Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3652

Chapter 726 – Guild War

World Ark, Soul Lake:

Ever since the Seven Luminaries Alliance lifted restrictions on the World Ark’s inner area, the inner area’s resurrection camps had become a gathering place for the Eternal Realm’s various powers and independent players.

The Soul Lake Resurrection Camp under Zero Wing’s ownership was especially popular. This was because the Soul Lake, the map the resurrection camp was situated on, was a Level 175-plus map that had a much lower population of monsters compared to other maps. This made it an ideal place for players seeking to get some rest. As icing on the cake, the Soul Lake was also close to the core area’s Holy Ring City.

Due to these reasons, even though the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp charged an exorbitant fee of 20 Eternal Silver per person per day and would occasionally come under attack by the Sun Dynasty’s forces, tens of thousands of players still flocked to it. This, in turn, allowed Zero Wing, Azure Fang, and the Red Dragon Nation to generate significant amounts of wealth.

Inside one of the Advanced Tents in the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp…

“Elder Sword, according to our scouts, Zero Wing has already started to gather its forces in the Crystal City and is preparing to reinforce its resurrection camp with more Tier 6 experts,” a five-meter-tall young man carrying a towering shield said to Nineteenth Sword respectfully after he entered the tent.

Meanwhile, following this behemoth of a Level 178 Guardian Knight’s appearance, the 20-plus Tier 6 experts resting in the camp immediately felt a powerful pressure falling onto their shoulders.

Heavy Shield Titan!

A veteran expert on the Divine Glory List!

Although Titan had died once while assisting the Seven Luminaries Alliance, the Alliance compensated him handsomely after he was resurrected. As a result, not only did his strength not fall, but it even increased as he managed to grasp his third Gold Combat Technique.

“Zero Wing’s actions are futile,” Nineteenth Sword said nonchalantly. “This resurrection camp is generating 6,000 Eternal Gold Coins every day. Do you think the Sun Dynasty will simply sit back and watch as Zero Wing grows stronger?”

“But the Sun Dynasty’s recent attacks haven’t significantly damaged Zero Wing, Azure Fang, or the Red Dragon Nation, Elder Sword.” Scratching his head in confusion, Titan asked, “Could there be new movements from the Sun Dynasty?”

Thus far, the Sun Dynasty had only sent one 100-man Tier 6 team to attack the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp. Although this team could always kill several hundred of the camp’s defenders, the damage to Zero Wing, Azure Fang, and the Red Dragon Nation wasn’t particularly severe, as their Tier 6 experts had only died a couple of times.

Not to mention, Zero Wing had the ability to summon Tier 6 War Goddesses. So long as the six Tier 6 War Goddesses appeared on the battlefield, the Sun Dynasty’s experts would scatter like frightened rabbits, none daring to clash with the War Goddesses head-on.

Besides the War Goddesses, Zero Wing’s Gentle Snow had also distinguished herself in the fights with the Sun Dynasty. At one point, she had single-handedly killed 26 of the Sun Dynasty’s Tier 6 experts, instantly earning her recognition as a God-ranked expert from the various powers.

Even as a veteran expert on the Divine Glory List, Titan dared not say he could beat Gentle Snow in a duel.

With the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp already having such powerful defenders, if Zero Wing’s Black Flame joined in the defense, the Sun Dynasty’s 100-man Tier 6 team would become utterly powerless against the resurrection camp.

“Do you truly think the Sun Dynasty lacks the strength to deal with Zero Wing’s resurrection camp?” Nineteenth Sword sneered. “The only reason the Sun Dynasty has turned a blind eye to Zero Wing until now is because the other Holy Race powers were keeping it busy. But now, the Sun Dynasty has already declared to the Seven Luminaries Alliance that unless Zero Wing returns the Sunlight Blade and begs for forgiveness, it will mobilize its Holy Guard to eradicate all of the World Ark’s resurrection camps!”

“The Holy Guard?!” Titan was shocked by this revelation. “Isn’t that one of the Sun Dynasty’s five conquest legions?!”

According to the information the Seven Luminaries Alliance provided to the various powers, the Sun Dynasty had established five conquest legions to combat the other royal powers operating in the Eternal Realm. Meanwhile, the Holy Guard was one of these five legions.

The Holy Guard was a legion with 12,000 members, and it could be further categorized into six hundred 20-man teams. Even the weakest member was a fifth-floor standard, while team leader-level individuals were all God-ranked experts. When working together, each team could put up a good fight against even Taboo-level existences. Not to mention, the Holy Guard also had various war weapons at its disposal.

If the Sun Dynasty truly mobilized the Holy Guard, even if it was only a portion, it would be enough to make the Seven Luminaries Alliance suffer. Flattening the resurrection camps on the human side would also be a simple task.

“Indeed, which is why we have gathered here,” Nineteenth Sword said, nodding. Then, a cold glint flashed in his eyes as he continued, “Now that the Sun Dynasty has threatened to mobilize its Holy Guard, even the Seven Luminaries Alliance can no longer afford to protect Zero Wing. It might be if Black Flame capitulates, but if he doesn’t, it will be the perfect opportunity for us to claim this resurrection camp for ourselves!”

“I understand. I will contact Milia and have her transfer more manpower over from the royal capital,” Titan said with an excited look.

Although Zero Wing was much stronger than Nineteenth Sword expected, it remained a fact that it had offended the Sun Dynasty. With the Sun Dynasty threatening to mobilize its Holy Guard, if Black Flame refused to capitulate, Zero Wing would have to withdraw from the World Ark, leaving the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp to be claimed by others.

Considering this, many human powers had most likely already set their sights on the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp. Naturally, the Skylight Association couldn’t miss such a great opportunity, either. After all, the profits the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp could generate were simply astonishing.

While the Skylight Association was preparing to capture the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp, the various powers operating in the area took a similar course of action and continuously gathered their forces. This caused the player population of the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp to increase rapidly toward the 100,000 threshold.

“What should we do, Vice Guild Leader Frey?” Garut, one of Azure Fang’s Two Great Vice Guild Leaders, asked as he paced around the tent in annoyance. “These powers aren’t even trying to hide that they’re waiting for our destruction. Yet, the Seven Luminaries Alliance still hasn’t given us any feedback.”

The Star Lake Resurrection Camp was a cash cow. Even though Azure Fang and the Red Dragon Nation only received 30% of the profits each, they still had a daily income of more than 2,000 Eternal Gold. Moreover, their daily income could easily increase tenfold in the future as more players enter the World Ark.

But now…

“There’s no point asking me,” Frey said, snapping out of her daze and revealing a wry smile. “I only know that the Seven Luminaries Alliance has already sent someone to the Crystal City to contact Guild Leader Black Flame. By the looks of things, the Alliance wants to get Zero Wing’s response before deciding what to do.”

Thinking of the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard, Frey felt powerless and could only place her hopes on the Seven Luminaries Alliance. If even the Seven Luminaries Alliance refused to help, Zero Wing, Azure Fang, and the Red Dragon Nation would most definitely lose the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp.

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