Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3651

Chapter 725 – Foundation Debut

Immediately after Shi Feng made his decision, a colorful radiance bloomed from the Silverwing inside the Origin Space. At the same time, the countless magic arrays engraved on the Silverwing’s hull were broken down and reorganized, the entire process lasting over a dozen minutes. When the strengthening process concluded, a brand new Silverwing appeared before Shi Feng’s eyes.

[Silverwing Flying Ship] (Advanced Dark-Gold Flying Ship)
Maximum capacity: 1,000 people
Durability 70,000/70,000
Possesses Tier 6 Upper-rank Armor.
Item storage when liberated: 150,000 bag space slots and 6,000 non-bag space slots.

Additional Active Skill 2-
Holy Spirit Barrier: When activated, renders all allies within a 3,000-yard radius immune to damage for one minute.
Cooldown: 30 minutes
Each activation costs 1,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal.

The Silverwing Flying Ship carries:
100 Spirit Destruction Cannons, each possessing power at the Tier 6 Peak standard;
28 Floating Spirit Cannons that can be used offensively and defensively;
Each possesses power at the Tier 6 Peak standard;
3 Spirit Disintegration Cannons. Their power can reach the Tier 6 Limit standard.

The Silverwing Flying Ship has a flight speed that rivals Tier 6 Legendary Flying Mounts. Each activation of the Silver Flying Ship costs 5,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal, and it expends 100 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal per day while in operation.


Shi Feng gasped when he saw the new Silverwing’s statistical description.

An Advanced Dark-Gold Flying Ship!

He had only ever seen these behemoths appearing in the war between the two races. These Advanced Dark-Gold Flying Ships were also why the various apex powers could confidently traverse the frontlines. As for the exact statistics of those Advanced Dark-Gold Flying Ships, they were only known to the apex powers that owned them. Everyone else could only make guesses.

But after seeing the statistics of one himself, Shi Feng could only describe Advanced Dark-Gold Flying Ships as heaven-defying.

Simply the fact that the upgraded Silverwing possessed Tier 6 Upper-rank defensive armor meant that the average Tier 6 player could be utterly incapable of damaging it. Even Taboo-level experts wielding Divine Weapons would only be able to damage it slightly.

Besides that, the Silverwing’s offensive capabilities were also through the roof.

It should be known that Spirit Destruction Cannons were weapons that could normally only be found in Void Fortresses, fortresses situated in the Void Sea. With 100 Spirit Destruction Cannons equipped, the Advanced Dark-Gold Silverwing could already rival the firepower of a Void Fortress.

Not to mention, there were also the Spirit Disintegration Cannons that could launch attacks close to rivaling the attacks of Ancient Gods. If a Tier 6 tank was struck by one of these cannons without a Lifesaving Skill active, they would die on the spot, even if they were fully equipped with Legendary Equipment.

No wonder those Advanced Dark-Gold Flying Ships I’ve seen could single-handedly take down entire fortresses. With such firepower, even Tier 6 Gods will have to steer clear of them. Shi Feng couldn’t help but get a little emotional as he moved the brand-new Silverwing into his bag.

He had coveted Advanced Dark-Gold Flying Ships greatly in his previous life. However, flying ships at the Fine-Gold rank and above could only be acquired from ancient ruins. Although Zero Wing had explored many ancient ruins, it only managed to procure several Fine-Gold Flying Ships. As for Dark-Gold Flying Ships and beyond, only the various apex powers were known to have any. Moreover, they were all acquired through many, many years of effort.

But now, Zero Wing finally had an Advanced Dark-Gold Flying Ship of its own. Moreover, so long as Zero Wing had enough Seven Luminaries Crystals, it could easily produce more than what the various apex powers owned.

But I’m going to have to get more Seven Luminaries Crystals after this…

When Shi Feng took a look at the remaining Seven Luminaries Crystals in his bag, he couldn’t help but feel helpless toward the Origin Myth.

The Origin Myth’s ability was undeniably amazing, but the cost to use it was also beyond imagination.

After integrating six superpowers from his home God’s Domain into Zero Wing, he had acquired a little over three million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal, bumping his stockpile to twelve million units. But after strengthening the Silverwing, his stockpile had fallen back to eight million units, which was only enough to fund the Tier 6 promotion of eighty players. Not to mention, it also cost Seven Luminaries Crystals to maintain and operate the Silverwing.

Simply put, the Seven Luminaries Crystals he currently had on hand were not at all enough for his use.

While Shi Feng was wondering whether he should laugh or cry about his situation, Gentle Snow suddenly entered his office.

“They’ve succeeded?” Shi Feng was shocked.

However, if asked whether the two could succeed, Shi Feng couldn’t actually say for certain. After all, there shouldn’t be more than a few players who had successfully constructed a Superior Divine Body across the entire Greater God’s Domain.

Even in his previous life, Shi Feng had only successfully constructed a Superior Divine Body because he was lucky enough to obtain a Primordial God Legacy that provided the complete procedure to construct a specific Superior Divine Body. However, the Primordial Chaos Body’s Legacy only showed players a general guideline. If players wished to construct a Superior Divine Body through the Primordial Chaos Body, they would need to have incredibly high mastery over World Laws and magic arrays.

“Mhm. Both of them say they have succeeded,” Gentle Snow said, nodding. She understood Shi Feng’s shock as she knew that Fervent Samsara and Heavy Abyss had been constructing Superior Divine Bodies for their Tier 6 promotion.

“Good! Have them get ready. We’ll be heading to the World Ark in a moment,” Shi Feng said with a smile.

“You’re bringing them as well?” Gentle Snow couldn’t help but grow worried. “They’ve been busy with their promotion all this time, so they aren’t even at Level 170 right now. They’re at least ten levels behind the players operating at the World Ark. How about we let them level up a little first before sending them to the World Ark?”

Though a ten-level gap wouldn’t make much of a difference between players and monsters under Level 200, Zero Wing’s opponents in the World Ark weren’t monsters but Holy Race players instead. Meanwhile, a ten-level gap would give the Holy Race players a considerable advantage in weapons and equipment. Unless Fervent Samsara and Heavy Abyss faced opponents with inferior combat standards, they’d fare no differently than cannon fodder.

“Don’t worry. They can overcome a ten-level gap with their standards,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

The fact that Fervent Samsara and Heavy Abyss had constructed a Superior Divine Body for their Tier 6 promotion meant they would have a significant advantage over the average Tier 6 player in Basic Attributes, Physique, and Mana. They were also experts who were equipped with Legendary items and had mastered the Advanced Bronze Mana Purification Technique.

Even if they were ten levels behind the other Tier 6 players operating in the World Ark, they could easily bridge the gap if they equipped the Eternal Magic Armor and Dragon’s Fury Secret Treasure Set. Not to mention, both were experts who had mastered an Advanced Law.

“Alright, then. I will notify them,” Gentle Snow said.

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