could think of, the only reasonable one was that Gentle Snow had become a fifth-floor expert who had grasped a Gold Combat Technique.

“Mhm. The Gold Combat Technique I received from the Seven Luminaries Alliance is highly compatible with me, and I was lucky enough to achieve a breakthrough when I was fighting against the Holy Race experts some time ago,” Gentle Snow said, nodding and revealing an excited expression.

Nine Sword Eradication was the name of the technique she had exchanged from the Seven Luminaries Alliance as her reward, and it was one of the few Advanced Gold Combat Techniques offered to her for exchange. She also suspected it to be a technique created by the Goddess of Space as it looked very similar to the swordsmanship she had seen while completing a Guild Guidance Quest.

Originally, she had only exchanged the technique to help her learn the swordsmanship in the Guidance Quest. She never really expected to be able to learn Nine Sword Eradication, seeing as it was an Advanced Gold Combat Technique. However, to her surprise, she actually succeeded.

“Is the Holy Race’s offensive very fierce?” Shi Feng asked when he noticed the fatigue on Gentle Snow’s face.

No shelters were available in the World Ark, so players could not get any proper rest to recover their Concentration while operating there. As for the resurrection camps, they only functioned to resurrect players and nothing more. So, even with the help of Concentration Recovery Potions and tents, players could only delay the inevitable. Meanwhile, if players wished to avoid dying from Concentration exhaustion, they would have to periodically return to a city for proper rest.

However, it had only been a few days since he left the Eternal Realm. Unless Gentle Snow had been stationed at the resurrection camp throughout this entire time, there was no way she would look as tired as she was now.

“Things are indeed a little tricky,” Gentle Snow said, sighing. “Although the Seven Luminaries Alliance is safeguarding the frontline and has even extended some assistance to our camp, the Sun Dynasty is employing guerilla warfare and giving the Alliance no opportunities to help us. Thus far, the Sun Dynasty is only attacking us with a 100-man team of Tier 6 experts, and the team will always withdraw after landing a swift blow on us. As a result, our Tier 5 members keep decreasing, and we can’t even leave the camp to explore. Even Azure Shadow’s group has died several times already.”

“It seems they don’t want to waste too much manpower dealing with us.” Shi Feng immediately understood the situation after hearing Gentle Snow’s report. “How are things coming along on Melting Flame’s side?”

“They have produced another 100 sets of Eternal Magic Armor for us. Melting Flame has also successfully become a Great Grandmaster Forger,” Gentle Snow said. “But just these 100 sets aren’t enough to change the state of battle, so Melting Flame has gathered all of the Guild’s manpower and even borrowed some of the Red Dragon Nation’s manpower to rush the production of a Silverwing. I was just about to retrieve it and use it to reinforce the resurrection camp.”

“They’ve completed a Silverwing already?” Shi Feng couldn’t help but be surprised.

Currently, exploration of the World Ark’s inner area was of the utmost priority for both the human race and the Holy Race. Neither side would allow the other to gain any advantage in Holy Ring City. It was why the Sun Dynasty had mobilized so little manpower to deal with Zero Wing.

While a 100-man team of Tier 6 experts was impressive, it was nowhere near enough to capture Zero Wing’s resurrection camp. At most, such a force could be used to eliminate some of the camp’s Tier 5 and Tier 6 defenders. Not to mention, even if the Sun Dynasty successfully eliminated Zero Wing from the World Ark, it would not be able to reclaim the Sunlight Blade. Hence, the Sun Dynasty had chosen to stifle Zero Wing’s progression in the World Ark instead of committing more manpower to completely eliminate Zero Wing from the World Ark.

“Have a look yourself,” Gentle Snow said as she shared a holographic image of a completed Silverwing Flying Ship with Shi Feng.

“I can’t believe it.” Shi Feng was greatly surprised as he looked at the image before him.

At this point in time, it should logically be impossible for Zero Wing to manufacture the Silverwing Flying Ship in the Eternal Realm. After all, Secret-Silver Flying Ships were considerably rare even in the Greater God’s Domain, let alone the Eternal Realm.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng couldn’t help but feel joyful.

“All of you rest for the time being. We will head for the World Ark together afterward,” Shi Feng said as he looked at Phoenix Rain and the others. Then, he turned to Gentle Snow and continued, “You come with me to meet with Melting Flame, Snow. It’s about time we turn the tables on the Holy Race.”

Normally, the addition of just one Secret-Silver Flying Ship would do little to help with Zero Wing’s current predicament. But if the Silverwing Flying Ship was powered by a Divine Titan Source, it would instantly become the ruler of the skies.

Not long after, Shi Feng arrived at Melting Flame’s workshop with the confused Gentle Snow. Currently, Melting Flame was in the process of forging an Eternal Magic Armor.

“Guild Leader! What brings you here?” Melting Flame asked, feeling pleasantly surprised when he saw Shi Feng.

“See if this thing can help improve the Silverwing,” Shi Feng said, getting straight to the point as he placed a Divine Titan Source on Melting Flame’s work table.

“This is…a Divine Titan Source?” Melting Flame’s eyes brightened immediately after he inspected the crimson crystal on the stone table. “Where did you find such godly material, Guild Leader?”

“Just tell me if it’s of any use,” Shi Feng said, exasperated by Melting Flame’s response.

“Yes! It’s of incredible use!” Melting Flame answered with certainty. “If I have this Divine Titan Source, I can upgrade the Silverwing into an Advanced Fine-Gold Flying Ship!”

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