Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3655

Chapter 729 – Steel and Iron

Crystal City of Secrets, Zero Wing’s Residence:

“What is the Guild Leader doing?”

“It looks like he’s retrieving something from his bag.”

When the Zero Wing members gathered in the Residence’s courtyard saw Shi Feng chanting an incantation at his bag, they couldn’t help but grow curious.

Seeing as Shi Feng had gathered so many of Zero Wing’s experts today, it was clear that they would be going to reinforce the Guild’s resurrection camp in the World Ark. Yet, rather than hurrying over to the World Ark, Shi Feng was taking his time retrieving something from his bag.

While everyone was wondering what Shi Feng was retrieving, a gigantic spatial magic array suddenly appeared above the Residence.

The silver spatial magic array covered the entire Residence, its appearance causing a commotion both inside and outside the Residence.

A moment later, a flying ship forged entirely from iron and steel emerged from the magic array. The ship spanned over a thousand meters from bow to stern, and its gradual descent cast a dark shadow over the land beneath it. At first glance, the ship was akin to a floating mountain, and its appearance dumbfounded the Zero Wing experts in the courtyard.

“Is that a flying ship?”

“What’s going on? Since when did our Guild have a flying ship?”

“Heavens! How can there be a flying ship this massive?! It’s at least 1,200 meters long!”

At this time, even Fervent Samsara, who was familiar with many of the Greater God’s Domain’s secrets, couldn’t help but be shocked by the sight of the Silverwing Flying Ship.

It should be known that the average flying ship in God’s Domain only measured about one or two hundred meters long. Even the various pseudo-apex powers’ prided Fine-Gold Flying Ships only measured about eight hundred meters long.

However, if placed beside the Silverwing, even Fine-Gold Flying Ships would look no different from infants standing beside an adult.

“Is this flying ship really the Silverwing, Guild Leader?” Gentle Snow asked. She couldn’t help but rub her eyes in doubt as she looked up at the flying ship above her.

Gentle Snow knew of Shi Feng’s intentions to modify the Silverwing. She had also seen the Silverwing’s original appearance.

Originally, the Silverwing was only a 500-meter-long flying ship armed with thirty cannons. Yet, the current Silverwing had not only tripled in size, but its armaments had also quadrupled in number. The ship’s three main cannons were especially noteworthy. Merely the mana fluctuations they naturally radiated were enough to make her heart palpitate.

It should be known that she was currently strong enough to rival Tier 6 Gods of the same level. There should be very few existences in the current Eternal Realm that could threaten her. Yet, she was now feeling the threat of death coming from a flying ship’s main cannons…

“Naturally,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “Only, the current Silverwing is at the Advanced Dark-Gold rank.”

“Advanced Dark-Gold?! Doesn’t that put it on the same level as the Obsidian?!” Gentle Snow exclaimed.

The Obsidian. It was currently the strongest known flying ship in the Greater God’s Domain, and it was owned by the Seven Luminaries Alliance. The Obsidian was without a doubt a strategic weapon for war, and it was rumored that one Obsidian Flying Ship had enough firepower to rival a God-ranked Fortress. Hence, Gentle Snow couldn’t help but be astonished to hear that the Silverwing was now equal to the Obsidian.

While watching the Silverwing gradually descend, Shi Feng asked Gentle Snow, “By the way, you’ve already had the selected 114 fifth-floor members sign a confidentiality contract, right?”

“All 114 members have signed it already. If they dare leak any information on the God Slayer Combat Puppet or transfer their assigned unit to a third party, they will permanently lose the ability to log into God’s Domain,” Gentle Snow said with certainty.

“Good.” Shi Feng nodded. Then, he instructed, “Also, before I give the command, tell them not to take out the God Slayer Combat Puppets under any circumstances.”

The Soul Lake Resurrection Camp was of utmost importance to Zero Wing. Not only was it an important source of income, but it also served as an assurance for the Guild to recruit Tier 6 experts in the Crystal City of Secrets.

With the Holy Race army being several times or possibly even dozens of times larger than the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp’s forces, the God Slayer Combat Puppets would become one of the resurrection camp’s primary trump cards. Hence, it was imperative that the Holy Race army remained ignorant of the God Slayer Combat Puppet’s existence before the war began. Otherwise, their effectiveness in battle would plummet.

Combat puppets were often used as trump cards in wars between the various powers. When deployed at opportune moments, they could often achieve amazing results. It was especially so for Dark-Gold Combat Puppets.

Dark-Gold Combat Puppets came with Large Destruction Spells that could match Tier 6 Destruction Curses cast by Tier 6 Mage Gods. Even when operated by Tier 0 players who hadn’t reached the Refinement Realm standard, Dark-Gold Combat Puppets could act as a mobile cannon and devastate battlefields. Naturally, in the hands of experts, Dark-Gold Combat Puppets could display even greater combat effectiveness.

Oftentimes, even a handful of Dark-Gold Combat Puppets were more than enough to turn the tides of a battle involving tens of thousands of experts. So, one could imagine just how terrifying a force of 114 Advanced Dark-Gold Combat Puppets manipulated by fifth-floor experts could be.

During the war between the two races in Shi Feng’s previous life, even though the Holy Race had an overwhelming numerical advantage over the human race, human players still managed to hold their ground and put up a good fight. Ultimately, they even managed to stop the Holy Race army’s advance in the Eternal Realm. Meanwhile, apart from the few monstrously powerful experts, the reason the human race managed to accomplish such a feat was largely due to war weapons.

Of course, war weapons were not without their flaws. It was especially so for Advanced Dark-Gold Combat Puppets like the God Slayer Combat Puppet. Simply powering up a God Slayer Combat Puppet already cost 500 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal, while every use of its Large Destruction Spells cost 50 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal.

If a Guild didn’t have a sufficiently large stockpile of Seven Luminaries Crystals, it wouldn’t matter how many war weapons it possessed. It wouldn’t be able to afford to use them.

“Rest assured, Guild Leader. They won’t make a move without your command. Moreover, to ensure they have sufficient firepower, I have assigned each of them 5,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. That should be enough to last them through the entire battle,” Gentle Snow said excitedly.

Before Shi Feng’s return, Gentle Snow could only despair whenever she considered facing the Sun Dynasty’s encirclement. However, after seeing the 114 God Slayer Combat Puppets Shi Feng brought back, she immediately gained the confidence to trade blows with the Sun Dynasty.

Subsequently, Shi Feng had the near-1,000 experts gathered in the courtyard board the Silverwing. Then, under the gaze of the Crystal City’s players, the Silverwing transformed into a silver glow as it flew toward the World Ark, its speed vastly superior to the flying transport ships docked at the city’s airport.

World Ark, Soul Lake:

As the battle between Zero Wing and the Sun Dynasty drew closer, the various powers’ members and independent players started distancing themselves from the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp, leaving only the members of Zero Wing, Azure Fang, and the Red Dragon Nation.

“It’s been nearly a day, yet Zero Wing’s forces have yet to show up.”

“They probably got scared. I heard that many of the Sun Dynasty’s subordinate powers have decided to join the crusade against Zero Wing because of the bounty the Sun Dynasty is offering. Even excluding the Sun Dynasty’s forces, their forces totaled over 200,000 players. By now, they have already blocked the paths leading to the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp, and even the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s teams will have trouble reaching the camp.”

“Quick, look! There’s a flying ship approaching from over there!”

“Isn’t that Zero Wing’s six-winged emblem?!”

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