Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3653

Chapter 727 – To Arms!
Eternal Realm, Crystal City of Secrets:

Due to the Underground Crystal Palace’s existence, the Crystal City of Secrets had become one of the ten most populated cities on the human players’ side in the eternal Realm. The city’s player population exceeded 60 million, and it could be considered a highly populated city even in other Realms.

At this time, a commotion was taking place in the Crystal City due to the Sun Dynasty’s sudden declaration of war.

“Zero Wing really knows how to find trouble, provoking a royal power from the Holy Race of all things. Not even the Seven Luminaries Alliance can save Zero Wing now.”

“Zero Wing’s fall won’t just stop at the World Ark, either. If Zero Wing refuses to return the Divine Artifact it took, the Sun Dynasty will target the other powers operating in the World Ark as well. At that time, those powers will definitely find trouble with Zero Wing. From what I heard, many of those who joined Zero Wing are regretting their decision right now.”

“I wonder how Zero Wing’s Guild Leader is going to respond? It might be fine if he apologizes and returns the Divine Artifact, but if he refuses to capitulate, Zero Wing will probably have to part ways with its Advanced Residence.”

“It’s a pity that Zero Wing is only an emerging power. If its manpower and resources were spread across the Eternal Realm like the various pseudo-apex powers, it could still thrive even without relying on the World Ark.”

The players resting and chatting in the bars and restaurants of the city couldn’t help but sympathize with Zero Wing as they discussed the Guild’s predicament. They never thought the Guild that had over 200 fifth-floor experts and the potential to become a pseudo-apex power would dare to provoke the Sun Dynasty, an existence that even the Seven Luminaries Alliance was unwilling to provoke.

While the Crystal City’s various powers and players were wondering how Zero Wing’s Guild Leader Black Flame would respond, Zero Wing’s Residence had become incredibly lively. This was because many guild members who had gone offline to rest had come rushing back after learning of the Sun Dynasty’s declaration of war.

Meanwhile, when the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s representatives stepped into the Guild Hall, the Zero Wing members in the building looked at these representatives with emotions of anxiety, anger, and expectation.

“What do you think the Guild Leader will do, Boss Samsara?” a Level 176, Tier 5 Swordsman asked as he looked at Fervent Samsara.

Hearing the Swordsman’s question, the other Zero Wing members nearby all looked toward Fervent Samsara, who was currently a Level 167, Tier 6 Berserker God.

Fervent Samsara was one of Zero Wing’s Three Overlords. While not a guild executive, his influence in the Guild surpassed even the Vice Guild Leaders. He was also acknowledged as one of the five strongest experts in the Guild.

“Is there even a need to ask? Of course we will be giving the Sun Dynasty a fight. Even if we lose, we will simply withdraw from the World Ark. I doubt there is anything the Sun Dynasty can do to us outside the World Ark,” a young Elementalist said, fighting spirit brimming in his eyes.

“It’s not so simple,” Fervent Samsara said, shaking his head when he heard the young Elementalist’s words. Then, with a serious look on his face, he continued, “We can fight, but we absolutely cannot abandon the World Ark. Otherwise, we will quickly get overtaken by the other powers in the Crystal City. After all, the Mythical Races will be of great help to the various powers in exploration.”

Originally, Fervent Samsara had been feeling quite happy after he successfully advanced to Tier 6. However, his happy mood quickly disappeared as news of Zero Wing’s predicament greeted him as soon as he left the underground secret room.

While Fervent Samsara was wondering how Shi Feng would respond to the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s representatives, he suddenly noticed a group of cloaked players through the corner of his eyes. Although these players had hidden all their personal information with their Black Cloaks, the six-winged emblem they wore on their cloaks showed that they were Zero Wing members.

“Abyss, do you know who those cloaked people are?” Fervent Samsara whispered to the female knight in ice-blue armor sitting beside him.

Fervent Samsara was familiar with most of Zero Wing’s members, and he was certain he had never seen anyone from the group of cloaked players. His sixth sense also told him that these individuals were not simple. It was especially so for the dozen or so players sitting at the head of the group. He actually got goosebumps looking at them. This was the first time he had experienced such a situation in the Eternal Realm.

“I’m not sure, either. I heard they joined Zero Wing not long ago, and they were even personally welcomed by the Guild Leader,” Heavy Abyss said, shaking her head. Then, looking at the group of cloaked players with a serious gaze, she continued, “But I can feel that those people are no weaker than you and I.”

“Just how many secrets does our Guild Leader have?” While looking at the supposed leaders of the cloaked players, Fervent Samsara had his curiosity toward Shi Feng piqued.

Now that Fervent Samsara had constructed a Superior Divine Body, he dared say he was one of the strongest players in the Eternal Realm. He would even dare to clash against players with Divine Artifacts.

Yet, of the group of cloaked players, about a dozen gave him a feeling of danger. This situation was simply unbelievable.

Zero Wing’s Guild Hall, third-floor VIP lounge:

“The Seven Luminaries Alliance has already conveyed the Sun Dynasty’s intention to you, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Verdant Rainbow, who was currently at Level 182, said to Shi Feng while wearing a serious expression. “The Alliance currently has most of its forces occupied fighting another royal over in the core area, so only the forces I oversee in the inner area are available to help you.

“After discussion, the Alliance hopes Zero Wing can withdraw from the Soul Lake temporarily. Once the Sun Dynasty transitions into the core area and becomes occupied fighting the other royal power, it won’t be able to spare much of its forces to target Zero Wing. Zero Wing can return at that time, and the Alliance will also assist Zero Wing in defending its resurrection camp.”

In reality, the Seven Luminaries Alliance was infuriated by the contempt the Sun Dynasty had shown. Unfortunately, there was nothing the Alliance could do about the Sun Dynasty’s threat, as it just so happened that the Alliance had started a territorial clash with another royal power in the World Ark’s core area.

“I am grateful for the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s goodwill, Miss Verdant,” Shi Feng said. “But now that the Sun Dynasty has declared war on Zero Wing, it would not make sense for Zero Wing to retreat without a fight.”

“Are you really going to do this, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Verdant Rainbow couldn’t help but sigh when she heard Shi Feng’s answer. “The Holy Guard isn’t some second-rate legion like the ones the Sun Dynasty sent to attack us initially. It is a force established specifically to deal with other royal powers, and every member is currently a bona fide Tier 6 player. If it comes down to a fight, even a Taboo-level existence like yourself might die.”

“Is that so? Well, they are more than welcome to try!” Shi Feng said, a cold glint flashing in his eyes.

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