Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3654

Chapter 728 – World Ark in Turmoil

“Lunatic! He’s simply a lunatic! Is he trying to bring his entire Guild down with him?!”

Looking out the window of the flying ship they were on, the Outer Elder who had accompanied Verdant Rainbow to Zero Wing couldn’t help but be shocked as he looked at the players gathering inside Zero Wing’s Residence.

The fact that the Seven Luminaries Alliance had sent Verdant Rainbow, the Alliance’s rising star, to communicate with Black Flame was already enough to show how much it valued Zero Wing. Normally, not even the Guild Leaders of pseudo-apex powers would receive such a treatment.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Seven Luminaries Alliance had even promised that so long as Zero Wing temporarily withdrew from the World Ark this time, it would help Zero Wing reestablish itself in the World Ark in the future. This was an opportunity that many powers could only dream of obtaining, yet Black Flame had turned down this offer and insisted on fighting the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard with only Zero Wing’s strength…

“Although Black Flame is indeed a little crazy, Zero Wing shouldn’t be underestimated, either,” Verdant Rainbow said as she looked at Zero Wing’s Residence. “When we first arrived inside the Guild Hall, I sensed at least ten experts who could threaten me.”

“Ten?!” The Outer Elder couldn’t help but look at Verdant Rainbow in astonishment. “How can a new Guild possibly have so many Taboo-level existences?!”

It should be known that Verdant Rainbow was a new generation chosen one of the Seven Luminaries Alliance. Her combat standard was through the roof. Paired with the World String, although she still wasn’t at the standard of the Alliance’s veteran Taboo-level existences, she could still be considered mid-tier among all Taboo-level existences in the Greater God’s Domain.

Hence, anyone who could make Verdant Rainbow feel threatened should be a Taboo-level existence at the very minimum.

But how could Zero Wing possibly have ten Taboo-level existences?

“I don’t know.” Verdant Rainbow shook her head. Then, thinking of the Holy Guard she had previously encountered in the World Ark’s core region, she sighed and said, “But it doesn’t matter whether Zero Wing has ten or twenty Taboo-level existences. None will matter in front of the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard.”

The Sun Dynasty’s strength far exceeded the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s imagination. Of the Holy Guard’s 12,000 members, over 600 were considered team leaders. All of them were also battle-hardened individuals who had clashed against the Holy Race’s other royal powers for many years.

So long as these team leaders formed a 20-man team with the Holy Guard’s weaker members, they could trade blows with Taboo-level existences. With the Holy Guard having 12,000 members, it meant that the legion had 600 teams that could trade blows with Taboo-level existences.

Ten against six hundred?

With such a huge disparity in numbers, even a layman could tell Zero Wing’s chances of victory were non-existent. This was also why the Sun Dynasty dared declare that it would eradicate all of the human race’s resurrection camps in the World Ark.

While Verdant Rainbow and her entourage were leaving the Crystal City of Secrets, news of Zero Wing’s intention to fight the Sun Dynasty quickly spread like wildfire, and every player and power who received news of this matter couldn’t help but be shocked by Shi Feng’s decision.

World Ark, Soul Lake Resurrection Camp, Skylight Association’s Advanced Tent:

“Black Flame is truly insane.” Titan couldn’t believe his eyes when he read the report from his subordinate.

After seeing the fortune the Blaze Conglomerate was raking in thanks to its Guild City, many powers had already started to prepare for the construction of their own Guild Town, and the Skylight Association was no exception. However, constructing a Guild Town in the Eternal Realm was easier said than done. Aside from requiring a Building Order, astronomical funding was also needed.

Originally, had Zero Wing chosen to make peace with the Sun Dynasty, it could have easily defended the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp with the help of Azure Fang and the Red Dragon Nation. But now, Zero Wing had willingly chosen to fight the Sun Dynasty to the death…

Titan nodded in agreement with Milia’s words. Many powers were eyeing the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp due to its economic value. Fortunately, Zero Wing had chosen to send itself into the jaws of death and give everyone a chance to lay claim to the resurrection camp.

“How is the gathering of our forces coming along?” Nineteenth Sword interrupted.

“The 42 Tier 6 experts stationed in the capital are already making their way here,” Milia answered, smiling after checking the latest update report. “Once they arrive, we will have 70 Tier 6 experts here, far exceeding the Scarlet Merchant Alliance and Flaming Bee. At that time, not even the Star Dynasty can clash with us.”

“Good! Have them hurry up a little,” Nineteenth Sword said, nodding. “If we don’t have enough forces by the time the Sun Dynasty starts its attack, those other powers might get the upper hand over us.”

“You can rest assured, Elder Sword,” Titan said. “According to our scouts, the Sun Dynasty seems to have learned of Zero Wing’s intention and is enraged by it. Originally, the Sun Dynasty had already stopped amassing its forces after gathering 4,000 players. But now, the Sun Dynasty has changed its mind and is looking to gather all Holy Guard members. This process will take at least a day. Our reinforcements would have long arrived by then.”

“Zero Wing truly has dug a hole for itself.” Even Nineteenth Sword couldn’t help but be stunned when he heard Titan’s report.

Originally, Nineteenth Sword estimated the Sun Dynasty would only send three or four thousand members of its Holy Guard. Even then, he would consider it an overestimation of Zero Wing’s strength. Yet, because of Zero Wing’s bold declaration to fight back, the Sun Dynasty was now looking to mobilize the entire Holy Guard against Zero Wing.

It should be known that the Holy Guard had 12,000 members. This was three times the original force the Sun Dynasty was going to use to attack the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp. Zero Wing had truly dug a hole for itself this time.

Crystal City of Secrets:

“All of our members are ready, Guild Leader. We can set off at any time,” Gentle Snow reported to Shi Feng with slight trepidation as she looked at the near-one thousand Zero Wing members who were brimming with fighting spirit.

Of the Zero Wing members gathered, all of them were fifth-floor experts. Many were also experts who had mastered Saint-ranked Mana Techniques. They were already the strongest combatants Zero Wing could muster. If these experts were annihilated, Zero Wing would be truly finished.

“Good! Let’s set out!”

After looking at everyone’s eager expressions, Shi Feng took out the Silverwing from his bag.

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